Blue Ridge Collectors' Club Newsletter

BCC Newsletter
Volume 1
Issue 4
Blue Ridge Collectors' Club
Volume: I Issue: 4
November 2012
What's Happening
Another successful Blue Ridge Show and Sale at the Armory in Erwin, Tennessee this year, the
weather held off until Saturday when the drizzle set in – making for a difficult trip home for most
vendors. We enjoy meeting each year much like a family reunion. After setting up, we sit around
the dinner table on Thursday evening just prior to opening; all of us excited about the pending
show. As always, we enjoy the smiling, eager, and familiar faces of collectors on the hunt when
they're surrounded by the bright, cheery Blue Ridge. All the beautiful Blue Ridge Pottery and
China; a melding of the minds, a language foreign to those not familiar with the Blue Ridge
'world;' collectors discussing their patterns – delighted to find a sought-after piece and
knowledge being absorbed like a sponge. It's so self satisfying to be privy to all of the energy
dedicated to a 'household' china made from 1917-1957. A pottery made by individuals, painted
by individuals but sold nationwide to the largest retailers throughout the United States. How
reaffirming it is to see the same faces year after year – loyal customers, dedicated collectors,
knowledgeable dealers all on the same wave length. Thank all of you for coming, we certainly
enjoyed the camaraderie of like minds. We may not remember names but we certainly
remember the many smiling faces that come each year.
Picture of the proud winner of one grand prize, an Abby
Pitcher donated by Shirley Bond. There were two other
lucky grand prize winners of an 'Elusive' china powder
box donated by Sandra Barefoot-Reid and a “Millie's
Pride” china bar relish donated by Bobby & Brenda
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BCC Newsletter
Volume 1
Issue 4
We were glad to hear that Frances and John Ruffin were able to return to Erwin this year, both
had some serious medical problems during the year.
On a sad note for all Blue Ridge Collectors. Mary Farley passed away on September 6 after a
long illness. She and her husband, Ray, are Blue Ridge collecting icons and ran the Blue Ridge
Barn for many years. The highly collectible pattern, 'Mary', was named for her. Another tragic
passing happened at the Middle School Blue Ridge Show, one of their dealers, Glenn Clark
passed out while sitting at his booth, efforts to resuscitate him failed, and by the time he reached
the hospital, he had passed away. Our condolences go out to our fellow collectors and friends,
Ray Farley and Willene Clark on the loss of their loved ones.
I always find it interesting to compare Blue Ridge with other manufacturers and reflect on who
copied who. This month's lookalikes are below: The first one is a Southern Potteries product –
the one on the right was made in France
Blue Ridge
Language of Flowers - PV
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BCC Newsletter
BCC Treasurer, Brenda Dowis
Volume 1
Issue 4
BCC New President
Gary Edmonds & his wife, Wilma
BCC Dealers - Shirley & Jim Bond
BCC Dealers – Janet & Jerry Foster
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BCC Newsletter
Volume 1
Issue 4
Shirts and hats offered for sale at the BCC
Show 2012.
Emily Gordon's wall display idea
for her cake lifters
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BCC Newsletter
Volume 1
Issue 4
NEW FINDS, INFORMATION: (Please send me your information)
FINDS: No finds reported.
Martha Burt, Florida - “I hope this reaches you in time for the Show. I was there seven
years ago and enjoyed it as always I didn't buy much as I have so much. I celebrated
my birthday on October 10th as soon thereafter I had brain surgery as a result of a
fall. That slowed me down and seven years later, approaching my 91st birthday, I am
unable to go. I don't need any more Blue Ridge. I also love the mountains so I'll stay
home and 'eat my heart out' wishing I could go to (the) mountains and Blue Ridge Show.
I'm so glad you are having the show again, I hope you will be able to promote Blue
Ridge in the future. My first Blue Ridge was purchased in 1945 when I was in the WACS
stationed in Asheville, NC. At age 91, I can't attend, thanks” (for sending the show
notice). “I have books and lots and lots of BR letters – Regards to Norma, if she is
Betty Irwin, South Carolina – “Thank you for your Blue Ridge Club card. Oh, I do wish I
could come. At 87 years, I can only be with you in spirit. I still love blue Ridge, but
can't do much collecting. My girls, (2 daughters, 5 granddaughters, daughter-in-laws,
etc) are gifted on their birthdays. I have fun letting them pick out the gifts. I still
have a few hundred goodies. What fun we had at the Blue Ridge Shows and what good
friends we made. Fred enjoyed it as much as I did. Our family is growing, Joyce has
remarried a wonderful man and has 2 grand children. I have eight great grandchildren
and two on the way – one near Thanksgiving and another in March. God is so good! I
love you.”
