July fundraising ideas of the month

Fundraising ideas of the month
Loose Change Challenge – Throughout July
This month we’re asking you and your workmates
to donate small change to make a big difference.
One way to do this is by taking part in Macmillan’s
Loose Change Challenge – giving £2.50 a week
for four weeks. It’s the price of a coffee in the
morning, your favourite magazine or the bus
fare home. It’s a small sacrifice but will mean
a lot to millions.
For a long-term money maker, get workmates
to cough up their coppers regularly by setting
up a coin jar for Macmillan.
Chocolate Day – 7 July
Celebrate all things chocolatey by holding
your own workplace tuck shop for Macmillan.
From cookies, cakes, bars and brownies, get
colleagues to bring in goodies so you have
a choca-block selection. Alternatively, ask
workmates to brave the crave and give up
chocolate for the day. And afterwards, donate
what you would have spent to Macmillan.
£260 could pay for a Macmillan Grant that helps a family
affected by cancer take a holiday and enjoy precious
time together. Please see if you can raise this amount
in July and help people affected by cancer.
Teddy Bear Picnic in the Park Day – 10 July
Blankets and baskets (... and teddies) at the ready
as Friday 10 July is a day dedicated to dining
al fresco. Celebrate by organising a picnic packed
with games, grub and get-togethers and sell tickets
to raise money for Macmillan. Or for a quicker way
to mark this day, play Macmillan’s name the bear
sweepstake in your workplace.
International Friendship Day – 30 July
As the saying goes, ‘one good turn deserves
another’. To put this phrase into practice,
offer to do a good deed for workmates and ask
for a donation to Macmillan in return. A cup of tea
in the afternoon? A report you don’t want to write?
A desk that desperately needs tidying? You (or rather
they) decide.
Bald is in Day – 11 July
In honour of the beautiful bald, sign up
to Macmillan’s fundraiser Brave the Shave and
lop off your locks to be a hair-o for millions.
For another hair-raising idea, don a bald cap
for the day and ask workmates for sponsorship.
You could even wear a green swimming cap,
to add the Macmillan touch.
Paperback Book Day – 30 July
For a novel way to raise some money for Macmillan,
set up a library in your workplace at £1 a loan.
And, for all your wordy workmates, why not organise
a monthly book club charging a small fee to take
Swimming IPC World Championships – 13–19 July
Give the professionals a run for their money this
summer and make a splash for cash by holding
your own charity swimming gala or sponsored swim.
Charge a small fee for people to compete and
ask spectators to dip into their purses and make
a donation.
To make waves for Macmillan another way,
dive into one of our registered swimming events
Please share your fundraising ideas by logging
on to Facebook or sending us a tweet. We couldn’t
provide all the support we do without you. If you
want to get involved, in whatever way you can,
call us today on 0300 1000 200 or email us at
[email protected]
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