Group Pack
Includes enough materials
for 24 projects! According
to Native American legend,
the dreamcatcher will catch
bad dreams in its web, while
pleasant dreams will pass
through the hole in the center. Contains: 24 hoops (6"
dia.), waxed twine, three-ply
natural jute (210 ft., 1⁄8" dia.),
⁄2-oz. bag of natural-looking
feather fluffs (approx. 150175, 21⁄2"-51⁄2" L), and Indian
“Crow” beads (pkg. of 250,
⁄8" dia. x 1⁄4"). (1)
RA02749 — $30.25 pack
3 or more — $28.06 pack
Leather Craft
Round Leather Lace
This unique leather lace is cut from the center
of the hide with a round bevel for uniformity.
Perfect for creating jewelry and craft projects.
1 mm x 25-yd. spools.
250-1090 Black
250-1095 Natural
Each — $10.35 6 or more — $9.39 ea.
Suede Lace
Soft and flexible flat lace made from split cowhide
leather. Use for Indian lore, jewelry, braiding, and
kids’ crafts. 25 yds. x 1⁄8" spools. Made in the USA.
250-1035 Black
250-1045 Beige
250-1040 Dark Brown
Each — $10.30
6 or more — $9.27 ea.
Waxed Braided Cord
An essential item for all kinds of leather projects. In addition to stitching kits,
this is a great cord for making braided friendship bracelets. 25-yard spools.
RA10900 Brown
RA10902 Beige
RA10901 Rust
RA10903 Red
Each — $5.65
Pkg. of 3.
Durable, natural
tooling leather can be tooled or
rubber stamped and decorated with
markers or pens as well. Also use for
bag tags or ID tags. 2" x 31⁄2".
The look and feel of
fine Grecian leather,
only better! Strong,
won’t crack or rot, and
so much more economical.
No need to use leather, use
P’Leather for your jewelry
projects. 288-yd. spools.
RA11866 Natural
RA11867 Black
Each — $21.50
6 or more — $19.65 ea.
RA11831 — $2.50 pkg.
12 or more — $2.30 pkg.
Leatherworking Buckets
to stamp and assemble leather, turning it into a useful and decorative item!
Lessons teach history and new vocabulary words. Creativity, math, and dexterity
skills will be exercised to design, personalize, color, and assemble the project. Buckets
contain: complete lesson plans; instructions; design and coloring ideas; stencils; your
choice of Tooling or Non-Tooling projects; pre-cut, pre-punched leather parts; reusable tools; Eco-Flo™ Earth Friendly All-In-One Stain/Finish; Cova Color® Acrylic
Paints; applicators; Sharpie® markers; assembly supplies; hardware; and history
discussion topics, vocabulary words, and expansion ideas. (1)
Non-Tooling Native American Bucket. Includes 12 each of these three
projects: hide pouches, arrowhead necklaces, and koozies/pouches.
RA12816 — $279.00 ea.
Non-Tooling Ecology Bucket. Includes 12 each of these three projects: lizard
pouches, link belts, and ecology barrettes/fobs.
Pouch Kits
Pkg. of 12. Contains
all materials to complete
12 projects, plus complete
250-0090 — $22.65 pkg.
Leather Shears
Designed for cutting leather,
belting, webbing, and other
heavy materials. Smooth blades.
Overall length: 7", length of cut
is 21⁄4".
RA07476 — $12.50 ea.
RA12818 — $279.00 ea.
Tooling Archaeology Bucket. Includes 12 each of these three projects: pencil/
tool pouches, journals, and arrowhead necklaces.
RA12820 — $450.00 ea.
Tooling Environment Bucket. Includes 12 each of these three projects: link belts,
ecology fobs, and butterfly fobs.
RA12821 — $450.00 ea.
11TRIP301 1
9/8/10 3:27:19 PM
Water Bottle Carrier Kits
Set of 8. This kit is not only an easy and fun
project, but one that is also highly useful. Each kit
includes an assorted color metal clip, leather fob,
waxed thread, and nickel-plated key ring. Leather
fob can be decorated or tooled for personalization
and stitched with waxed thread to assemble. Wear
it on your belt or clip it to a backpack to carry a
standard-size water bottle. (1)
RA15615 — $16.95 set
Tooling Cowhides
Eagle Claw Pendant Kits
Set of 8. Easy and fun to complete! Each kit
includes leather tags, suede laces, imitation eagle
claws, and a colorful assortment of pony beads.
Decorate the leather tag by stamping on with
markers or paint. (1)
RA15614 — $10.95 set
Natural, vegetable-tanned cowhide sides and
double shoulders. Ready to be dyed and finished as
you desire. Wrapped in paper and boxed for your
Tooling Cowhide Side. Perfect for tooled or
stamped book covers, sheaths, wallets, or small
cases. Thickness ranges from 3-4 oz. Averages
20-25 sq. ft. in size.
RA15605 — $149.95 ea.
Tooling Cowhide Double Shoulder. Ideal
for belts, holsters, or large bags. Can be handtooled and stamped as preferred. Thickness ranges
from 8-9 oz. Averages 10-12 sq. ft. in size.
RA15606 — $131.50 ea.
Moccasin Kits
You may not want to wear your regular
shoes again once you slip your toes into these soft, scoutstyle moccasins. Made from Deertand cowhide for a
comfortable, yet durable, feel that conforms to the shape
of your feet. No tools required, since all of the golden,
tan-colored parts are precut and prepunched with the
cushiony EVA insoles already attached. Assembly instructions included to help you lace them up to a perfect
custom fit.
Small. Fits men’s sizes 5-6 and women’s sizes 6-7.
Friendship Bracelets
Pkg. of 8. Friendship bracelets are a fun and easy
craft idea for summer camps or youth groups.
These precut suede bands come with a suede
lace tie. Decorate as desired with rubber stamps,
permanent markers, spots, rhinestones, and other
embellishments. (1)
RA15613 — $7.95 pkg.
RA15610 — $16.95 kit
Medium. Fits men’s sizes 7-8 and women’s sizes 8-9.
RA15611 — $16.95 kit
Large. Fits men’s sizes 9-10 and women’s sizes 10-11.
RA15612 — $16.95 kit
Wristband Kits
Pkg. of 25. High-quality project for your group.
Includes tooling cowhide wristbands with preattached
snaps. 11⁄4" wristband adjusts from 71⁄2" to 81⁄2".
250-0835 — $41.95 pkg.
4 or more — $39.01 pkg.
Scrap Leather
5-lb. Bag
RA04173 — $8.50 bag
11TRIP302 1
Create authentic Native American designs with
these fun stamping sets. (1)
Tool Set. Includes tool handle and eight die-cast
interchangeable stamp heads.
RA15607 — $10.95 set
Starter Set. Includes tool handle, eight die-cast
interchangeable stamp heads, eight leather arrowhead shapes, and eight key chains.
RA15608 — $14.95 set
A unique assortment of scrap leather in assorted colors,
with smooth, grained, or rough surfaces. Includes quality
leather and suede remnants of various sizes, shapes,
and textures which offer unlimited creativity in craft
projects. Great value for a large amount of materials.
All pieces are large enough to make coin purses and key
cases. Temper varies from soft through mellow and firm.
Thickness ranges from light at 2.5 to 3 oz. to heavy at
4.5 to 5 oz.
Big Box. 17" x 17" x 17".
RA15609 — $19.95 box
Indian Lore
Stamping Sets
Rainbow Leather Link Belt Kit
Funtime Stamp Set
with Wristbands
A great stamping activity for people of all ages. Set
includes handle with eight die-cast, interchangeable
stamp heads and eight leather wristbands. (1)
RA15616 — $14.95 set
Quality link belts at the lowest possible prices!
Belts are easy to assemble. Kit comes complete
with instructions, plated attached snaps, buckles,
belt holder, double-thick prestitched tongues,
and enough links to fit a full 36" waist or smaller.
All belts are single-link type. 5⁄8" wide.
RA11840 — $4.95 ea.
12 or more — $4.53 ea.
144 or more — $3.99 ea.
9/8/10 3:26:35 PM
Papier-Mâché Vases
There are endless decorating possibilities for these
papier-mâché projects. Will accept most finishes;
or you can glue on fabric, stones, shells, etc., for a
truly unique piece.
Ginger Jar. 101⁄2" x 51⁄2".
RA07921 — $5.75 ea.
RA01022 — $26.40 pack
6 or more — $5.25 ea.
Short-Necked Vase. 9" x 7".
6 or more — $6.72 ea.
Star Boxes
Pack of 12. Great
projects for summer
camps, recreation departments, and all types of occupational therapy programs. These
papier-mâché stars are easily
decorated with any acrylic paint
such as Tri-Crylic®. Durable yet
lightweight. 31⁄2" x 31⁄2" x 2".
Great for storing precious
odds and ends. Measures
47⁄8" x 33⁄8" x 3". (1)
RA12044 — $3.10 ea.
12 or more — $2.83 ea.
Papier-Mâché Boxes
Create your own keepsake box! Decorate with
paints, yarns, photos, etc. Great inexpensive
projects for art classes, summer camps, recreation
departments, and all types of occupational therapy
programs. These papier-mâché cast forms are
easily decorated with any acrylic paint such as
Tri-Crylic®. Each form is durable, yet lightweight.
Small Boxes
283-1805 Heart (41⁄2" x 41⁄2" x 21⁄8")
283-1810 Round (4" dia. x 21⁄8")
283-1815 Oval (5" x 31⁄2" x 21⁄8")
283-1820 Hexagon (4" x 4" x 21⁄8")
283-1825 Square (4" x 4" x 21⁄8")
283-1830 Rectangle (43⁄4" x 33⁄8" x 21⁄8")
Each — $1.00
RA07922 — $7.95 ea.
24 assorted frames.
Picture/photo frames
ready to decorate with
jewels, glitter, foam,
paper, paint, markers, etc.
Contains eight each of 4" heart,
41⁄2" rectangle, and 4" oval frames.
12 or more — $ .80 ea.
Large Boxes
283-2070 Heart (71⁄2" x 71⁄2" x 3")
283-2075 Round (71⁄2" dia. x 3")
283-2080 Oval (71⁄2" x 71⁄2" x 3")
283-2085 Hexagon (7" x 7" x 3")
283-2090 Square (7" x 7" x 3")
283-2095 Rectangle (71⁄2" x 5" x 3")
RA07910 — $16.95 pack
Each — $2.60
12 or more — $2.08 ea.
Great inexpensive class
project. Create and
decorate your own keepsake
item. Decorate with paints, yarns, feathers, etc.
Half Mask. 6" x 31⁄2".
283-4035 — $2.35 ea.
12 or more — $2.11 ea.
Boutique Tissue Box. 5" x 5" x 51⁄2".
283-4010 — $2.75 ea. 12 or more — $2.47 ea.
Papier-Mâché Mask
Class Activity Kit
Pkg. of 12. These papier-mâché masks are ready to
decorate for an easy and fun classroom project. Kit
includes masks, two colors of craft hair, assorted
feathers, and a 12-color assortment of glitter glue
pens. Masks measure 8" H x 6" W. (1)
RA06487 — $52.85 kit
Papier-Mâché House Boxes
Set of 3. Finish these houses to look as realistically detailed or as wild and wacky as you want!
Use paint, glue, fabric, stones, etc., to decorate —
there’s no limit to what you can do! Roofs remove
to allow interior decorating also — add people,
furniture, carpet, curtains, pets, etc. Nesting boxes
measure 12" square, 81⁄2" square, and 6" square.
Papier-Mâché Egg
Great, inexpensive item to decorate with paint,
yarns, photos, etc. 4" x 21⁄2".
283-1935 — $ .80 ea. 12 or more — $ .72 ea.
RA01021 — $16.85 set
Papier-Mâché Masks
Great class project! Let your imagination run
wild as you create your own mask. Perfect for
multicultural mask study or just for fun. Decorate
with paint, feathers, beads, yarn, sequins — the
possibilities are endless!
Individual Mask. 81⁄4" x 51⁄2".
283-1790 — $2.10 ea. 12 or more — $1.72 ea.
Classroom Set. Includes 30 masks.
RA07909 — $55.95 set
Papier-Mâché Shapes
RA11515 — $ .67 ea.
12 or more — $ .56 ea.
RA11518 — $ .92 ea.
12 or more — $ .74 ea.
3" x 3" Pot
6" x 6" Pot
RA11517 — $ .55 ea.
12 or more — $ .45 ea.
Papier-Mâché Birdhouses
Jump right to the decoration stage with
these preformed papier-mâché shapes.
21⁄2" Ball
4" x 4" Pot
RA11519 — $1.80 ea.
12 or more — $1.47 ea.
Ideal for teaching drawing,
sculpture, basic facial structure, etc. Skull is 8" H.