Darlene Gelakoski, Missouri - “I received your card about the show. I wish I could come
this year but I have a family meeting to go to. I see you are the Secretary of BR
Collectors' Club. I'd like some information about joining. I have hundreds of pieces of
BR and your club sounds great. I used to get the newsletter and (was) so sorry when it
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BCC Newsletter
Volume 1
Issue 4
Blue Ridge for Sale:
(This publication is not responsible for any transactions between buyers and sellers nor the representations of items
listed in this publication . The transactions are strictly between buyers and sellers . This publication is only a vehicle
to connect buyers and sellers.)
Martha Burt - Jacksonville, FL: “I have so much Blue Ridge, maybe you could steer
someone my way. I have lots of Blue Ridge for sale: set of Poinsettia; Apples; Trumpet
Flower; pitchers, lots of plates and bowls, baking bowls. Big round serving bowls –
beautiful dishes and pitchers china pieces, etc. (904-448-2193)”
Emily Gordon - Tennessee: Has several pieces of Border Print pattern (shown to below).
Teapot, covered casserole bowl, ashtray, cake plate and lifter. email: [email protected]
Brenda & Sam Green: Many items too numerous to list here, contact Brenda & Sam
Green at 864-592-1290 or [email protected] to get a list.
Rich Doll - New York: “At an estate sale in East Aurora, NY I recently purchased a 52
piece “Big Apple” dinnerware set. In addition, there is a small pitcher with a
different pattern, which from my internet search ,I believe is Annette's Wild Rose. If
you are interested, please contact me for price and itemized list. [email protected]
(716) 867-5974"
Kim Dennis - "I have several boxes of blue ridge from my great grandmother. some of it
is pristine, some crazed. I would like to sell it because, though I love it,I have no room
for it. Do you know of anyone who buys, or anywhere to list items for sale?"
[email protected]
Wanted to Buy Blue Ridge:
“Anniversary Song” pattern in the following pieces, flat shell, deep shell, candy dish,
and milady pitcher. Sandra Barefoot-Reid, [email protected]
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BCC Newsletter
Volume 1
Issue 4
David Plemons wants to buy “Flower Ring” pattern pieces. Email the editor with the
pieces you have, and I will contact him by phone and relay your contact information.
Judy Murray wants to buy tea tiles and Alice Pitchers with unusual patterns. Contact
[email protected]
Shops and Malls with Blue Ridge for Sale:
Haggle Shop Antique, 147 Broad Street and 154 Commerce Street,
Kingsport, TN Open 7 days a week – Monday through Saturday – 10:00
a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Sunday 1-5:30. 423-230-1091 – Kathryn Lilley.
On-line Shops:
Etsy. com – VisionsofYesteryear
BCC Show 2013:
If you are interested in becoming a dealer at the Blue Ridge Show and Sale
at the National Guard Armory, Erwin, TN for 2013, please email Sandra
@[email protected] or call 804-457-4649.
A portion of your letters and/or emails including pictures may be selected for publication. Keep in mind
this is a collectors' publication and sharing finds and information is how we learn a better appreciation
of Blue Ridge. If you DO NOT want your letters, emails or photos shared, please MARK AT THE TOP
“NOT FOR PUBLICATION!” To honor your right to privacy, I do NOT sell, trade or share subscribers'
names, addresses, emails or phone numbers with anyone. This information is used strictly for the
purposes of notification of club activities and publishing this newsletter.
I'm striving to have it issued electronically every 3 months.
I need your help; please supply me with your Blue Ridge for Sale Ads; your Blue Ridge
wanted to buy; your new and unusual finds with or without pictures. A brief note about
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BCC Newsletter
Volume 1
Issue 4
your finds and any new information discoveries that can be published.
Reproduction, including copying, of this publication cannot be used without written
permission from the editor.
Editor: Sandra P. Barefoot-Reid, Secretary, Blue Ridge Collectors' Club
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