Pre-Tender Notice for the City Centre

Pre-Tender Notice for the
City Centre Revitalization and
Redevelopment Project - Phase 1
This notification is being posted to provide preliminary information to potential contractors who may be interested in bidding a construction tender that will be called by the City of
Belleville in March 2015.
City Centre Revitalization and Redevelopment Project – Phase 1
City of Belleville
Contract ENG2015-06
The City Centre Revitalization and Redevelopment (CCRR) Project is a multi-year municipal services and streetscape
project that will reconstruct Front Street and a number of adjacent side streets in Belleville’s Downtown. The Phase 1 of this
work, (“Contract ENG2015-06”) comprising approximately one third of the project, will be tendered in March 2015, for
a construction start in early May 2015. Successive phases will be tendered separately, at later dates, for the 2016 and 2017
construction seasons.
Phase 1 takes in approximately 390 metres of Front Street, from Pinnacle Street to Victoria Avenue, and 130 metres of
Station Street, from Church Street to Pinnacle Street.
Tendered underground work will include: removal and replacement of watermain; relining of sanitary sewers; replacement
of sanitary sewers; replacement of storm sewers; and installation of new utilities.
Tendered surface work will include: reconstruction of roads, boulevards, and sidewalks, including new asphalt, concrete
and clay brick pavements; construction of new urban design and landscape elements including street furniture, granite
curb planters, street trees and soil cell areas; and new street lighting and traffic signals.
Bidders will be required to show sufficient sub-trade expertise to complete this assignment, whether drawing from their
own forces or subcontractors. Necessary expertise will include: grading, concrete work, sewer relining, installation of clay
brick unit pavers, and landscaping (including installation of soil cells). Bidders will be required to work from lists of approved electrical and utility subcontractors.
Bidders will be expected to provide a bid deposit as well as performance, labour, and material bonds. The total budget for
the three phases of the CCRR Project is estimated at $16 million. Tender documents will be available for pickup from the
City of Belleville following the anticipated release of this call in early March 2015.
Please visit for more information posted under Proposals and Tenders.
To receive notification of the release of this tender call, please contact:
Ms. Yasmina Jamal
Purchasing Supervisor, Finance Department
City of Belleville
613-967-3200 ext. 3301/3203
Email: [email protected]