283-1800 — $5.95 ea.
12 or more — $4.88 ea.
11TRIP303 1
Great, inexpensive class project. Create your own
keepsake birdhouse. Decorate with paints, yarns,
photos, etc. Comes with hanging cord.
Tall. 4" x 2" x 11⁄2".
283-1905 — $ .90 ea.
12 or more — $ .81 ea.
Tapered. 31⁄4" x 31⁄2" x 21⁄2".
283-1910 — $ .90 ea. 12 or more — $ .81 ea.
9/15/10 1:59:43 PM
Baskets and Things Pack
Create beautiful and useful coiled baskets, coasters, trays, place mats, and decorations in lots of
different shapes, designs, and colors. Appropriate
for both beginning or accomplished basket makers.
Includes enough materials to make over 30 coiled
baskets (each 4" H x 5" dia. at top). Pack contains:
1,800 yards of assorted yarn (minimum of 14 colors
including earth tones), 360 ft. of 1⁄4" coiling core,
and 30 blunt large eye needles. Instruction sheet
included. (1)
Twisted Fiber
This rush material is not natural rush, but a
⁄32" twisted paper fiber that looks like real rush.
Eliminates soaking and day-long curing process.
Easier to handle. Very strong, natural light brown
color. Approx. 250 ft.
262-0005 — $8.75 ea. 12 or more — $7.87 ea.
Basket Coiling Core
Flexible, yet firm, this quality core
is perfect for making coiled baskets.
⁄4" x 180 ft. Roll (1)
253-0150 — $13.40 roll
12 or more — $12.04 roll
⁄2" x 100 ft. Roll
253-0155 — $19.50 roll
12 or more — $18.01 roll
190-2015 — $79.75 pack
⁄4" x 50 ft. Roll
RA08938 — $18.50 roll
6 or more — $16.77 roll
Popular Round Basket Kit
This kit is especially selected for beginners.
Everything included. No tools required. Complete
materials and instructions packed in bulk. 3" basket.
Makes 20 baskets.
283-0015 — $25.50 kit 4 or more — $21.67 kit
Classroom Basketry
Project Group Kit
Easy-to-make baskets require no previous weaving experience. Kit includes enough #3 round reed,
beads, and wooden bases to weave 25 baskets; and
a fully illustrated, step-by-step pattern sheet with
historical information relevant to social studies or
multicultural activities. A fourth grader should be able
to complete a basket in just two 45-minute sessions.
RA09254 — $61.50 kit
Round Reed
Standard quality, natural color. 1-lb. coils.
253-0025 #1
253-0040 #4
253-0030 #2
253-0045 #6
253-0035 #3
Each — $9.40
12 or more — $8.52 ea. 24 or more — $7.78 ea.
Flat Reed
Standard quality, natural color. 1-lb. coils.
⁄4" W Reed. Approximately 170 ft. per coil.
253-0050 — $8.75 ea. 12 or more — $7.87 ea.
⁄2" W Reed. Approximately 150 ft. per coil.
253-0052 — $8.75 ea. 12 or more — $7.87 ea.
Raffia Baskets
Enough for 50 projects. Easy in-and-out weave.
No special equipment needed. Includes 50 weaving
mats, 12-oz. of multi-colored raffia, pkg. of 10 raffia needles, and instructions.
Basket Hoops
Round hardwood laminated hoops.
6" x 7⁄16" Hoop
253-0230 — $ .75 ea. 12 or more — $ .67 ea.
RA04655 — $53.75 kit
4 or more — $50.00 kit
8" x 1⁄2" Hoop
Weaving Mats
10" x 1⁄2" Hoop
253-0235 — $ .95 ea. 12 or more — $ .85 ea.
Pkg. of 12. For round baskets. 4" dia.
253-0240 — $1.15 ea. 12 or more — $1.03 ea.
259-0055 — $10.05 pkg.
12 or more — $8.86 pkg.
Smooth-fiber natural
reed is tough, yet
pliable; easy to work
with; and fireproof.
Create baskets, place
mats, coasters, lampshades, bags, picture
frames, dolls, etc.
12-oz. net weight.
259-0020 Black
259-0025 Blue
259-0030 Green
259-0035 Natural 259-0080
Each — $7.75
11TRIP304 1
Medium Brown
12 or more — $6.97 ea.
Prepunched in an
uneven number to
hold #4 reed. Do
not purchase thinner bases as they
have a tendency
to warp. Our
bases are cut from
⁄4" hardwood
plywood only.
6" Round
RA07494 — $1.25 ea.
12 or more — $1.04 ea.
Wooden Bases
All holes drilled. Use with #4 reed.
3" Round Base
253-0060 — $ .58 ea.
12 or more — $ .52 ea. 72 or more — $ .49 ea.
4" Round Base
253-0065 — $ .60 ea.
12 or more — $ .54 ea. 72 or more — $ .52 ea.
5" Round Base
253-0070 — $ .85 ea.
12 or more — $ .76 ea. 72 or more — $ .72 ea.
4" x 6" Oval
RA13564 — $ .99 ea.
10 or more — $ .83 ea.
8" Round Base
253-0075 — $1.50 ea.
12 or more — $1.35 ea. 72 or more — $1.27 ea.
9/9/10 2:08:16 PM
This neon lace is wild and fun, and can be used
for any craft or decoration imaginable. Rexlace® is
made from a thin vinyl cord. 100-yd. spools.
Set of 7. Includes one spool of each color
listed below.
RA04144 — $11.95 set
Rexlace® Set
RA13583 — $14.25 set
Individual Spools
RA16178 Orange RA16182 Green
RA16179 Yellow
RA16183 Blue
RA16180 Red
RA16184 Glow-in-the-Dark
RA16181 Pink
Each — $2.15
5 or more — $1.91 ea.
25 or more — $1.76 ea.
Group Pack
This pack contains 24 assorted 100-yd. spools of
Rexlace®, 50 lanyard snaps, 25 bracelet blanks
(each 1⁄2" W), 25 circle key rings, and two instruction books.
RA00696 — $62.95 pack
3 or more — $62.79 pack
Rex “Brite”
Lace Assortment
Set of 12 spools. America’s favorite craft lacing
with a cool holographic
look. Contains two each
of gold, silver, red, green,
royal, and purple. 50-yd.
Rexlace® Plastic Lace
Inexpensive, seamless, extruded plastic. Closely resembles
leather lacing. Flat, 3⁄32" wide. 100-yd. spools. Mix and match
colors to receive quantity discounts.
274-0105 Black
274-0125 Green
274-0145 Red
274-0110 Blue
274-0130 Light Blue
274-0150 White
274-0115 Brown
274-0140 Orange
274-0155 Yellow
RA00697 — $27.25 asst.
3 or more — $25.66 asst.
Each — $1.95
Rexlace®, Cork, and Magnets
Set of 9. Flat, solid 3⁄32" plastic
lacing (not a coated braid). For lanyards, cords,
earrings, bracelets, and braided belts. Has a slight
amount of stretch for workability, slips easily into
place, wonderful wearing properties, and can be
washed in soap and water without losing its gloss.
Set includes 100-yd. spools of white, royal blue,
goldenrod, orange, kelly green, black, red, rose,
and soft yellow. Nontoxic and nonflammable. Will
not crack when bending.
12 or more — $1.66 ea.
A natural medium for tons of inexpensive craft projects for scouts, schools, and camps. Cuts easily and
adheres to many surfaces. Can be used for coasters,
bulletin boards, or other craft projects.
Discs. Pkg. of 24. Includes project sheet. 1⁄8" thick,
4" dia.
A. Lanyard
B. Lanyard
Pkg. of 144. (1)
Pkg. of 144.
274-0171 — $14.95 pkg.
Cork Stoppers
Tub of 150. A natural medium for many craft projects. Cuts easily and adheres to many surfaces. Five
assorted sizes.
RA11287 — $11.35 tub 12 or more — $8.43 tub
229-2040 — $11.95 pkg.
Tiles. Pkg. of 4. Cut to size or shape. 6" x 6".
RA13918 — $4.50 pkg.
274-0166 — $3.55 pkg.
Strip with
Ideal for magnetic projects
of all kinds! Use with foam,
wood, or paper. Magnet
will hold to steel surfaces.
Strip is 1⁄2" W x 25 ft. L.
RA08909 — $5.80 ea.
Nickel-Plated Jingle Bells
⁄4" Bell. Pack of 100.
268-0091 — $3.75 pack
268-0096 — $5.95 pack
⁄2" Bell. Pack of 100.
Sea Shells
16-oz. pkg. Resealable,
handy plastic storage container.
RA13536 — $10.10 pkg.
11TRIP305 1
Craft Magnets
Pkg. of 100. Attach our round, 1⁄3" dia. craft magnets to the backs of your own designs in art foam,
felt, burlap, cardboard, metal, etc.
RA01649 — $9.95 pkg. 12 or more — $9.62 pkg.
9/9/10 1:49:34 PM
Styrofoam Balls
2". Pkg. of 12.
A lightweight yet durable
shape that can be used as
a unique surface for paint or
decorative embellishments.
3" x 3" x 3"
RA00643 — $5.35 pkg. 6 or more — $4.86 pkg.
RA10779 — $ .63 ea.
21⁄2". Pkg. of 6.
5" x 5" x 5"
1". Pkg. of 16. (1)
RA00640 — $1.70 pkg. 6 or more — $1.46 pkg.
1 ⁄2". Pkg. of 12. (1)
RA00642 — $1.90 pkg. 6 or more — $1.69 pkg.
RA00644 — $3.35 pkg. 6 or more — $2.97 pkg.
Styrofoam® & Pom-Poms
Styrofoam® Disc
24 or more — $ .54 ea.
RA10780 — $2.60 ea.
12 or more — $2.33 ea.
235-0045 — $ .67 ea. 12 or more — $ .57 ea.
235-0050 — $1.30 ea. 12 or more — $1.21 ea.
235-0055 — $3.75 ea. 12 or more — $3.36 ea.
One of the most popular shapes. 6" x 3⁄4".
235-0005 — $1.40 ea. 12 or more — $1.25 ea.
Perfect for cutting, carving, and
shaping a variety of materials including foam core board, plastic
foams, soap, and wax. Includes
950° F tool with on/off switch,
two hot knife blades, stand, and
instructions. UL listed.
RA15693 — $11.95 ea.
White Eggs
So many uses! Not just for Easter time, but all
year round. Cut and trim various ways to make
cute items.
21⁄2" x 17⁄8"
31⁄16" x 215⁄16"
235-0120 — $ .51 ea.
235-0125 — $ .80 ea.
12 or more — $ .44 ea. 12 or more — $ .71 ea.
Styrofoam® Cones
Good bases for decorating
with pine cones, candy, glass
balls, etc.
6" x 3"
Styrofoam® Sheets
12" x 36" x 1⁄2"
RA13595 — $1.15 ea.
10 or more — $1.01 ea.
RA09974 — $3.65 ea.
10 or more — $3.24 ea.
12" x 36" x 1"
RA09976 Sheet — $4.65 ea.
RA09977 Pkg. of 40 Sheets — $180.00 pkg.
12" x 36" x 2"
9" x 4"
235-0075 — $2.45 ea.
12 or more — $2.19 ea.
RA09978 — $8.95 ea.
10 or more — $8.05 ea.
Styrofoam® Cutter
This hot wire, 120V, electric Styrofoam® cutter
can cut Styrofoam® up to 13" thick. Safe to use,
makes cutting of fancy shapes simple. Comes
boxed with Styrofoam® pattern sheet and instructions. Cutting table 12" x 16" x 13" high.
109-0290 — $85.95 ea.
4 or more — $78.79 ea.
Giant Pom-Pom
A great value for the classroom! A giant assortment of
1,000 pom-poms in vivid and
pastel colors. Sizes range from
/2" to 3" in dia. (1)
229-0955 — $11.75 asst.
Bag of 300. Make crazy
critters, ornaments, package
trims, party favors, decorations, group projects, and
more with this huge bag of
pom-poms. Assorted colors
in 1/2", 1", and 11/2". Fabric
U.S.A. & imported.
229-0965 — $4.15 bag
Glitter Poms
Rainbow Assortment
Brightly colored poms with sparkly accents.
1" poms. 40 pieces. (1)
11TRIP306 1
229-1065 — $7.05 asst.
100 colorful crush-resistant pom-poms. Assorted
colors and sizes in each bag (15 pcs. 7 mm, 10 pcs.
⁄2", 15 pcs. 3⁄4", 20 pcs. 1", 20 pcs. 11⁄2", and 20 pcs.
