It’s Quilt Show Time! Hello AIQ Guild members, February 2014

Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
February 2014
It’s Quilt Show Time!
Hello AIQ Guild members,
It’s quilt show time! We’ve been quilting and sewing, and planning and prepping for three
years to get ready for this and now it’s time to put on a show. Do you feel like the last three
years went by fast? Then just think how fast the next three weeks will go by. That’s all the
time we have left before we open the doors of the Peck Center Gymnasium and invite the
world to come see what we made. Let’s make this our best show ever.
Speaking of how time flies, it was ten years ago, February 2004, that I attended my first
meeting of the Amelia Island quilt guild. I had just moved here from Georgia and the first
order of business was connecting with the island quilters. I had been to the 2002 quilt show
at the Atlantic Rec Center and knew this was a group with talent and passion.
Here’s to Quilts by the Sea 2014 and ten years of quilting by the sea with you.
Piecefully, Linda Martin
February Program:
Getting Ready !
Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
Habitat For Humanity (Pam Wise)—Bed size
quilt for each Habitat home in Nassau County.
Hospice (Faye Justice)—Lapsize quilts (45X
55, 40 X 50) for all ages.
Shands (Sheri Inserra)—Placemat size (18 X
22, up to 30”square) for neonatal unit; laundered at hospital and sometimes go home with
baby or parents.
Kits are available at the meetings, or contact
the coordinators. The Charity Quilt Ladies
(see Small Groups) work on these quilts. People are needed to help rotary cut the kits.
Quilts of Valor (Gail Niedernhofer) - bed
sized quilts for wounded service men and
women; preferred size is 54 X 67, but they can
be from 50 X 60 to 77 X 87; masculine quilts
are especially in demand; a label, perhaps just
saying thank-you and a pillowcase are helpful
There are many other one time projects.
Small Groups
Meets every Monday at 2 pm
Kathy Dean’s home
2406 Via Del Rey
• Call Kathy at 261-7189
• Show & tell, sharing, advice, hand sewing
• Meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 12:30 pm
• Sandi’s home 1716 McArthur St.
• Everyone is welcome.
• Meets the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month at 9:30
am - noon
• Fernandina Shores Clubhouse 631 Tarpon Avenue, 3rd entrance.
• Bring your sewing machines and sewing supplies.
We have cutting mats, rulers, etc.
• Call Theresa Megna (277-2143) for information
• Drop-ins Welcome - come pick up fabric to work
on at home!
Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
January 14, 2014
The meeting was called to order by President
Linda Martin at 7:05
We had one new visitor.
1. Show and Tell - Please remember to sign in
on sheet in front when showing a quilt. This helps
Leslie Kiger to identify the members when putting
the pictures on the website.
2. The minutes of the November meeting were
approved at the December meeting.
3. We have a new website today (
Charlie Russ had been learning a new program
and refreshing the look. Please look at the different
items and test it out. Any additions or corrections
should be emailed to Charlie.
([email protected])
4. It has been proposed that youth quilters should
qualify to enter quilts in our show.
Proposed Addition to Article 11:
Membership: Youth membership is open to
quilters under the age of 18. Youth members are
not required to pay dues and are eligible to enter
the quilt show. Youth members may not vote or
hold office.
Please let the board know of your thoughts,
concerns or comments regarding this change.
5. The Woman’s Club been contacted and will be
setting up and taking down tables and chairs for
the guild meetings for the remainder of the year for
a fee of $35 per month.
6. Announcements: The library thanked us for
the quilt they plan to hang in the new library.
(Committee to improve the new Fernandina
Library) And we also received a thank you note
from Habitat for Humanity for all the quilts received.
7. Committee Reports:
Quilt Show: Tonight was the deadline for
entries. There are sign up sheets tonight for help
with the show. Need silent auction and boutique
Sunday, February 16 will be take in at the Anglican
Church in Amelia Park, Judging on Monday and
Tuesday. Hanging, Thursday at the Peck
center. Show, Friday and Saturday.
Important: Bring your quilts with a picture
of the quilt on the pillowcase with proper labeling.
(Labeling information was in the last newsletter
page 8 ) Dell Dunman explained the process of
judging and all the jobs involved. Check your quilts
for threads, pet hair etc. before turning them
in. Publicity for the show: packets of brochures
were passed out to distribute.
Retreat: Janet Sebastian announced that the
retreat will be November 5-9th, 2014 at Epworth by
the Sea in St. Simons, Georgia. This time you will
be making your reservations directly with Epworth.
Information will be on the website.
8. Monthly Birthdays were announced. The April
program will be Kathy Miller the singing quilter.
9. The Program was on Quilters Favorite Tools.
Jeanette Pippen and Mindy Chabot talked
about the Martelli Rotary Cutter.(Can be purchased
at Lollipops) It is easier on the wrist and cuts
through many layers.
Mary Williams demonstrated the Altos quilt
cutting system. Diane Keagy showed
Chopsticks. She uses them for turning in corners
and blue painters tape for machine quilting.
Roz Warren talked about Shape Cut by June
Tailor purchased at Joann Fabrics. It cuts strips
and squares. Linda Berry likes the Door Spy found
at Home Depot for looking at your quilts, showing
shades of color. Dora Yelk showed triangle and
wedge rulers and samples of what they do. Leslie
Kiger uses a scalpel type instrument to take out
small stitches. It has a curved blade. Also a set of
gel pens that disappear when ironed.
