Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs
The District believes in proactively focusing on the wellness needs of our employees. This concern for the physical, social and emotional needs of our employees is vital to the mission of the District because of the link between healthy, productive employees and the successful education of students. The District’s wellness programs
are committed to support both individual and groups of employees in taking responsibility for their own health
and wellness.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Care24—Life is full of ups and downs. Now, you've got a great
source for support with UnitedHealthcare's Care24 services at 1-888-887-4114, and you do NOT need to
be enrolled in one of our health plans to take advantage of this service. Emotional support is available 24/7
when you need help dealing with health concerns, personal or family issues, financial stress or work
related challenges. Care24 also offers 3 free counseling sessions per benefit year to help with stress,
anxiety, depression, grief, marriage difficulties and much more through one toll-free number.
MOM, Mobile On-site Mammography—Breast Cancer Screenings. Baseline mammograms are
recommended at age 35-39; under age 30 with a doctor’s referral. Recommended annual age is 40 and
over if you are at average risk. Call 480-967-3767 to schedule an appointment at a location near you.
Prevention Rewards Employee Program (PREP) - Employees who have elected a HDHP and have an
HSA account with Optum Bank may participate in the PREP program to receive up to a $150 deposit in
their HSA accounts. Employees enrolled in the Core Plan or a HDHP without an HSA, may participate in
PREP and receive a gift card. The program plan period is April 1st through March 31st of each year and
all wellness activities must be completed during this timeframe. All required documentation must be submitted by April 15th to be eligible for the rewards. Details about the PREP program can be found in the
PREP Guide on the SmartBen Website.
Rally by UnitedHealthcare—A personalized, interactive health experience offered to UnitedHealthcare
plan members. Rally is a user friendly digital experience on myuhc.com that will engage you in a new
way by using technology, gaming, and social media to help you understand, learn and support you on your
health journey. Also, enter for a chance to win great prizes. Sign up at www.myuhc.com. Upon reaching
myuch.com, log in and then click on the Health & Wellness tab located in the upper right-hand corner.
Please note, the first time you visit the site, you will need to create a user name a password.
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Flu Shot Clinics—During the fall of each school year SUSD offers the flu shot clinics at various District
locations, in collaboration with our pharmacy partners, offered at no cost to all eligible employees and
their dependents who are insured through UnitedHealthcare.
UnitedHealth Allies by UnitedHealthcare— Offers various wellness discounts to UnitedHealthcare
plan members including discounted books, fitness clubs & activities, fitness equipment, natural products,
nutrition, personal development, relaxation resources, smoking cessation, and weight management.
Discount providers include Jenny Craig, GNC, NutriSystem, Gold’s Gym, Life Time Fitness, Foot
Solutions and many more. To see all the discounts available, log into www.myuhc.com and click on the
Health & Wellness tab located in the upper right-hand corner.
Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA) - Member s of UnitedHealthcar e who ar e
diabetic or pre-diabetic are invited to participate in a free program aimed at lowering patient cost and
complications related to diabetes. Diabetes Prevention Program includes a 16-week session, 1 hour per
week at YMCA, tips for reducing risk of developing type 2 diabetes, healthy lifestyle management, and
ongoing education and behavior modification. Diabetes Control Program includes a private meeting with
a Walgreens Pharmacist, monitoring of medications, blood pressure, weight, and labs, coordination with
primary care physician and self-management education. For more info contact UnitedHealthcare
1-800-650-2885 for diabetics and 1-800-237-4942 for pre-diabetics.
Healthy Pregnancy Program—Women who see their doctor regularly and who have enrolled in the
Healthy Pregnancy Program, for UnitedHealthcare plan members will have a built-in support through
every stage of their pregnancy. Provided at no cost, they will have toll-free access to experienced nurses
24 hours a day, and receive pregnancy and child birth education materials as well as a complementary
gift. To enroll call 1-888-246-7389 or visit www.healthy-pregnancy.com for more information.
Smoking Cessation Program— This pr ogr am is tailor ed to your individual smoking habits and
needs as a UnitedHealthcare plan member. You will set a “Quit Date” and begin a staged approach to
quitting. This program features five levels and includes access to an online tobacco tracker, cost of smoking calculator, panic button, smoking body tools, virtual tar jar and motivational support, progress updates and online tools and messages. To access this program log on to myuhc.com and click the Health &
Wellness tab, and then click Mental Health and Substance Use. Under the Be-Well tab, click on Tobacco.
Sent out monthly, the Living Well Benefits Newsletter is your source for news, events, and important information from the SUSD Benefits Department to help guide you on your journey toward living well.
See the Benefit’s Webpage at www.benefits.susd.schoolfusion.us or SmartBen for more information.
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