2"). (1)
229-1090 — $3.50 bag
3 or more — $3.15 bag
9/17/10 1:49:45 PM
Tub of
Wonderfoam® Mosaic
Tile Classroom Kit
Neat and convenient,
this reusable storage
tub holds 1⁄2 pound of
Wonderfoam® pieces in
assorted shapes, sizes,
and colors. (1)
229-2215 — $13.25 asst.
Enough materials for 12 children
to create wonderful mosaic art
projects. Contains 2,700 foam
(3⁄8") mosaic tiles, 12 blank grid
cards (55⁄8" x 55⁄8"), 2-oz. glue, and
instructions. (1)
RA02578 — $47.95 kit
Creative Hands®
Rainbow Foam
Peel & Stick
Wonderfoam® Sheets
Pkg. of 50 sheets. These sturdy foam bases are ready
for you to decorate with glitter, markers, foam paint,
foam shapes, foam stickers, and more! Assorted colors.
51⁄2" x 81⁄2".
Pkg. of 20 with peel & stick backing.
9" x 12" sheets. (1)
229-2220 — $11.35 pkg.
RA13911 — $4.95 pkg.
6 or more — $4.54 pkg.
Creative Hands® Sm'Art Foam™
Peel & Stick Wonderfoam®
Brightly colored EVA foam in shapes and sheets
with peel & stick backing. Assorted sizes, shapes,
and colors. Water resistant. (1)
Pkg. of 720
229-2210 — $7.50 pkg.
264-pc. Heart Shapes. Red, pink, and
white hearts.
229-2125 — $4.60 asst. 6 or more — $4.13 asst.
Foam is soft, safe, and easy to cut for both 3-D and
flat projects. Create school projects, picture frames,
mobiles, door hangers, animals, bugs, luggage tags,
note boards, visors, albums, bookmarks, finger puppets, and more. Can also be used to decorate everything from greeting cards to ornaments. Acid free.
Pkg. of 65 Peel & Stick Sheets. Assorted colors with adhesive side. Sheets measure 41⁄3" x 59⁄10".
RA10767 — $5.50 pkg.
Pkg. of 50 Bright Foam Sheets. Assorted
colors. Sheets measure 81⁄2" x 51⁄2".
RA10766 — $4.95 pkg.
Multi Packs of 12 Sheets. Two each of six
colors. 12" x 18".
RA13168 Bright Colors — $4.95 pack
RA13169 Primary Colors — $4.95 pack
Foam Sheet Assortment. Includes 2 each
of both the bright color and primary color packs
listed above.
RA13170 — $18.25 asst.
Creative Hands®
Art Deco Foam
These various shapes,
sizes, and colors are
ideal for 3-D and craft
projects. Acid-free foam
stickers can be used on
walls, magnets, mirrors,
frames, books, and many
more fun places. Foam
can be written on with
pens, markers, paint,
and alcohol inks. Foam
shapes are hand washable. 5-oz tub. (1)
RA13908 — $6.50 ea.
6 or more — $5.90 ea.
Craft Fluffs
Pkg. of 100.
polyester balls
ideal for use
with many craft
projects. Unroll to create clouds, smoke, or Santa's
beard. Includes craft ideas. (1)
229-2010 — $2.30 pkg.
Masks and Stickers Set
Fun and festive set contains five different masks —
two African, two Aztec, and one monster, plus a
variety of peel and stick shapes in assorted colors
that can be used for decorating. Masks are
approximately 8" tall. (1)
RA12048 — $8.30 set
12 or more — $7.26 set
Aleene’s® FunCraft™
Foam Glue
Creative Hands®
Sm’Art Foam™ Dot Letters
Features brightly colored letters with sticker backs
for endless spelling and crafts fun. Includes both
upper- and lowercase letters, plus plastic bucket for
storage. Assorted colors. (1)
RA08854 — $2.80 ea.
6 or more — $2.44 ea.
RA10768 — $8.35 set
11TRIP307 1
Bonds craft foam to foam and other surfaces! It makes crafting easy because it’s
fast grabbing and ultra tacky. The glue is
safe and great for kids. Nontoxic.
9/8/10 3:33:12 PM
Quilling Strips
Quilling Classroom Pack
Quilling & Weaving
For 24 students. Quill butterflies, birds, bunnies,
fish, caterpillars, flowers, and bouquets —
all these and more are made with simple rolls and
scrolls! Includes quilling paper and instructions for
24 students (12 create the “Pretty Posies” designs
and 12 create the “Little Critters” designs). A 17" x
22" storyboard poster is also included with large
photos of rolled paper and shapes, plus quilled
flowers, butterflies, etc., to help visualize the quilling process. Grade 4 to adult.
Touch of Gold/Touch of Silver
Quilling Paper
Pkg. of 100. Each package features 100 strips of 1⁄8"
paper in 25 colors. Strips have painted edge accents
to add an extra bit of flair to your quilling projects.
RA12640 Gold
Pkg. — $3.95
RA12641 Silver
RA00639 — $14.90 pack
Quilling Paper Strips
Pkg. of 100 strips. Assorted color packs,
four each of 25 colors. 223⁄4" long.
RA00635 — 1⁄8" Wide $2.95 pack
RA00634 — 3⁄8" Wide $5.50 pack
Richeson Quilling Tool
Pkg. of 12. Handy 11⁄2" wooden tool with thin slot
for quilling 1⁄8" paper strips.
RA00636 — $25.75 pkg.
Pkgs. of 250. Each tube includes 50 each
of five colors. 1⁄8" x 12" strips. 70 lb. Acid and
lignin free.
RA04964 Primary Colors
RA04965 Bright Colors
RA04966 Neutral Colors
Pkg. — $4.75
6 or more — $4.33 pkg.
By Diane
Boden Crane.
Grade 4 and up.
Learn how to make
inspirational cards for
all occasions using the
simple and rewarding technique taught
in the book. Narrow
strips of colored paper
are brought to life by the simple act of rolling, and a
colorful world of paper coils and spirals is opened up.
Once you know the basics, you can let your imagination run wild and combine techniques for more
effects, or produce three-dimensional shaped cards
with beautiful quilled panels. Features five projects to
get you started straight away. 48 pages. © 2005.
RA11119 — $10.95 ea.
Roylco® Weaving
Basket Kit
Weave rainbow paper strips
to create beautiful inexpensive
baskets. When finished, the
baskets make great gifts, sewing baskets, cosmetic totes,
and lots more. Idea guide
included. Enough materials to
make 12 plastic baskets, each
61⁄2" x 41⁄2" x 21⁄4".
RA00689 — $8.70 kit
Roylco® Sea Life Weaving Mats
Weaving Strips
Pkg. of 1,000. Long and thin brightlycolored, fade-resistant strips in a 60-lb.
vellum finish for weaving projects. Strips
measure 3⁄4" x 16". Acid free.
Pkg. of 24. Weave wavy strips through precut
double-color underwater creatures. 6" x 10".
Includes idea guide and 78 strips.
RA16518 — $6.60 pkg.
RA04200 — $14.50 pkg.
Roylco® Op Art
Weaving Mats
Roylco® Rainbow Weaving Mats
Pkg. of 24. Weave designs that trick the eye!
Making complex designs is easy to do with these
contemporary weaving mats. Includes eight classic designs with a different color on each side.
Great for fine motor skills development. 8" x 8".
Pkg. of 72. Create beautiful works of art while
practicing a traditional art form! Bright, fun designs printed on premium paper. The precut slots
and slats are interchangeable. Weave complementary or contrasting designs. Includes idea guide.
Contains 12 patterns. Measures 7" x 7".
RA15395 — $7.20 pkg.
6 or more — $6.37 pkg.
RA01868 — $5.95 pkg. 6 or more — $5.25 pkg.
11TRIP308 1
9/8/10 3:35:52 PM
Box — $1.75
Box of 100. Inexpensive 1/8" dia. x
12" chenille stems
that are perfectly
pliable to form into
colorful shapes,
designs, objects.
Can even be used
for corsages, gift
wraps, etc.
229-0900 Black
229-0905 Brown
229-0910 Red
229-0915 Yellow
229-0920 Blue
Jumbo Chenille
Stems Assortment
229-0925 Orange
229-0930 White
229-0935 Green
229-0940 Hot Color Asst.
229-0070 Reg. Asst.
3 or more — $1.54 box
12" Stems. Pack of 1,000. Assorted colors.
RA07791 — $19.50 box
10 or more — $17.49 box
Jumbo Tinsel
Chenille Stems
Colossal Chenille Stems
Bag of 100. Glitter
stems shimmer and
shine like thousands of
tiny lights! Great for
ornaments, animals,
and imaginative creations. 1⁄4" W x 12" L.
Assorted colors.
Pkg. of 50. Super big 15 mm stems are a colossal
191/2" long. Available in multicolor assortment.
These stems will add a new dimension to
craft projects.
Chenille Stems & Art Kits
229-0002 — $13.60 pack
3 or more — $11.97 pack
Box of 1,000. Ten assorted colors. Includes: blue,
red, yellow, green, orange, white, black, pink,
brown, and purple. Stems are 12" L.
229-0065 — $6.95 pkg. 3 or more — $6.24 pkg.
229-0950 — $3.65 bag
3 or more — $3.27 bag
Pipe Cleaners
Pack of 24. Super colossal
pipe cleaners measuring
18" L x 13⁄8" dia. in assorted
colors. (1)
Chenille Stems/Pipe Cleaners
Pkg. of 100. Beautiful woolly, fiber-covered pipe
cleaners; actually pliable chenille covered wires
used to make flowers, stems, animals, and toys.
⁄4" dia x 12" L.
RA13322 White
RA13326 Black
RA13325 Assorted
Pkg. — $1.95
10 or more — $1.79 pkg.
50 or more — $1.62 pkg.
RA15741 — $14.95 pack
Giant Pipe Cleaners
Pkg. of 40. Assorted color pipe cleaners are for big
projects and even bigger fun! 9⁄16" x 1911⁄16".
RA13327 — $4.95 pkg. 3 or more — $4.42 pkg.
Artterro Eco-Friendly Art Kits
Unique and fun kits are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional art and craft kits. Each kit features the
highest quality natural materials, and offers open-ended
art projects for at least two people to share. Sustainable
packaging. (1)
Creativity Kit. Makes 8 pieces. Set the creative spirit free
with an assortment of beads, wool felt shapes, gorgeous handmade paper, needles, and thread. Cut, glue, and sew greeting
cards, bookmarks, ornaments, gift tags, and many more items.
RA16404 — $14.95 kit
4 or more — $12.95 kit
Garden Kit. Makes 4 pieces. Combine high-quality copper
and colored wire, glass beads, and marbles to make four stunning garden art pieces.
RA16405 — $14.95 kit
4 or more — $12.95 kit
Art Dolls Kit. Makes 4 dolls. Craft four fun dolls with luxurious handmade paper, glass beads, colorful wool felt dresses,
needles, and thread.
RA16406 — $14.95 kit
4 or more — $12.95 kit
Bubble Wand Kit. Makes 2 wands. Bend high-quality copper wire with marbles into two beautiful wands.
RA16407 — $14.95 kit
4 or more — $12.95 kit
Bookmaking Kit. Makes 4 books. Make single-signature
books with luxurious handmade paper. Includes needles and
craft thread.
RA16408 — $14.95 kit
4 or more — $12.95 kit
Wire and Bead Kit. Makes 20 ornaments. Twist colorful
wire into large mobiles, small ornaments, or construct a
unique sculpture. Includes a large variety of beautiful beads,
marbles, and thin and thick jewelry wire.
RA16409 — $14.95 kit
4 or more — $12.95 kit
11TRIP309 1
9/8/10 3:35:20 PM
Shown Actual Size
10 mm 12 mm
Snapins™ Instant Buttons
20 mm
Pkg. of 100. Attractive moving eyes used for holiday crafts
and decorations, doll crafts, stuffed toys and animals, puppets,
etc. Great for face masks, cutouts, and clay animals. Can be
pasted or cemented to project. Traditional style. (1)
The instant, snap-together button! Just take any
photograph, drawing, etc.; cut it out; and snap it
between the cover and the pin back.
21⁄4" Dia. Snapins™. Pkg. of 500.
Cat. No.
3" Dia. Snapins™. Pkg. of 24.
Traditional Wiggle Eye Assortment. Bag of 100.
Sizes include 7 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 15 mm. (1)
RA01452 — $198.75 pkg.
Buttons, Wiggle Eyes, & Bags
15 mm
Paste-On Wiggle Eyes
RA01454 — $14.05 pkg.
4 or more — $13.27 pkg.
12 or more — $12.35 pkg.
10 mm (3⁄8")
12 mm (1⁄2")
15 mm (5⁄8")
20 mm (13⁄16")
Per Pkg. 12+, Pkg.
