Mingle Up attendance list May 15, 2015 17h Participants list Short

Mingle Up attendance list
May 15, 2015 17h
Participants list
Likar Aleš, CVS Mobile
Jankovid Nikola, Videotop
Pikovnik Miran, Računovodska hiša Unija
Brajak Viktor, Medius
Cej Igor, Editor
Debevec Luka, Kauch
Drozg Ingrid, Računovodski servis ZEUS
Fonovič Uroš, Inpro 23
Humar Barbara, Linea Snella
Jasim Tahir Aljoša, Boson
Krašovec Teja, Linea Snella
Košec Simon, Boccaccio
Lanc Sandra, Linea Directa
Somrak Andrej, ATS splet
Šacer Jure, Termo Shop
Til Pleterski, Hood Burger
Tit Petrič, Monotek
Zadravec Bojan, Linea Snella
Short profiles (some with matchmaking preferences)
Andrej Somrak
ATS splet
Andrej Somrak is the founder and co-owner of ATS splet d.o.o. ATS splet is a
company which deals with web portals and web stores. His internet portals are one
of the most recognized with Slovenian users with a tradition of 10 or more years.
Besides online selling, ATS Splet is also doing search engine optimization, internet
and email marketing and social media marketing. His online shops are selling
dietary supplements, sports nutrition and many other health and wellness
products. ATS Splet also holds the exclusive rights for the Adriatic region for
products of one of the biggest producers of dietary supplements Healthspark. His
web shop gained an award for three successive years for the most trustworthy
Slovenian e-commerce site.
Aljoša Jasim Tahir
BOSON d.o.o.
Aljoša Jasim Tahir is the owner of a company Boson established in 2010. Bosons
main business is environmental, construction, architectural planning, design and
consulting. The company currently has 4 employees and its annual revenue growth
is 13, 88% with the last two year growth being even higher. The company has a
small multidisciplinary team and can adjust to quick changes in the market by
offering new solutions. Future challenges are Future challenges are growing the
business domestically and internationally, new branches and expanding to project
Matchmaking preferences:
 small and medium sized businesses doing business in environmental protection – potential
partners for innovative projects regarding environmental protection financed by EU, UN,..)
 All companies that would invest in Slovenia and would need urban planning and project
engineering services (expanding businesses, investments in tourist capacity, farming
 Potentially also IT companies (web and mobile solutions in the environmental protection
Til Pleterski
HOOD Burger
Til Pleterski is the co-owner of Palta d.o.o. which owns the brand HOODBURGER®.
After finishing university and failing to find a good job, he and his co-founder
decided to become entrepreneurs. Their first project was a portal for booking
apartments but it was unsuccessful. After a while they started developing the idea
for HOOD burger, a burger made of high quality ingredients. After six months of
testing they opened their first location and now they are opening another location.
Currently there are 11 employees. Til's responsibility in the company is marketing.
mag. Uroš Fonovič
Inpro 23 d.o.o.
Uroš Fonovič is a director of Inpro 23, which offers solutions in energy efficiency in
construction and rehabilitation of objects. Inpro 23 is an expert for ventilation,
heating and water heating with solutions for small and large buildings ( apartments,
hotels, hospitals,..). Uroš is a civil engineer, member of chamber of civil engineers,
certified passive house designer, European energy manager and an energy
Match-making preferences:
 they are searching for companies with existing buildings, design and construction engineers
that are constructing new buildings; companies dealing with mechanical installations and
they wish to reduce or save on heat consumption (with the use of infra-red gas heating)
 Companies in need of hot sanitary water: hotel owners, hospitals,
 Architects and contractors of small and bigger buildings (Inpro23 would offer documentation
for them)
Viktor Brajak
Medius d.o.o.
Vikror Brajak started his entrepreneurial journey in his family business Medius at
the age of 20. The journey took him from a programmer to a manager role. Medius
is one of the leading companies in the region for middleware application in opencode Java environment. The company is project orientated and has years of
experience in developing complex mobile and desktop applications for Slovenian
and international clients.
Tit Petrič
Monotek d.o.o.
Monotek is a high-tech development and consulting company. The company has
been operating for 10 years and is also a Microsoft and Cisco partner. Highly
skilled IT team is great at understanding customers’ needs and finding a great
solution for them. The company is currently service oriented whilst their future
goals are developing a product for global markets. As a systems architect, Tit has
knowledge of developing middleware application, planning databases and
experience with restructuring and expending existing infrastructure.
Ingrid Drozg
Računovodski servis ZEUS d.o.o.
Ingrid Drozg is a director of Accounting firm ZEUS. The company has 17 employees
and is offering accounting, tax, financial and business services for domestic and
foreign clients. Despite bad economic conditions and unregulated accounting
services market, the company has achieved constant and stable growth. The
company was selected as one of three best accounting services and is also in the
catalog of certified accounting services at the Slovenian federation of accounting
services. Its future goal is growth of department for dealing with foreign
businesses and offering complete business services for foreign companies.
