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Finished Block Size 10” x 10”
Measurements include ¼” seam allowance.
Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.
2½” squares, 8 Half Square Triangles, 4 pink bowls 2½” squares, 4
green dots 2½” squares, 4 yellow cherry 2½” squares, and 1 blue
main 2½” square. Lay out the squares in 5 rows of 5 squares. Sew
the rows together to create the Tablecloth Block. Repeat to make
12 Tablecloth Blocks.
Please check our website for any
revisions before starting this project. This pattern requires a basic
knowledge of quilting technique and terminology. The quilt and
block diagrams protrayed are virtual images. The layout and look of
your project may differ using actual fabric.
1/8 yard (10 cm) blue main (C3430 Blue)
¼ yard (20 cm) pink bowls (C3431 Pink)
1½ yards (1.4 m) blue tablecloth (C3432 Blue)
3/8 yard (30 cm) yellow cherry (C3433 Yellow)
3/8 yard (30 cm) green dots (C3435 Green)
5/8 yard (60 cm) clean white solid (C100-01 Clean White)
½ yard (50 cm) pepper solid (C100-51 Pepper)
Binding 5/8 yard (60 cm)
Backing 2 7/8 yards (2.6 m)
Please read instructions first before cutting. Seam allowances vary
so measure through the center of the quilt before cutting border
Tablecloth Block
Cut 12 squares 2½” x 2½” from blue main
Cut 48 squares 2½” x 2½” from pink bowls
Cut 48 squares 2½” x 2½” from yellow cherry
Cut 48 squares 2½” x 2½” from green dots
Cut 48 squares 2½” x 2½” from clean white solid
Cut 48 squares 3” x 3” from clean white solid
Cut 48 squares 3” x 3” from pepper solid
Half Square Triangle
Tablecloth Block
Quilt Center Assembly
Refer to the quilt photo for Tablecloth Block, Center Block, and
Setting Triangle placement. Sew rows together on the diagonal to
complete the center of the quilt. Add Corner Triangles. The Corner
and Setting Triangles are intentionally cut larger in order to square
up the quilt center, leaving ¼” seam allowance on all sides.
Finish quilt by layering the quilt top, batting, and back. Bind with
your favorite Riley Blake fabric from the Bake Sale Collection. Have
fun with your colors and enjoy the journey of making your quilt.
Center Block
Cut 6 squares 10½” x 10½” from blue tablecloth
Corner and Setting Triangles
Cut 2 squares 8½” x 8½” from blue tablecloth. Cut each square once
diagonally to create 4 corner triangles.
Cut 3 squares 15¾” x 15¾” from blue tablecloth. Cut each square
twice diagonally to create 12 setting triangles (2 will not be used).
Refer to the quilt photo for placement of fabrics and blocks.
Tablecloth Block
Draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the clean
white solid 3” squares. Place clean white solid 3” squares on top of
the pepper solid 3” squares. Sew ¼” on each side of the drawn line.
Cut on the lines to make 96 Half Square Triangles. Press. Square up
the Half Square Triangles to 2½”.
Refer to the block diagram for placement of 4 clean white solid
©2013 Riley Blake Designs and Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet. Quilt Design by Jina Barney.