RA01062 — $3.40 bag 12 or more — $3.00 bag
36 or more — $2.63 bag
Wiggle Eyes
Pack of 500. This great multipack features 125 pieces each of
black, multi-colored, painted,
and bright wiggle eyes in assorted sizes of 10 mm, 12 mm,
15 mm, and 20 mm. (1)
Bags with Handles
Pkg. of 12. Medium-sized white bags
are just waiting to be decorated! Add
color, sequins, ribbon, fabric, etc., to
create your own gift bags for special
occasions! 8" x 41⁄4" x 10".
RA02012 — $8.35 pkg.
RA01774 — $13.50 pack
12 or more — $12.40 pack
Wiggly Eyes
Cluster Case
Over 750 pieces in a 12-oz. plastic container.
A large assortment of colorful plastic and
acrylic buttons, in sizes from shirt to dress,
in varying shapes and colors. Container shape
may vary. (1)
RA09130 — $3.95 ea.
Pkg. of 560. This assortment comes in a convenient stackable container.
The container keeps each
assorted size in a separate
compartment for easy
use. (1)
RA08931 — $7.45 pkg.
12 or more — $6.70 pkg.
Super Sacks
Pkg. of 100. Biodegradable! Fun for all ages,
these inexpensive, 5" x 31⁄2" x 93⁄4", gusseted,
bright colored bags can be decorated with
yarn, feathers, pom-poms, lickums, etc.
Assorted colors.
283-0080 — $17.95 pkg.
Creativity Street®
Wiggle Eyes Storage Stackers
Bulk Button Assortment
A full pound of buttons in different sizes, colors,
and types for general craft work. Over 500
buttons. Try them for decorating masks, stuffed
toys, puppets, collages, etc. (1)
190-3015 — $4.15 asst. 5 or more — $3.50 asst.
Screw-bottom containers make it easy to store,
organize, and stack wiggle eyes. Four-tier packs. (1)
Round & Oval Black Eyes - Pkg. of 300.
Includes 102 each of 3⁄8", 96 each of 1⁄2", and 72 each
of 9⁄16" round eyes; and 30 each of 3⁄4" oval eyes.
RA10476 — $8.40 pkg.
6 or more — $7.71 pkg.
Round Black, Painted, & Bright Eyes Pkg. of 400. Each tier contains 100 pieces of the
following assortment: 15 each of 1⁄4"; 10 each of 3⁄4";
and 25 each of 3⁄8", 1⁄2", and 5⁄8".
RA12045 — $11.40 pkg.
6 or more — $10.48 pkg.
Rainbow Bags
Rainbow Button Assortment
Brightly colored, 1-lb. button assortment.
Buttons range in size, with the largest buttons
being approximately 1" in dia. Buttons are made
mostly of polyester, but are made of nylon,
corozzo, casein, urea, acetate, and other materials as well. (1)
RA01050 — $5.50 bag 5 or more — $5.20 bag
11TRIP310 1
Peel ‘N’ Stick Wiggle Eyes
Just peel and stick — no glue, no mess! You’ll find
hundreds of craft uses for these wiggle eyes. Includes
608: 96 of 7 mm, 112 of 10 mm, 104 of 12 mm,
92 of 15 mm, 108 of 18 mm, and 96 of 20 mm. (1)
RA01076 — $26.75 asst.
Great for children’s projects. Create puppets,
masks, hats, and more. Gusset-style.
6" x 35/8" x 11".
White. Pkg. of 100.
283-1158 — $15.30 pkg.
Pastel Colors. Pkg. of 28.
283-1160 — $8.40 pkg.
Bright Colors. Pkg. of 28.
283-1163 — $8.50 pkg.
9/8/10 3:34:44 PM
Feathers for Crafts
Feather Classroom Pack
268-0270 — $ .95 pkg. 12 or more — $ .82 pkg.
36 or more — $ .73 pkg.
Small. From 1"-3". Approximately 100-130
pieces per 1⁄2-oz. pkg.
268-0275 — $1.30 pkg. 12 or more — $1.12 pkg.
36 or more — $1.00 pkg.
Fluffy Feathers
with Marabou
Pkg. of approx. 170. Get
a little soft and light with
this assortment of feathers,
perfect for all kinds of arts
and crafts projects.
RA01054 — $24.15 pack
Feather Assortments
RA02836 — $2.30 pkg.
12 or more — $2.06 pkg.
36 or more — $1.86 pkg.
1.75-oz. pkgs. Assortment of boldly colored feathers
to add eye-catching features to a variety of crafts.
RA11499 Bright
RA11500 Neon
Each — $3.95 pkg.
Large assortment of feathers, in bright and natural
colors, to enhance craft projects of all kinds! Contains 10 bags of different feathers in a wide variety
of sizes, colors, shapes, and textures. Includes 1⁄2-oz.
bags of each of the following: mixed duck quills,
mixed miniature imitation eagle feathers, two
different mixes of natural feathers, and assorted
colors of plumage and flats. Also includes 10 pieces
of imitation eagle feathers and 10 pieces of quill
feathers in assorted colors; 25 biots in assorted
colors; 7 grams of dyed and spotted feathers; and
1-oz. bags each of assorted leaf- and fluff-shaped
feathers. (1)
⁄2-oz. pkg. Brilliantly colored plumes in large or
small sizes. A fun and wonderful addition to your
crafting supplies.
Large. From 5"-7". Assortment of over a dozen
attractive colors. Contains 75-90 pieces per 1⁄2-oz.
6 or more — $3.40 pkg.
Duck Quill
Exotic Peacock Eye Feathers
Pkg. of 12. Beautiful peacock eye feathers will
add beauty and glamour to all kinds of craft
projects. Feathers are approximately 11" L.
3"-5" feathers in bright,
nontoxic, assorted colors. 3-oz. bag. (1)
268-0400 — $12.25 bag
RA02445 — $4.65 pkg.
12 or more — $4.08 pkg.
Natural Color Feathers
Select quality, natural feathers. Great for costumes,
soft jewelry, collages, and all kinds of craft projects.
⁄2 oz. pkg. (1)
268-0390 — $2.50 pkg.
Wing Feathers Multicolor Pack
Multicolor pack of 24 select #1 round wing feathers. Average length: 10"-12".
Dyed and Spotted Feathers
RA13328 — $7.85 pack
6 or more — $6.67 pack
Set of 6 pkgs. Ideal for Indian crafts, jewelry, floral
work, etc. Each pkg. contains approximately 70-90
(3") fluffs. Set contains one each of light blue,
green, orange, red, white, and yellow fluffs. (1)
RA00646 — $6.60 set
Dyed Guinea fowl feathers with unique spotted
designs in a variety of colors. 2.5-oz. bag. (1)
268-0395 — $17.60 bag
Natural Feather
Classroom Pack
Plumage Feathers
Bag of 150, approximately 4". Bright hues plumage
feathers, great bright assortment. 1⁄2-oz. bag. (1)
268-0200 — $2.05 bag
The highest-quality feathers from every
corner of the world. Designed for all
types of crafts, costume and maskmaking,
Indian and native crafts, jewelry, etc. Most
feathers are 2"-4" in length. Includes the
following types of feathers: Cock Hackle
(60), Guinea Hen (40), Bronze Schloppen (36), Red Chinchilla Saddle Hackle
(40), Black Hackle (50), and Peacock Flue
(800). (1)
RA02493 — $13.95 pack
12 or more — $12.48 pack
36 or more — $11.38 pack
11TRIP311 1
9/8/10 3:33:58 PM
Mosaics & Collage
Roylco® Mineral Mosaics
Poster & Artwork Set
Symbols Mosaics
Pkg. of 1,000. Explore tribal
culture through native African
symbols. These mosaics have symbols printed on
the front and solid black on the back for a true
African appearance. Perfect for dressing up collages, journals, scrapbooks, reports, and much
more. Sizes range from 1⁄2"-3⁄4".
Roylco® Plox™
Set of 8. Add texture and color to collage, sculpture, and artwork with unique paper flock! Includes
eight bright colors of paper flecks. Easy for any
age group to use. Drop Plox™ on top of wet glue
to make different patches of color, and allow your
artwork to dry; the finished artwork will be awash
in vibrant splashes of color. Includes idea guide and
one 1-oz. bottle each of black, red, blue, yellow,
green, orange, purple, and white.
Learn about rocks, minerals, and ores while creating
beautiful artwork. Includes 49 mineral photographs
printed onto quality card and cut into squares. Use
the printed reproducible artwork grids to arrange
and glue the mosaics into beautiful patterns. Refer
to the poster to learn the names and details of all
49 minerals. Poster measures 17" x 22". Artwork
grids are 8" x 81⁄2". Mosaics are 3⁄4" x 3⁄4" and are
printed on both sides. Includes idea guide.
RA12345 — $9.25 set
RA15393 — $5.70 pkg.
Roylco® Mexaics™
RA11379 — $12.30 set
Metallic Mosaic Squares
Pkg. of 500. Add pizazz to art projects with these
1" square mosaics in rich metallic colors.
RA10836 — $3.60 pkg.
Pkg. of 8,500. Explore a new realm of texture and
color! These authentically inspired mosaics come
in rich colors and are cut in irregular shapes for a
bold Mexican look. Includes four large-format reproducible designs to make this a unique, satisfying
craft. Includes seven double-sided colors: yellow,
orange, red, green, blue, purple, and black/white.
Sizes range from 1⁄2" to 3⁄4". (1)
RA12352 — $9.95 pkg.
Mosaic 1" Tissue Squares
Pkg. of 2,500. Convenient way to save hours of cutting time with these precut, 1" tissue squares. Great
for any project. Perfect size for the wrap-aroundthe-eraser-and-glue project that is tremendous for
developing fine motor skills. Ten assorted colors.
RA06147 — $3.60 pkg.
6 or more — $3.08 pkg.
Roylco® Fabric Mosaics
Pkg. of 400. Create texturized art with a huge variety of fabric print squares. Terrific for multisensory
collage projects. 13⁄4". (1)
RA12346(X) — $8.35 pkg.
Roylco® Double-Color
Mosaic Squares
Pkg. of 10,000. Colorful 3⁄8" squares cut from stiff
card. A different color on each side.
R15630 — $9.75 pkg.
11TRIP312 1
Roylco® Petit
Pattern Mosaics Kit
Make beautiful patterns and designs with a wide
range of contemporary cardboard squares with
patterns on one side and a solid color on the
reverse. A total of 2,000 pieces.
RA11380 — $6.20 kit
Quilt Mosaics
Pkg. of 1,000. Quilt prints on one side with solid
colors on the other. Design quilt patterns or make a
class quilt. Includes idea guide.
RA04256 — $8.75 pkg.
6 or more — $7.92 pkg.
Spectrum Mosaics
Pkg. of 4,000. Create exciting mosaic art! Use the
squares to discuss color theory. Includes 14 bright
colors, four reproducible grids, and guide.
RA04258 — $9.10 pkg. 6 or more — $8.18 pkg.
9/8/10 3:31:59 PM
Crafty Leaves
Pkg. of 266. High-quality
paper is printed on both
sides to resemble beautiful
leaves. Arrange and paste
gorgeous natural crafts.
Includes idea guide.
RA04261 — $7.75 pkg.
6 or more — $7.00 pkg.
Botanical Cuts
Roylco® Leaf Animals Collage Classroom Pack
Inspire children to create lovely leaf artwork! Start with one of the beautifully painted scenery cards. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create
one of the suggested animal designs or use the provided tips to create your
own cute critters. Pack includes 32 scenery cards (81⁄2" x 11"), 300 paper
leaves, and teacher guide.
Intricately cut leaf and flower shapes
make lovely additions to collage and
posters. Includes 96 leaves and
114 flowers. Idea guide included.
RA01712 — $7.65 pkg.
3 or more — $6.95 pkg.
RA12337 — $17.95 pack
Roylco® Paper Popz
Pkg. of 1,500. Add “pop” to any
craft or collage project with these
modern paper shapes. Great for
spicing up a journal or as an addition to your scrapbook arsenal.
Assorted colors, styles, and patterns.
Up to 21⁄2". Acid free. (1)
RA12349 — $7.65 pkg.
12 or more — $6.29 pkg.
Stamp Designer
Roylco® Big Box of Art Materials!™
Contains 24 collage discs (8" dia.), nine painting sponges (3" shapes),
500 felt craft shapes, 1⁄2-lb. bright buttons, 2 oz. of double-sided mosaic
squares, 30 ft. of plastic lacing, 30 ft. of plastic thread, 300 peel & stick
stickers, 1,080-sq. in. burlap, 150 colored craft sticks, 24 mini picture frames,
24" snip and glue magnetic strip, 200 assorted foam shapes, 50 assorted
wood shapes, 240 pieces of shredded tissue, eight 9" x 9" sheets of colored
felt, 10 sheets of gummed paper (81⁄2" x 11"), two sheets of hologram paper
(81⁄2" x 10"), 16 sheets of animal paper (81⁄2" x 11"), 16 sheets of fabulous
fabric paper (81⁄2" x 11"), five 81⁄2" x 10" sheets of embossed metallic paper,
one ball of craft yarn, 2 oz. of leather, 1,450 assorted Sticky Shapes®, 1⁄2 lb.
of colored noodles, and 1,000 plastic beads. Idea guide included. (1)
Pkg. of 32. No cutting!