Match-making preferences: Currently they are not planning expansion to Serbia but they are
interested in meeting Serbian accounting companies for future cooperation.
Jure Šacer
Termo Shop d.o.o.
Jure Šacer is the second generation owners of Termo Shop which is a company
producing, designing, installing and servicing heat pumps. The company has
sprouted from Gorenje, where the founder was the director of the heat pump
division. The company has being engaged in saving energy by heating, cooling and
ventilating solutions especially by offering new solutions with construction and
manufacturing of heat pumps, engineering of energy saving solutions and
instillations so they can offer their clients a complete service.
Matchmaking preferences:
1. Those deciders in the companies interested in cost cutting for heating ( especially with heat
2. Real estate project developers interested in new modern ways of heating, cooling and
ventilation ( also projects in early stages – conceptual designs)
3. Deciders in companies dealing with mechanical installations and are interested in heat
Barbara Humar in Teja Krašovec
Linea Snella
Linea Snella is a company engaged in the marketing centers for weight loss and body shaping
licensing system. Since 2007 Linea Snella is a regional manager of Linea Snella license and In 8 years
of operating the team designed one of the most innovative business systems in the sector globally.
The main competitive advantage of the business is their own production of patented equipment.
There are 120 Linea Snella centers worldwide that are not a part of their license network (Brazil,
Canada, Italy, Taiwan), whilst their centers are operating in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Australia.
David Pavlič
Strim plus d.o.o.
David is a director and co-owner of Strim plus. Strim plus offers printing solutions for office
environment. The company is especially effective at cutting printing costs. They are offering
consumables for printing, distribution of toners from respected brands like MSE, Cartridge Web and
JetTec and they are also representative for PretonSaver, software for lowering the consumption of
ink .
Damjan Planinc
Damjan is the owner and director of Get.in which offers solutions for online
marketing in Slovenia and Croatia. In the last years the company transformed itself
in a innovative web-advertising products like Plista. Key service is performance
advertising with the help of proprietary software and knowledge so customers get
all the relevant analytical and business results
Igor Cej
Igor Cej is a co-owner of Editor, a company working with web solutions and applications. Editor is
building web solutions, portals and e-commerce websites. A lot of Editor resources is going towards
developing their own dynamic web applications for which they have received many awards. They are
a part of Technology park located in Nova Gorica. Their main product is a system for content
management MyPortal (www.myportalcms.com). Editor is also developing solutions for online
collaboration and support for online business.
Sandra Lanc
Linea Directa
Linea Directa is a part of Studio Moderna Group established in 1995 as a full-service direct marketing
communication agency. Ever since they have successfully served a broad range of clients across
various vertical markets, mainly to develop and execute personalized campaigns (B2B, B2C).
Regional Customer Management Center (CMC) operation enables them to provide cross-country
multi-lingual solutions for telemarketing, mailing, home delivery and response handling. Next to
inbound and outbound telemarketing they offer a complete range of fulfillment services such as
packaging, distribution, order-taking, proof-of-delivery, and payment processing.
Match-making preference: Meeting companies with the possibility of regional cooperation on direct
sales and marketing
Kristina Kočet Hudrap
Tiko Pro
Kristina Kočet is a director and owner of Tiko Pro. Tiko Pro helps businesses
acquire grants, prepare investment programs and offers help with project
management. They are one of the leading Slovenian management consulting
companies preparing projects for grants from EU funds. Tiko Pro has 9
employees with high level of flexibility, reliability and expertise. Now they are
heavily involved in helping business gaining funds from European project Horizon
2020. Last year they won a project worth 11 million euros. One of the companies
they are working with is also a global pharmaceutical giant Sandoz.
Match-making preference: Small businesses between 15-30 employees, global
players, exporters with their own research & development
Luka Debevec
Luka Debevec is the founder of Kauch, a company producing sofas and armchairs
and other upholstery furniture. Currently Kauch has 3 employees. Their main
market is Slovenia, but they are also exporting through resellers. The company
has a tradition of 27 years. In 2012 Luka separated from his fathers business
because of a different vision for the company. The goals are to strengthen the
slovenian market and also start to grow on international markets.
Match-making preference: Interested in meeting companies from furniture
industry ( producers, sales agents, distributors, architetst,)
Janez Šenveter
Janez Šenveter is the second generation owner of a family company Hlebček.
Hlebček is a producer of bread, durables and half durables, pastry and frozen
program. Hlebček is one of the largest bakeries in Slovenia with the production
amounting to around 9 tons per day. The company is also a supplier for one of the
biggest retail company in Slovenia. Currently there are 103 employees and the
company is growing despite bad economic conditions and decline of bakery industry