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S U C C E E D Parrs Wood High School Wilmslow Road East Didsbury Manchester M20 5PG
tel: 0161 445 8786 fax: 0161 445 5974 email: [email protected]
A Specialist Technology College
Headteacher: Andrew Shakos
School Uniform 2013-­‐14 Please note that guidance has changed on some items, particularly girls skirts and boys and girls shoes. The items marked * can be purchased from our preferred school supplier, Monkhouse Schoolwear, Stockport. Monkhouse are in Parrs Wood on set days during the summer holidays. Website: Name tags should be attached to all items. Years 7 to 9 *Jade green sweatshirt embroidered with school logo *Jade green polo shirt with black trim, embroidered with the school logo POLO SHIRTS SHOULD BE BUTTONED UP T-­‐SHIRTS UNDERNEATH POLO SHIRTS ARE NOT ALLOWED Years 10 and 11 *Black sweatshirt embroidered with school logo *Black polo shirt with green trim, embroidered with the school logo *Black cardigan with school logo POLO SHIRTS SHOULD BE BUTTONED UP T-­‐SHIRTS UNDERNEATH POLO SHIRTS ARE NOT ALLOWED All Years Trousers Black, tailored trousers of polyester/cotton (Cord, canvas, denim not allowed) Girls trousers must be either straight leg or boot cut and must not be stretchy / lycra. Boot cut – must be no wider than 25cm Trousers must not sit low on the waist No turn ups, buckles or fancy belts are permitted. Skirts Black knee-­‐length pleated skirt of polyester/cotton, which is no shorter than 5cm above the knee. No cord, canvas, denim or stretchy materials are allowed. No frayed edges, frills or ra-­‐ra designs. It must sit on the waist. SKIRTS, WHICH ARE TOO LONG, SHORT OR TIGHT, ARE UNSUITABLE FOR SCHOOL WEAR AND PUPILS WILL BE SENT HOME TO CHANGE. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL FOR ADVICE. Socks/Tights Black or white socks. SOCKS WHICH RISE ABOVE THE KNEE ARE NOT ALLOWED. Plain black tights, no patterned tights Shoes Black leather, or leather appearance, shoes with low, flat heels are allowed, (boots, knee-­‐high or ankle not allowed). Where the shoe has laces, there should be two, three or four pairs of eyelets only on each shoe. TRAINING SHOES, OR FOOTWEAR WITH TRAINER/PUMP LIKE APPEARANCE, ARE NOT ALLOWED. SHOES SHOULD NOT HAVE A SPORTS LOGO / NAME ON THEM. If you are unsure, please contact the school for advice. Coats Expensive coats (leather/designer coats etc) are unsuitable due to the lack of cloakroom space. Coats should be worn that can easily fit into a schoolbag. Jewellery No jewellery, other than watches, are allowed to be worn in school. This includes any piercings, facial or otherwise. Miscellaneous No make-­‐up or nail varnish is to be worn. ‘Fashion’ haircuts and colours are not allowed. No haircuts are allowed where there are significant differences between hair lengths within the haircut. This includes “Tracks”, “Mohawks” or similar. ALL PUPILS MUST HAVE A SCHOOL BAG THAT THEY CAN USE ON A DAILY BASIS, WHICH IS BIG ENOUGH TO HOLD STATIONARY, PLANNER AND BOOKS. HANDBAGS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Boys and Girls P.E. Kit GIRLS P.E. KIT *P.E. Shirt White P.E polo shirt with black trim and embroidered with the school logo. Skirt Black wrap-­‐over gym shirt. Shorts Black athletic/cycling shorts Socks Black football socks White short socks Leotard Any colour – optional BOYS P.E. KIT OUTDOOR WINTER KIT (from Year 7 2012) *Rugby Shirt R150 Black/white fully reversible rugby shirt Shorts Black shorts *Socks Black football socks Football Boots BOYS P.E. KIT INDOOR/SUMMER KIT *T-­‐Shirt White embroidered with school logo Shorts Black shorts Socks White socks Training Shoes Trainers can only be worn during P.E. lessons and on the Astroturf Pitch PLEASE NOTE: Jade green school sweatshirts are not to be worn during PE lessons, and all students should bring a towel. PLEASE NOTE: Students are NOT allowed to bring mobile devices into school, their usage in and around school will result in immediate confiscation. They must then be collected only by a parent or carer. We take no responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of these items.