Precut stamp shapes make
every design look professional! Create your design
on this big shape, the reduce
on photo copier and make
smaller stamps. Great for
collage. Use with paint and
crayons. Includes idea guide.
9" x 12".
RA16519 — $7.85 pkg.
R2101 — $57.00 box
Value Pack
Collage Kit
An extensive assortment of popular collage
items! Includes feathers,
Wax Works®, wiggle
eyes, chenille stems,
pom-poms, craft hair,
fluffs, glitter glue pens,
craft sticks, sequins, and
spangles. (1)
RA13329 — $61.95 kit
Everything you’ll need to
create interesting collages
is included in this economical classroom pack. Pack
includes: small sequins,
large spangles, feathers,
assorted size wiggle eyes,
assorted short pieces of
yarn, silver multimix glitter,
satin puffy shapes, tinsel
grass, lace and ribbon mix,
rhinestones and mirrors mix, assorted plastic buttons, assorted fancy acrylic/
metal buttons, assorted “baby” white buttons, clothespins, leather remnants,
mill ribbon mix, small glass beads, and pearls. Assortment may vary. (1)
RA00895 — $34.75 pack
11TRIP313 1
9/9/10 7:53:30 AM
Big Huge
Fingerpaint Shapes
Craft Projects
Color-Diffusing Shapes
Pkg. of 24. Paint a giant masterpiece! Big shapes
cut from high-quality coated paper. Use with
fingerpaint or glue on feathers, pompoms, and craft
papers. Add details with paint or markers. Finished
artwork makes a wonderful classroom display.
Includes idea guide.
Kids. 18" x 35".
RA04809 — $15.45 pkg.
Squirt, spray, or splatter intense liquid watercolor
over shapes. Mist with water and watch the
paint swirl and mix to create fantastic
patterns of color.
Leaves. Pkg. of 80. Leaves measure up to
9" x 71⁄4". Includes idea guide. (1)
Butterflies. 24" x 36".
RA09026 — $15.45 pkg.
RA04280 — $7.95 pkg.
Flowers. Pkg. of 80. Flowers measure 9".
Includes idea guide.
Roylco® Wee Kid
Fingerpaint Paper
RA09018 — $6.95 pkg.
91⁄2" Circles. Pkg. of 100.
RA12335 — $5.65 pkg.
18" Circles. Pkg. of 100.
Pkg. of 36. Convenient, basic designs pre-cut from
coated paper. The large designs are easy for small
hands. Great for self-portraits! 71⁄2" x 12".
RA12954 — $13.90 pkg.
RA12951 — $5.40 pkg.
Use with food coloring or
liquid watercolor and watch
colors separate and mingle
to create wonderful designs.
The “fabric” texture and BIG
sheets allow endless possibilities for group or individual
activities. Idea guide included.
Pkg. of 50 Sheets, 9" x 12"
RA01880 — $7.55 pkg. 6 or more — $6.99 pkg.
Pkg. of 50 Sheets, 12" x 18"
RA01879 — $7.55 pkg. 6 or more — $6.91 pkg.
Design Paper
Paint beautiful scenes
and display to make
a marvelous mural!
Each of the four
designs (six of each) is printed on special color-diffusing paper. Designs can
be lined up side to side or up and down. Color in white area with water-based
marker and spray lightly with water to create splashes of color, or drip watercolor paint on surface and watch them mix and flow. 71⁄2" x 71⁄2". Includes
24 sheets and idea guide.
RA04805 — $7.49 pkg.
Paper Plates
Inexpensive paper plates
make excellent baskets,
masks, party favors, toys,
hats, puppets, and more.
Lightweight. White.
Pkg. of 100. 7" dia.
KolorFast Tissue Flower Kit
Children can make giant 10" flowers following simple
directions. Perfect as take-home gifts. Kit includes
die-cut tissue in assorted colors and pre-bent wire
stems. Contains 84 flowers. (1)
RA00904 — $5.10 pkg.
3 or more — $4.60 pkg.
283-1015 — $48.75 kit
4 or more — $45.32 kit
Case of 1,000. 7" dia.
RA00905 — $37.25 cs.
3 or more — $34.10 cs.
Pkg. of 100. 9" dia.
RA00906 — $3.30 pkg.
3 or more — $3.04 pkg.
Case of 1,200. 9" dia.
Lace Doilies
RA00907 — $35.50 cs.
6 or more — $32.71 cs.
4" Red, White, Silver, and
Gold Heart Doilies
Pack of 100. Brilliantly die-cut and colored
paper doilies. Perfect for cutting and pasting, collages, creating valentines, greeting
cards, and many other art projects.
4" White, Silver, and
Gold Round Doilies
6" White Heart Doilies
6" White Round Doilies
52-1790 — $8.60 pack
52-1780 — $4.55 pack
52-1765 — $7.35 pack
52-1770 — $4.95 pack
Paint Pipettes
Pkg. of 25. Squeeze and drop paint
with precision using this exciting
tool. Encourage kids to experiment!
6" long.
RA03241 — $3.50 pkg.
6" Red Heart Doilies
52-1785 — $6.20 pack
11TRIP314 1
9/17/10 1:54:07 PM
RA07915 — $9.95 pkg.
12-Piece Puzzle, 51⁄2" x 8" (1)
RA07916 — $14.70 pkg.
334-0570 — $8.90 pkg.
6 or more — $7.12 pkg.
Cover-It Photo Frame Kit with Magnets
Personalize your picture frames by decorating with markers, paint,
glitter, or wrap with specialty papers. Pack of 30 frames includes adhesivebacked magnetic strips. Sturdy poster board holds 11⁄2" x 2" student photos.
Frames measure 23⁄4" x 31⁄2". (1)
RA15775 — $17.95 pack
28-Piece Puzzle, 51⁄2" x 8" (1)
12-Piece Puzzle, 81⁄2" x 11" (1) 334-0565 — $14.70 pkg.
334-0575 — $36.50 pkg.
6 or more — $29.20 pkg.
6 or more — $11.76 pkg.
Creative Frames
63-Piece Puzzle, 81⁄2" x 11" (1)
Pack of 72. Beautiful
assorted colored tag can
be decorated or left as is
to frame masterpieces.
Includes 24 each of three
sizes: 43⁄4" x 6 3⁄4" (opening: 23⁄4" x 43⁄4"), 8" x 101⁄2"
(opening: 43⁄4" x 63⁄4"),
and 11" x 14" (opening:
8" x 101⁄2").
RA07917 — $36.50 pkg.
Puzzles & Paper Frames
Pkg. of 24. Children delight in making their own personal puzzles with these
blank, die-cut puzzle boards. Suitable for use with crayons, markers, pens,
rubber stamps, etc. They also provide an excellent medium for letter writing,
thank you notes, and greeting cards. Great class project. Available in various
shapes, sizes, and pieces. Puzzles with fewer pieces are designed for children
ages 3-7, and a greater number of pieces represents a challenge for children
in the upper grades or adults. White.
9-Piece Puzzle, 4" x 51⁄2"
16-Piece Puzzle, 4" x 51⁄2" (1)
RA10835 — $18.20 pack
Color-Your-Own Puzzles
Packs of 6. Create colorful puzzles from an outlined canvas by adding your
own personal touches to these animal puzzles. Packs include six blank
puzzles so you can try various designs. Tessellation designs allow for a wide
array of difficulty levels. Puzzles measure 12" x 12".
Bird/Fish Puzzles. Birds and fish
Butterfly Puzzles. Butterflies
interlock in a tessellation design.
interlock and cover each puzzle.
RA10833 — $11.95 pack
RA10834 — $11.95 pack
Roylco® Puzzle
Quilt Pieces
Fun Frames
Pkg. of 24. Shaped frame
collage bases. Glue on art
materials to create unique
photo frames, window
greeting cards, and
shaker cards. Eight
designs, four each of sizes
5" x 7" and 3" x 5".
R22041 — $6.35 pkg.
Pkg. of 32. Craft a quilt! Sturdy, white corrugated card stock is great for collage projects. Pieces are universal — they always fit!
Decorate with markers, paint, or crayon.
4" x 4" each. Includes idea guide.
Frame Paper
RA02545 — $7.45 pkg.
Pkg. of 60. An economical
way to create and display
works of art. Use with crayons, colored pencils, markers,
or paint. Includes five designs
and four assorted sizes: 5" x
7", 8" x 101⁄2", 11" x 14", and
16" x 20".
9" Collage Letters
Pkg. of 26. Here is the perfect base
for creating letter collages and reinforcing the sounds of the alphabet.
This package contains one full set of
capital letters made of 9" cardboard.
Teaching guide included.
RA09033 — $6.75 pkg.
R52020 — $12.60 pkg.
Roylco® Flag
Design Bases
Pkg. of 24. Design a unique
flag! Use this big 8" x 16"
pre-cut stock flag shape to
design a country, club, or
team flag. Students can also
learn about an existing flag as
they duplicate it.
RA12339 — $6.15 pkg.
Wood Frames
Paulownia wood rectangle frames ready
to paint, stain, woodburn, woodcarve,
decoupage, attach stickers, or stamp.
9" x 7". Holds one 4" x 6" photo.
RA12532(X) — $3.50 ea.
10" x 8". Holds one 5" x 7" photo.
RA12533(X) — $3.65 ea.
11TRIP315 1
9/9/10 3:05:00 PM
Decorative Crafts
Base & Backdrop
The perfect foundation for your diorama or
display. Backdrop fits snugly into the grooves on
the base and provides a sturdy, durable backdrop
for painting, decorating, and labeling. Cut to any
shape. Includes placard to label your project, tape
for assembly, easy-to-follow instructions, and labels
for project identification.
Small. Project area measures 103⁄4" x 71⁄2" x 73⁄8".
RA11190 — $6.35 ea. 12 or more — $5.44 ea.
Large. Project area measures 103⁄4" x 161⁄4" x 11".
RA11191 — $8.15 ea. 12 or more — $7.01 ea.
Egg Flats
Pkg. of 70. Cut ‘em, bend ‘em, paint ‘em, decorate
‘em…kids love making “egg carton” projects!
Decorate these cardboard egg flats using paint,
markers, pipe cleaners, glitter, sequins, feathers,
pom-poms, wiggle eyes — you name it! 12" x 12".
RA00902 — $11.85 pkg. 3 or more — $10.88 pkg.
Compact and great for shoebox dioramas, displays,
and much more. Just build the diorama inside and
then paint or decorate the bright, white outside.
The ShowBox™ is made of a sturdy, durable material that can withstand the bus ride to school and
the trip back home. Includes labels for project
identification. Project area measures 81⁄2" x 13" x
41⁄2". (1)
RA11192 — $4.25 ea.
12 or more — $3.75 ea.
Dynamic Diorama Box
There’s no more searching for the right-sized
shoebox. This easy-to-assemble diorama box is
manufactured with sturdy yet lightweight two-ply,
corrugated cardboard that can be decorated with
paint, glue, markers, modeling clay, and much
more. Shipped flat. Shoebox shape “theatre” for
3-D style reports. Measures 151⁄2" x 61⁄2".
Decorate Me™! Hinged Boxes
These plain, sturdy white cardboard storage boxes
are like blank canvases ready for decorating! Fliptop, hinge-type lid. 81⁄2" x 5" x 2".
RA10777 — $2.95 ea. 24 or more — $2.75 ea.
RA00899 — $2.05 ea.
Compressed sponge
sheets made of highquality, long-lasting
cellulose expands up to 25 times their size when
wet! Cut into shapes desired with a regular scissors
for block printing, painting, and fabric decoration.
3" x 4". Pkg. of 12.
4" x 6". Pkg. of 3.
RA11864 — $9.85 pkg.
3 or more — $9.11 pkg.
12 or more — $1.73 ea.
24-Count Classroom Pack. Measures 21⁄2" x
41⁄2" x 41⁄2".
RA11865 — $4.50 pkg.
3 or more — $4.13 pkg.
8" x 11". Pkg. of 2.
244-0300(X) — $11.50 pkg.
RA02193 — $32.95 pack
3 or more — $30.46 pack
Diorama Box with Cover
The perfect solution box for creating
student diorama projects! Cover protects contents
when transporting to school, or use the pattern
provided to cut the window in the cover of diorama
box. No more covering up an old shoe box. The
plain surface can be easily decorated to match the
project. 111/2" H x 71/2" W x 4" D.
24-Count Classroom Pack. A school startup
item! 81⁄2" x 5" x 2".
RA02194 — $36.95 pack
RA00900 — $4.70 ea.
12 or more — $4.35 ea.
Peel & Stick
Wonder Boards™
No messy glue bottles to worry about. Easy to use
for children of all ages. Just peel off the adhesive and
decorate! (1)
Pkg. of 12. 7" x 5".
RA13763 — $7.90 pkg. 6 or more — $7.05 pkg.
Geometric Shapes. Pkg. of 12. Includes three
squares, three circles, and two each of rectangle,
triangle, and hexagon shapes.
RA13764 — $7.90 pkg. 6 or more — $7.05 pkg.
11TRIP316 1
Cover-It® Craft Boards
These assorted shapes are made of sturdy 1⁄8" thick chipboard that can be decorated with any number of
mediums including paper, fabric, paint, markers, glitter, and much more.
Squares & Rectangles. Pkg. of 120. Includes 50, 2" x 2" squares; 30, 4" x 4" squares; 20, 2" x 4"
rectangles; and 20, 3" x 4" rectangles.
RA10446 — $7.95 pkg.
Assorted Shapes. Pkg. of 36. Includes six each
of heart, flower, square, circle, triangle, and star.
Strips. Pkg. of 120. Includes 60, 1" x 8" strips;
30, 2" x 8" strips; and 30, 3" x 8" strips.
RA10447 — $7.70 pkg.
RA10449 — $7.95 pkg.
Buttons. Pkg. of 48. Includes 48 chipboard buttons
and pin backs. Buttons measure 21⁄4". (1)
Circles. Pkg. of 120. Includes 60, 1" circles;
30, 2" circles; and 30, 3" circles.
RA10448 — $18.15 pkg.
RA10450 — $7.95 pkg.
9/9/10 7:51:45 AM
of Egypt
Activity Kit
Roylco® Through My Eyes
Artists Masks
Set of 8. Gain a sense of perspective and art history
with these clever masks. Use masks, representing
eight famous artists, to introduce and discuss their
lives and works. Each mask, printed on flexible,
non-tear and scratch resistant plastic, comes with
a biography and one double-sided artwork piece.
Included guide outlines a number of follow-up activities. Masks measure approximately 8" x 9". (1)
RA15390 — $16.95 kit
RA11383 — $20.75 set
RA15389 — $28.95 kit
Paper Shapes
Discover the
splendor and
riches of Egypt!
This all-inclusive
kit contains
card stock masks
and jewelry, colorful
paper, mosaics, colored rice, and a stencil to create
beautiful and unique representations of the riches
of Ancient Egyptian royalty. The guide includes
information about the culture as well as assembly
instructions. Masks measure 9" x 12". (1)
Master portrait drawing
with this comprehensive
learning kit. Includes all
the necessary components
for learning in three easy
stages. Learn about the
common face shapes as
well as how to determine proper proportions.
Life-size facial features produce a truly accurate
portrait. This 174-piece kit includes 12 die-cut
face shapes, six reproducible face shapes, 144 facial
features stickers, 12 rulers, and guide.
Portraits Kit
Roylco® Stand-Up Self-Portrait Kit
Make fun self-portraits that stand up! Draw, paint,
or collage on the cardboard and then flip and
fold to make a 3-D portrait! The nose, mouth,
and eye positions are indicated with subtle dots.
Children can use the dots to accurately portray
their features. Included teacher's guide offers easy
instructions for basic portraiture and fun follow-up
activities to integrate the self-portrait into other
areas of the curriculum including character education. Includes 40 self-portraits. Finished faces
measure 61⁄4" x 9".
How to Draw Faces Kit
Learn the elements of portraiture! This
pack teaches the three steps to correctly
draw a face. Includes 72 portrait sheets
in 24 different designs measuring 81⁄2" x
11", 32 card stock rulers and golden ‘X’
proportion tools, 48 original painting
“trading cards,” and complete illustrated
instructions and web resources. (1)
RA11384 — $12.75 kit
RA12338 — $26.95 kit
Roylco® Puzzle Me
Roylco® Face Pad
Pad of 50, 5" x 8" sheets. Faces for portraits or fun
characters. Eight skin tones.
R51449 — $4.20 ea.
Roylco® Card Characters
Pkg. of 24, 9" x 6". Eight skin tones on
coated card are pre-cut into child shapes to dress
and decorate.
Pkg. of 12. These 10" x 11" kid-shaped puzzles
are fun to decorate with paint, color, or collage.
Super-thick chipboard pieces are made to last, and
uniquely-shaped tabs mean pieces can’t be placed
incorrectly. Includes idea guide.
RA12552 — $7.40 pkg.
R52004 — $7.80 pkg.
People Kit
24 projects. Let kids express themselves, as well as
celebrate families, friends, and cultures. Great for
multicultural units and cross-curricular activities.
Kit comes with 24 tag people with curly hair,
velour paper for clothes, buttons, and wiggle eyes.
Tag people measure 16".
RA10839 — $29.50 kit
Roylco® Family
Coat of Arms Kit
Craft Hair
4-oz. bags. Fun-to-use craft hair adds a new
dimension of fun to puppets, dolls, collages, and
more. 1⁄2" curls. (1)
268-0405 Black
268-0415 Blonde
268-0410 Brown
Bag — $7.95
11TRIP317 1
Use this all-inclusive kit to dig up family history while
designing and assembling a family coat of arms! Use the
reproducible sheets of authentic symbols, colored background sheets, shields, and stencils to create a personal
coat of arms. Makes 12 projects. Includes a resource
guide describing the meaning of popular coat of arms
symbols and revealing intriguing historical facts.
RA11387 — $8.95 kit
10/4/10 9:53:23 AM
Wild Animal
Craft Sticks
Pkg. of 50, 1" x 7".
Explore a wilder side of
creativity with these
vibrant animal designs.
Designs include tiger, alligator, zebra, leopard, and
giraffe. Great for making animal stick puppets to
aid in learning about wild animals.
Craft Projects
RA15394 — $5.25 pkg.
Painting Kit
Inside you will
find everything
your class needs
to create a unique and personal piece of artwork
that can last for years and be displayed for all to
enjoy. Students can let their individual style shine
through in the creation of their pieces, or choose
a theme. Have your students create mini-masterpieces to match the learning that is going on
in the classroom. The kit accommodates a large
classroom of up to 30 students. Includes a 29" x
32" hangable canvas, six small acrylic paint sets,
thirty 4" x 4" canvas squares, 30 brushes, and
teacher’s instruction sheet.
RA08935(X) — $52.00 kit
Roylco Folding Fun Masks
Complete Set
Inexpensive masks are easy to decorate with paint,
crayons, markers, or craft paper. Includes one
each of Folding Fun, Barnyard Animal, and Wild
Animal mask sets.
Roylco® Mix & Match
Emotions Masks
Set of 30, 4" x 8". Create countless combinations of emotions by combining the eyes with the
mouths. Beautifully illustrated in a range of skin
tones. Children will use the masks to learn how to
identify and express emotions. Printed in plastic for
years of use. Includes teacher’s guide.
RA12350 — $19.95 set
RA09681 — $21.95 set
Folding Fun Masks. Pkg. of 40, 81⁄4" x 101⁄2".
Make fun faces, self portraits, story book characters, and wild animal masks! The masks come
flat — just fold up and tape to make a marvelous
three-dimensional mask. Use pipe cleaners to
hold your mask in place. Includes idea guide.
RA04789 — $7.35 pkg.
Barnyard Animal Fold-Up Masks. Pkg. of
30. Bring art class to life with these adorable
masks. Includes teacher’s guide.
RA09027 — $9.70 pkg.
Roylco® Color-In Masks
Pkg. of 40, 41⁄4" x 81⁄4". Perfect for a wide range
of developmental levels! It’s easy to decorate the
masks because they are die cut, but not punched
out of the sheets. Use crayons, markers, paint, or
colored pencils to decorate the masks with designs,
and then thread two pipe cleaners (not included)
through the ear holes to serve as the headband.
Includes teacher’s guide.
Wild Animal Fold-Up Masks. Pkg. of 30.
Take an art safari with these cool masks. Includes
teacher’s guide.
RA09028 — $9.70 pkg.
Roylco® Mardi Gras
Color-Diffusing Masks
Use watercolor paint, crayons, markers, and glitter glue to decorate the printed color-diffusing
paper. Cut out the features and glue them onto the
brightly colored fold-up masks. 81⁄2" x 101⁄2". Includes 30 masks, 24 sheets of color-diffusing paper,
and teacher’s guide.
RA12553 — $7.95 pkg.
RA09029 — $23.50 set
Roylco® Masks of the World
Poster and Molds Set
Paper Plates
Pkg. of 100, 6". Economical package of an
arts and crafts staple. Uncoated.
RA07229 — $2.95 pkg. 3 or more — $2.27 pkg.
11TRIP318 1
Explore the art of traditional mask making. Comes
with 12 plastic mask molds sculpted to 1⁄3 scale. Fill
the molds with plaster of Paris and paint. Learn
more about the masks by using the poster and
teaching guide. Includes a mask map of the world
and reproducible art. Both measure 22" x 17".
RA09023 — $17.25 set
Assorted Color Balloons
Pkg. of 144. Great for armatures when working
with papier-mâché, or just decorate with markers,
etc. Assorted color, round 9" latex balloons. (2)
238-1865 — $10.20 pkg.
9/9/10 3:02:57 PM
283-1790(X) — $2.10 ea.
12 or more — $1.72 ea.
283-5055 — $2.65 ea. 12 or more — $2.37 ea.
Sad Face
283-5070 — $4.30 ea. 12 or more — $3.86 ea.
Happy Face
283-5065 — $4.30 ea. 12 or more — $3.86 ea.
An ideal base for designing
your own masks. May be
painted and shellacked.
Size: 81/2" x 6" x 11/2".
Animal Face Forms™
Pkg. of 5. Great with papier-mâché
or clay! Create kooky critter masks
and fun animal forms! Ideas included.
R52007 — $8.95 pkg.
Mask Making
A playful collection of four favorite plastic masks.
Mardi Gras, male, sad, and happy . Great for
decorating and wearing or just to display.
Mardi Gras
RA08503 — $3.65 ea.
Paper Pulp Mask
283-1625 — $2.45 ea.
12 or more — $2.08 ea.
Plastic Masks
Great class project! Let
your imagination run wild
as you create your own
mask. Perfect for multicultural mask study or
just for fun. Decorate with
paint, feathers, beads, yarn,
sequins — the possibilities are
endless! 81⁄4" x 51⁄2".
Boxes of 12. These
model heads are
great to use for the
multicultural study
of headdresses or
as a blank slate for
collage art. Magazine
words can be added
for extra effect.
Styrofoam® Head
with Face. Stands 11" high.
RA02702 — $30.95 box
3 or more — $26.06 box
Blank Styrofoam® Head. Stands 91⁄2" high.
RA12644 — $37.50 box
Make-a-Mask Face Forms Only
Pkg. of 10 reusable forms.
283-1405 — $12.50 pkg.
Mini Designer
Pkg. of 12. Full masks without
eye holes — practice painting eyes instead! Non-shiny,
matte-like finish. Includes
design instructions with each
mask. 5" plastic masks.
RA09861 — $16.65 pkg.
Face Forms
Full Mask
Gold-painted 81⁄2" mask
comes with elastic cord and
color instruction sheet.
Pkg. of 10. Five
ethnically diverse
faces for 3-D selfportraits. Includes idea
guide. Children's size
(73⁄4" L x 53⁄4" W x 21⁄4" D).
RA12682 — $3.40 ea.
24 or more — $2.75 ea.
R52009 — $9.25 pkg.
Designer Half
Mask-It Face
White-painted 41⁄2" x 81⁄4" mask
comes with two nostril holes,
a black elastic cord, and color
instruction sheet.
RA12681 — $2.75 ea.
24 or more — $2.40 ea.
Roylco® Mega Mask Kit
Everything needed to make 24 masks.
Kit includes: 24 cardboard masks (four different
designs), 225 assorted Jumbo Sticky Shapes®,
⁄2-lb. assorted colored macaroni, 1⁄2-lb. Bright Buttons™, 250 plastic pony beads, 10 glue spreaders,
four sheets of Making Faces stickers, 240 pieces
of shredded tissue, 16 sheets of Cut & Fold Paper
(each 81⁄2" x 10"), eight sheets of Fabulous Fabric
Paper™ (each 81⁄2" x 11"), eight sheets of Animal
Skins Paper™ (each 81⁄2" x 11"), and eight sheets of
embossed metallic paper (each 81⁄2" x 5"). (1)
RA02791 — $29.70 kit
Multicultural Mini-Mask Kit
Features Crayola® Model Magic®. Create a
cultural gathering in your classroom with this
unique mini-mask kit! This kit is the perfect way
to explore this exciting art form. This kit has
all materials necessary (except paint and glue)
for sculpting and assembling 30 mini-masks. Materials include: 2 lbs. of Crayola® Model Magic®,
30 wooden spoons, 30 wooden bases, 36 modeling
tools, feathers, raffia, embroidery floss, jute, and
instruction sheet.
White-pained 8" mask comes
on plastic dowel rod. Includes
instruction sheet.
RA12683 — $4.95 ea.
24 or more — $4.15 ea.
RA00571 — $107.50 kit
11TRIP319 1
Designer Mask
with Dowel Rod
9/9/10 8:11:48 AM
Face Paint Kit
Great for your face painting
needs! Colors blend easily. High
pigment content, water based
for easy application and removal
after use. Colors won’t fade or
peel, yet wash off easily with
wet wipes or mild soap and water. Includes enough paint to paint over 50 full
faces. Kit contains eight 2 ml cakes of rainbow colors, face painting sponge
and brush, plus a 16-page face painting guide with ideas and step-by-step
instructions. Nontoxic. FDA compliant.
Face Paints
RA02752 — $12.30 set
Face Paint
Jumbo Palette
This jumbo eight-color
palette is perfect for fundraisers and the professional
volume painter. Colors
blend easily. High pigment
content, water based for easy
application and removal after
use. Colors won’t fade or
peel, yet wash off easily with wet
wipes or mild soap and water. One unit
will paint 800 full faces or 20,000 cheek art designs.
Cake size is 18 ml. Nontoxic. FDA compliant.
Face Painting Sticks
Pkg. of 96. Easy-to-use face painting sticks require no preparation and apply like a crayon. FDA compliant and easy to
remove with soap and water. Contains 12 each of white, black, red, blue,
green, yellow, orange, and pink.
RA12117 — $59.95 pkg.
RA05389 — $39.95 set
Snazaroo Five
Minute Faces
Face Painting
Easy for beginners with
step-by-step instructions.
46 pages. ©1992.
RA08738 — $13.50 ea.
Snazaroo™ Face
Paining Starter Set
Complete face painting set in a convenient
carry case. Includes enough paint to paint 300
full faces or 15,000 cheek designs. Contains six
face paint compacts (blue, black, white, yellow,
blue, and red), glitter gel, two sponge applicators, three face painting brushes, and 16-page
step-by-step guide.
RA12116 — $52.95 set
Tattoo Stix™
Set of 6. Rich colors specially
formulated for drawing on the skin.
Tattoo Stix™ have a smooth nylon brush
tip for intricate design, and fabulous colors for
the coolest washable skin designs ever. Special
cosmetic formula is gentle to skin and washes easily from most skin types using soap and water. Also
washable from most clothing. Colors: purple, blue,
green, pink, orange, and black. Not recommended
for use around eyes. Nontoxic.
RA01499 — $3.95 set
Face Paint Set
Set of 6. Great for class activities,
school parties, and carnival projects.
Face paint is nontoxic and has been
extensively tested for use on skin and
face. Colors wash off skin easily with
mild soap and water. 8-oz. bottles.
Includes yellow, red, blue, black,
green, and white.
6 or more — $3.85 set
301-3114 — $19.20 set
Plastic Masks
Pkgs. of 12. These plastic half masks provide endless
possibilities for decoration — use paint, jewels, feathers,
glitter, sequins, fabric, etc. Each mask comes with elastic
attached. Measures: 7" W x 31⁄2" H.
RA16505 White
RA16155 Asst. Colors
Per pkg. — $6.25
11TRIP320 1
Roylco® African Masks
Pkg. of 20. A wonderful collage base for endless
creativity! Use a multitude of art materials for artistic
details. The mask design is 3-D! Large size: 11" x
15". Made of sturdy card stock.
RA16506 — $9.40 pkg.
White Nylon Round Brush Set
Set of 5. Great for face painting! Includes one
each of sizes 0, 2, 6, 8, and 10.
RA07633(X) — $8.35 set 12 or more — $6.95 set
9/9/10 3:05:57 PM
String Along
Classroom Pack
Make 12 bright and colorful string designs at an affordable price! Great for school projects, camps, and
more. Quick, safe, and easy. No pin, nails, or holes
to drill. Simply string floss through the holes on
the predrilled board using the enclosed 12 patterns
to create a string sensation. Pack contains 12 mini
predrilled black velvet boards, 36 skeins of DFN floss
in a variety of colors, 12 plastic needles, 12 patterns,
and detailed instructions. Finished size: 4" x 4".
Craft Projects
RA10894 — $19.95 pack
Rock Art
Pack of 24. Experience the magic of
Native American lore by creating your own rock
carvings like the ancients did thousands of year
ago. Using the 5" x 7" Rock Art Boards™, artists
can carve into the beautiful red sandstone, using
wooden carving styluses. Great for cross-curricular activities. Includes 24 Rock Art Boards™,
24 wooden carving styluses, and teacher's guide.
RA06114 — $50.95 pack
Powder Art™ Bulk Packs
Paint by numbers without the paint when you use Powder Art™: a revolutionary dry paint powder
made from recycled paper product. Simply take any number and peel away the design piece by piece
to reveal the underlying sticky paper. Then choose your colors and rub them onto the sticky surface
with your finger or brush. Bulk packs include 24 total 5" x 7" peel and paint design boards (six each
of four different designs), 24 paint brushes, 24 bags of powder (three each of red, blue, green, yellow,
orange, purple, white, and black), six artist palette trays, color guide instruction sheet, and instructor’s
guide. Safe and nontoxic.
Planes & Trains. Includes six each of airplane, boat, train, and truck.
RA10624 — $26.75 pack
Sports. Includes six each of baseball player, football player, basketball player, and soccer player.
RA10625 — $24.55 pack
Jungle Animals. Includes six each of giraffe, lion, monkey, and toucan.
RA10626 — $24.55 pack
Design and Print Fabric Squares
Set of 50. Blueprint original designs with film or
other objects through sun exposure! Arrange and
pin objects or film on Design and Print squares
and expose to sunlight. Print is fixed by rinsing in
water. A great group project. 6" x 6", 100% cotton
fabric squares.
RA11888 — $22.70 set
Floam Classroom Pack
Nature Print Paper
Roylco® Cave
Painting Activity Kit
Pkg. of 12. Recreate a buffalo hunt or herds
of prehistoric elk as you explore the ancient
underground world of cave painters with these
easy-to-use sponges! The included textured paper
looks like real rock and makes a great backdrop for
stamping with paint or even natural materials like
mud or berry juice. Includes 12 projects measuring
13" x 20". (1)
RA12343 — $6.90 kit
Nature Print Paper undergoes a chemical change
when exposed to sunlight. Images appear in
minutes. You can produce beautiful prints from
natural or man-made objects and photo negatives.
Just select the items you wish to print. Arrange
them on the paper and expose to sunlight for two
to three minutes. Soak in water for a minute, then
dry. The images you created will sharpen during
drying. 5" x 7".
265-0616 Pkg. of 30 Sheets — $9.75 pkg.
4 or more — $8.77 pkg.
RA13556 Pkg. of 40 Sheets — $10.10 pkg.
11TRIP321 1
Floam is fun you can feel — roll it, mold it, stretch it,
squeeze it, twist it, and press it! One of the most popular
craft products ever, this versatile modeling compound
is comprised of tiny foam balls and a colorful putty
adhesive. Simply apply, decorate, shape, or create. Cover
picture frames, create a sculpture, build unique objects, or
design jewelry...the possibilities are endless! The formula
does not stain or stick to clothes. Easy to clean off hands
with soap and water. Create your own custom colors by
mixing two or more colors together. Includes six 16-oz.
tubs in bright, neon colors: red, yellow, pink, orange,
blue, and purple. Mix well before use for best results.
RA09983 — $33.75 pack
9/9/10 3:06:35 PM
Wax Works®
Craft Projects
These new colorful, moldable, reusable wax sticks
form easily by hand and stick to themselves without
glue. Wax Works® help promote individual creativity, are nontoxic, and nonflammable. Enough for
many hours of classroom fun. 10" L.
Classroom Pack of 1,200 Pieces
Wikki Stix® Creatables
Wikki Stix® are made from yarn and a unique wax
with a special molecular structure which makes
them tacky to the touch. This permits them to stick
to each other and almost any surface, but leaves
virtually no trace. Kids love them! Ideal for art
classes, use to add finishing touches to clay sculptures, add dimension to coloring art, make paper
cutouts come alive, or use alone for sculpture. Ideal
for hands-on learning, and developing eye-hand
coordination and fine motor skills. Wikki Stix® are
nontoxic and have no sharp parts. 8" long. (1)
Primary Assortment. Pkg. of 48. Contains: red,
black, white, yellow, blue, and green.
112-0390 — $6.95 pkg. 12 or more — $6.34 pkg.
36 or more — $5.75 pkg.
Super Wikki Stix®. 3-ft. sections in bright neon
colors! Includes 24 ft. of each color, for a total of
144 ft. Packaged in a clear plastic tube.
RA12536 — $17.95 pkg.
Wikki Stix® Creatables. Pkg. of 48. Contains:
hot pink, lime green, brilliant yellow, tangerine,
purple, and electric blue.
112-0395 — $5.10 pkg. 12 or more — $4.57 pkg.
Classroom Pack. Contains 1,200, 6" Wikki Stix®
in primary colors of red, yellow, blue, and green.
112-0135 — $99.95 pack
Pkgs. of 48 Pieces (1)
RA12047 Classic Colors — $3.85 pkg.
RA13765 Hot Colors — $3.95 pkg.
6 or more — $3.70
Grade PreK and up.
A completely environmentally friendly and safe
craft project that lets you create endless designs.
Enviro-Blox™ are made from corn starch, making
them very green. Plus, no paint materials are used,
only food dyes. No glue is needed, simply moisten
and watch the blox stick together. Enviro-Blox™
dissolve in running water like ice — no need to
throw in the trash. Each set includes a book of
suggested designs.
X-Treme Builder Set. Includes over 400 pieces.
Suggestions include house, spaceship, hats,
and more.
RA11825 — $11.95 set
Mongo Set. Includes over 1,000 pieces,
safety cutter/shaper tool, moistening sponge, building guide, and reusable zip bag. (1)
Twisteez™ Wire Craft
RA13762 — $24.95 set
Assortment of 13 brilliantly colored plastic-coated
copper wires that are easy to bend, twist, shape,
and cut. Combines with polymer clay, cardboard,
duct tape, and recycled materials to create sculpture, jewelry, and crafts. 24 gauge. Phthalate free.
For children over 8 years old.
Pkg. of 50
Pkg. of 200
109-0126 — $8.95 pkg. 109-0128 — $28.50 pkg.
6 or more — $8.09 pkg. 6 or more — $25.10 pkg.
24 or more — $6.97 pkg. 24 or more —$23.40 pkg.
112-0400 — $71.50 pack
Primary Colors Pack. Contains 600 (50 strips)
of primary colors. Includes 24-page resource manual.
RA05502 — $40.75 pack
Multicolor Classroom Pack. Pack of 600
(50 strips) of Wikki Stix®. Includes 24-page resource manual. Colors include: primary, neon,
and earthtones.
Make It: Fun®
Project Bricks Kit
RA05501 — $41.95 pack
PlayFoam™ Sculpting Bead Set
Feels light as air and fluffy
as a cloud. It’s so light that
it actually floats on water!
Discover the joy of carving in
a soft compound that leaves
clean, sharp lines and amazing
imprints. Nontoxic, leaves no
stain or residue, and never
dries out, so you can use it
over and over! (1)
5-oz. Bucket. A 6" recloseable plastic bucket
filled with white Bubber™.
RA12725 — $13.85 ea.
30-oz. Giant Refill. White.
RA12726 — $49.95 pkg.
11TRIP322 1
6-brick set. Squish it, shape it, and save it...or
smoosh it and start all over again! Enjoy hours of
creative fun on your hands. Unlike other sculpting
materials, this lightweight, colorful foam won’t
crumble, and it won’t stick to skin or surfaces — no
cleanup required. PlayFoam™ never dries. You can
use it over and over again. Includes six, 6-oz. bricks
in six vibrant colors. (1)
Easy to shape, cut, and glue! Made from prepainted Styrofoam®, project bricks let you create an
infinite variety of authentic-looking buildings —
from classic landmarks to concrete skyscrapers.
Combine with other elements to create a realistic
environment ideal for play or display. Includes
300 bricks measuring 3⁄4" x 3⁄4" x 11⁄2" each. (1)
RA13928 — $18.75 kit
RA07390 — $8.65 set
Paper Tubes
Pkg. of 20. Pre-cut, white, coated card
stock easily folds into a 3-D pyramid.
Decorate using Egyptian motifs or modern
designs. Finished pyramids measure 6" high.
RA01711 — $3.60 pkg. 6 or more — $3.30 pkg.
Pack of 30, 2" x 1⁄16" x 26". You’ll find all sorts of
uses for these tough paper tubes. Cut, paint, and
glue to make a variety of handcrafted items from
pen and pencil caddies to rhythm instruments —
with the addition of end caps and a few dried
beans (not included). We think you’ll enjoy having
a ready quantity of clean, sturdy paper tubes on
hand. Idea book included.
RA00901 — $33.25 pack
9/9/10 8:28:44 AM
Shrinky Dinks®
Paint-A-Block™ Kits
Create your own blocks, stools, benches, towers, and more with the Paint-A-Block™
assembly kits. Decorate the blocks with paints, and then assemble them to create a
collage-style piece of artwork.
Stool. Includes 87 regular-size blocks and 7 long
Individual Block. 41⁄2" L x 21⁄4" W x 21⁄4" H.
RA12289 — $2.95 kit 12 or more — $2.25 kit
blocks. 153⁄4" x 151⁄2" W x 17" H.
RA12292 — $245.00 kit
Individual Long Block. 151⁄2" L x 21⁄4" W x
Bench. Includes 140 regular-size blocks and
11⁄4" H.
RA12290 — $5.45 kit 12 or more — $4.35 kit
15 long blocks. 333⁄4" L x 151⁄2" W x 17" H.
— $349.00 kit
Tower. Includes 32 regular-size blocks. 4 ⁄2" L x
Long Bench. Includes 182 regular-size blocks
41⁄2" W x 36" H.
RA12291 — $74.95 kit
and 21 long blocks. 471⁄4" L x 151⁄2" W x 17" H.
Craft Projects
any artwork or rubber
stamped image into a
hardened piece of plastic
for creating magnets, key
chains, name plates, ID
tags, jewelry, mobiles,
zipper pulls, ornaments,
and more! Simply draw,
trace, color, or rubber
stamp (using permanent ink); cut out with scissors;
punch a hole (if needed); and bake to shrink. After
baking, plastic pieces shrink to approximately 1/3 of
their original size and become nine times thicker!
Colors intensify and mistakes shrink! 8" x 10" sheets.
Frosted Ruff N’ Ready. Pkg. of 10 sheets.
Recommended for children because the sheets
have been machine roughed and any colored pencil
can be used to trace and color images. Images are
visible from both sides and uncolored areas appear
RA12294 — $449.00 kit
RA03399 — $6.25 pkg. 6 or more — $5.78 pkg.
Crystal Clear. Pkg. of 10 sheets. Use permanent
markers or paint pens to color in your images.
Perfect for suncatchers.
RA09322 — $4.60 pkg. 6 or more — $4.25 pkg.
Shrinky Dinks®
Ink-Jet Printer
White Plastic
Shrink Film
Pkg. of six 8" x 10" sheets.
Create one-of-a-kind
photo items that you will
treasure for years! This
exciting product allows
you to shrink any photo or
image that you can print
from your ink-jet printer. A patented coating applied to bright white Shrinky Dinks® allows water
based inks to adhere to the plastic. Bake to shrink
plastic to 1⁄3 its original size, as it becomes 9 times
thicker. Works with Ink Jet or Bubble Jet, HP,
Lexmark, and Canon printers (recommended).
RA03398 — $9.50 pkg.
Pack of 50, 81/2" x 11",
clear sheets. Draw, cut,
and bake! Just draw on a
sheet of film, cut it out,
and pop it in the oven
to create one-of-a-kind
jewelry, miniatures, ornaments, and more.
RA03376 — $17.50 pack
Mexican Nearikas
Yarn Painting Group Kit
Enough supplies for 40 students. One of the most
colorful crafts of Mexico — Nearika (neer-e´-kah) is a
sacred form of art and a means of storytelling used by
the Huichol Indian people. Contains: forty 91⁄2" x 13"
chipboards, twenty 11⁄4-oz. bottles of glue, seven 60-oz.
skeins of yarn (white, black, red, brown, yellow, green,
and blue), and instructions.
RA02830 — $35.50 kit
6 or more — $9.45 pkg.
Delta Kites...
On a Roll® Group Pack
Grafix® Colored Shrink Film
Pkgs. of 100. Blank book marks with rounded
corners, and center hole for yarn. Ready to be
decorated. A good quality card stock that is acid
free, fade resistant, and accepts all mediums. Assortments may vary. Bookmarks measure 2" x 6".
Assorted Colors
RA11251 — $6.05 pkg.
RA11252 — $6.05 pkg.
Pkg. of 48. Shrinking your art is easy with shrink
film. Watch as the plastic shrinks to 50% of its
original size and becomes nine times thicker. Create embellishments to use in all of your scrapbook
and paper craft projects. Make charms, key chains,
gift tags, magnets, and much more. Includes eight
sheets each of red, blue, orange, green, purple, and
yellow. Sheets are acid free and measure 81⁄2" x 11".
RA10820 — $18.25 pkg.
11TRIP323 1
Pkg. of 16. The perfect creative project for students,
Scout groups, camps, or families — just add imagination, tape, scissors, permanent markers, and the wind!
Each one of the 16 patterns becomes a 4-ft. kite. Each
package contains enough material for 16 kites: roll of 16
sail patterns imprinted on white plastic; pre-cut sticks;
flying line; workshop packet (includes information on
the history, science, and culture of kites); instructions
and kite safety tips. Assembling each kite takes about 2030 minutes; allow more time for decorating. (1)
RA00691 — $51.95 pack
9/9/10 8:27:38 AM
Duncan Oh Four™ Bisque
The first step to a perfect ceramic project is to
select the perfect surface! Duncan Oh Four™
Bisque is made from highest-quality methods
and materials to allow excellent, consistent
results every time. You’ll find exclusive designs
ranging from home decor to dinnerware to
designs created especially for kids and tweens.
Fun Print
Pillow Kits
Interior Decorating
Smooth Vase
43⁄4" x 43⁄4" x 51⁄4".
Pkg. of 6.
RA12834(X) — $14.50 pkg.
Macrame Plant Hanger Kit
Makes 5 hangers. Learn how to make beautiful,
unique macrame plant hangers. Kit includes: five
skeins of Bonnie Braid 4 mm cord, five 2" brass
rings, one bag of 100 wood beads (20 mm), and
Easy-to-make pillows in
colorful, appealing prints.
The variety of prints assures
that every student will find one they like. Kit
includes broadcloth fabric, thread, and instructions.
Kit makes a 14" pillow. Fabric U.S.A. (1)
RA16485 Camouflage
RA16486 Smiley Faces
RA16487 Money
RA16488 Cosmic Swirl
Kit — $5.30
RA11564 — $38.50 kit
3 or more — $36.01 kit
Contempo Pitcher
Wonky Vessel
53⁄4" x 31⁄2" x 9".
23⁄4" x 23⁄4" x 5".
RA10039(X) — $6.35 ea.
6 or more — $5.32 ea.
RA08820(X) — $3.20 ea.
12 or more — $2.67 ea.
Fredrix® Floorcloth
This canvas is an extra-heavy 12-oz. cotton, and
is double acrylic primed on one side for a smooth
surface and single primed on the reverse side
for extra body and stiffness. This would be suitable
for any floorcloth and allows the artist to skip the
priming and the hemming step. 2 ft. x 3 ft.
RA16035 — $14.45 ea.
Blooming Terra Cotta
Painted Planter Group Kit
Paper Lanterns
These lanterns, similar to those made popular through
Asian cultures, are ready to decorate with any number of
8" dia. Lantern
RA11505 — $1.35 ea.
12" dia. Lantern
RA11506 — $2.50 ea.
10 or more — $1.08 ea.
10 or more — $2.00 ea.
Enough supplies for 20 students. Create a living
work of art by painting, then planting these terra
cotta pots! Kit includes: twenty 4" terra cotta pots,
potting soil, Shasta daisy flower seeds, ten
1" sponge brushes, eight 8-oz. bottles of acrylic
paint (titanium white, phthalo green, raw umber,
chrome yellow, Mars black, bright red, burnt
sienna, and phthalo blue), 1-pint bottle of blockout
white acrylic paint, and 20 brushes.
3 or more — $13.29 ea.
Tulip Frames
Set of 12. Show off photos
in this cute tulip frame.
Holds pictures measuring
11⁄2". Frame size: 7" x 21⁄2".
RA09653(X) — $14.30 set
Classroom Pack
RA02832 — $63.25 kit
Contains 24 assorted frames.
Picture/photo frames ready
to decorate with jewels,
glitter, foam, paper, paint,
markers, etc. Contains eight
each of 4" heart, 41⁄2" rectangle, and
4" oval frames.
( ) — $26.40 pack
Roylco® Color-In Chinese Lanterns
Pkg. of 30. Use rubbing plates, crayons, markers, or
paint to make amazing paper lanterns. The specially
designed sheets are die-cut using an innovative perforation. After rubbing, drawing, or painting a design over
the paper, rip along the perforations to make a perfect
lantern. You’ll love the results! Finished lanterns are
9" x 11". Includes teacher’s guide.
RA12342 — $19.95 pkg.
12 or more — $17.84 pkg.
Metallic Mosaic Pot Kit
Enough materials for 20 students. Students will
have a great time creating beautiful mosaic pots
using everything included in this kit. Contains a
package of 2,500 metallic mosaic squares measuring 3⁄8", 20 papier-mâché pots measuring 4" x 4", a
quart of gloss Mod Podge®, and a pack of 20 foam
brushes measuring 1". (1)
RA16489 — $34.95 kit
11TRIP324 1
Suction Cups with Hooks
Packs of 100. Great for hanging art projects, especially stained-glass pieces.
⁄4" Suction Cups
RA15929 — $11.95 pack
15⁄8" Suction Cups
RA15930 — $17.95 pack
9/24/10 11:59:59 AM
for FREE
lesson plans!
Mr. Button
Mr. Button® Bench Press Kits
Everything you need to start an exciting program designing, creating, and
assembling finished badges right in the art room! Complete kit includes a
bench press, aluminum deluxe dies (base die is spring loaded and has steel
ring liner for maximum durability), 50 sets of badge parts, and 100 extra
pastel paper circles.
21⁄4" Badges
31⁄8" Badges
154-3012 — $306.25 kit
Ideal for all special events, fundraising, or promotional campaigns for schools, recreation centers, camps, parks, hospitals,
etc. Mr. Button® can be used as a challenging and lucrative
fund-raising project. Completely manufactured from durable
aluminum (no plastic parts whatsoever and no more breakage). This system will produce a higher-quality badge in less
time than competitive units. Badges have a tight, commercial
“crimp” and an attractive, professional-looking convex surface.
Badge & Button Making
Professional Quality Badges…
Great for All Fundraising Projects!
154-3075 — $404.75 kit
Triarco® Badge Parts
Consists of metal badge front, Mylar® cover disk, and
metal badge back with safety clamp pin attached.
21⁄4", Pkg. of 100
154-3004 — $33.25 pkg.
21⁄4", Pkg. of 500
154-3005 — $123.75 pkg.
21⁄4", Pkg. of 1000
154-3006 — $215.95 pkg.
31⁄8", Pkg. of 500
154-3045 — $181.95 pkg.
NOTE: Our 21⁄4" badge parts (with the more
attractive convex surface) have been designed for
use in the Badge-A-Minit kits formerly sold by
us, as well as the Badge-Master®; however, our 31⁄8"
badge parts cannot be used with the Badge-A-Minit.
Triarco® Easy-to-Use Button Machine Kits
Two-step slide die operation creates a metal backed button in just seconds! Each kit includes: rotary cutter, metal button machine, and 100 complete sets of button parts. The rotary cutter that comes in each kit
creates a perfect round image from any lightweight graphic, computer paper, or photo paper stock. Oneyear warranty. NOTE: Badge parts and papers from other badge maker machines will not fit this unit.
21⁄4" Kit
3" Kit
RA01287 — $279.75 kit
RA01293 — $360.25 kit
Button Components
Each package contains metal button backs, Mylar® disks, and metal button backs with safety pins.
21⁄4", Pkg. of 500
3", Pkg. of 1000
RA01289 — $79.25 pkg.
RA01296 — $237.50 pkg.
11TRIP325 1
Creativity Rotary Cutter
Easily adjusts from 21⁄4" to approx. 73⁄8" dia.
Includes spare snap-off blades and a glass
cutting base.
RA16522 — $24.95 ea.
9/30/10 8:46:54 AM