10. Next months program will be "Quilt Show
The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Pearce, Secretary
Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
AIQ Meetings—Woman’s Club at 201 Jean La Fitte Ave on the 2nd Tuesday
Sign up and ticket time
Meeting Starts
☺Let Sherry Cobb-Thompson know about any address changes
☺Wear your Name Tag
☺ Bring your Show and Tell
2013-2014 Programs
October 8:
October 9-13:
November 12:
December 10:
January 14:
February 11:
February 21-22:
March 11:
April 8:
May 13:
June 10:
Nancy Mahoney Trunk Show
Round Robin
4 Groups
Maureen Paschke from
Community Hospice of Northeast Florida
Favorite Tools
Ten Members share their favorite tools and why!
Quilt Show Prep Meeting
Quilt Show
Bed Turning - Quilts from the Show
Quilts and their stories from their makers
Cathy Miller - The Singing Quilter
String Theory
Mary and Linda
Trash to Treasure Yard Sale
Pin Program Certificates Perfect Attendance
AIQ 2013-2014 Board Members
Vice President
Quilt Show
Linda Martin
Leslie Kiger
Donna Pearce
Jeanette Pippin
Sherry Cobb-Thompson
Charlie Russ
Charlie Russ
Laurie Malm
Mary Davis
Debbie Dunman
Pam Wise
Faye Justice
Mike Polese
Janet Sebastian
Diane Keagy
Linda Berry
Pam Wise
Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
Quilt Show:
February 21-22, 2014
Remember to pick up raffle tickets if you
haven't already!
If you are like Linda and I, you are putting the last minute
touches on your entries, boutique items or silent auction
quilts. We would like to thank all of you who have helped or
signed up to help at the show. We think there will be approximately 200 quilts and can hardly wait to see them. You will find
the timeline and quilt entry information in this newsletter.
At the February meeting, the members of the Quilt show committee will tell you what is happening at each area of the show
and answer any questions that you may have. It is still not too
late to sign up to help at the show and sign up sheets will be at
the meeting also. Also, if you did not bring in a nice fat quarter
for our raffle, please bring it this time. I have to quit now an finish my binding. See at the meeting.
Thanks, Pam
Registration Info:
There will be a print out of your quilt entry information at the sign-in desk at the
February meeting. Please pick up your information sheet and check it for spelling and content - especially the paragraph telling about your quilt. Sometimes
the data entry person (me) makes typos and stuff gets messed up. We don’t
want those mistakes on the card displayed on your quilt! Then, initial the sheet
and leave it on the check-in table. Thanks a bunch! :)
Charlie Russ
Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
Entrance Requirements
for Quilt Show 2014
1. You must be a member of the Amelia Island Quilt Guild, Inc.
2. Items shown must not have been shown at a previous AIQ show.
3. All quilts must be clean and odor free.
4. All quilts must have a sleeve for hanging (quilts without a sleeve will be
5. Categories may be combined by the judge if there are not enough entries in a
particular category.
6. Each entry must be placed in a pillowcase, labeled with the quilter’s name and
phone number.
7. A color photo must be submitted with each entry and attached to the pillowcase.
8. Each entry must have the label covered with muslin or painter’s tape.
Boutique Items News!
You can still bring your items for the boutique to the meeting this month. Please, no more
magazines, but we can use patterns, books and definitely new, crafted items. The Monday
group has helped price, and we have some lovely items. Thanks to all who have already donated!
When you pick up your quilts on Saturday afternoon from the show, stop by the boutique area
and pick up any donations that did not sell if you would like them back. Items not picked up will
either be saved for the next sale or be donated to charity. Quilts on consignment must be
picked up.
If you would like the boutique open for the Awards program on Thursday evening, we need volunteers. You will be able to sign up at the meeting or you can call us. We're looking for onehalf hour shifts, so it won't be too long for any one person.
Thanks, Kathy Dean and Dora Yelk
Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
Silent Auction Items Needed!
The Silent Auction is still looking for more
small quilts to add to the auction selection. Anything related to Amelia Island,
beach, boating, fish & shrimp is always
Thanks, Mike
Quilt Show Dates:
February 16
2:00 - 6:00 PM - Bring your quilt entries to the Anglican
Church in Amelia Park.
February 17 &18
9:00 AM - Judging takes place. Molly Waddell is our judge.
February 19
Finish judging if needed; prepare small quilts for hanging.
February 20
8:00 AM - We hang the quilts for display at Peck Center Gym
(the more help that day the better and faster it gets done).
Set up boutique, silent auction, raffle baskets
February 20
7:00 - 8:30 PM - Member Reception and Awards
February 21 & 22 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM - The show is open to the public!
Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
For Sale!
Heavy all wood, 4 ft By 8 ft
table on wheels, with drawers, cabinets and pull outs,
two drop down wells for
sewing machines to fit with
your own custom made
sew steady tables. $750
call Mary Burnette at 753
1217 if interested.
For Sale!
Horn Sewing Table for $75
contact Barbara Tucker,
For Sale!
A Brother 1500s high-speed straight
stitch 6x9 arm space quilting machine .
Also included is a Grace speed control so
it can be used on frame. Lots of extras !!
Price is $ 400.00 for all . Please call me
at 548-0881. Marina Thomason
Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
February Birthdays:
New Members:
Kristen Campbell
96356 Light Wind Drive
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
321-0060 (H)
556-1268 ©
[email protected]
Sarah E. Rogers
96133 Palm Bluff Drive
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
277-2864 (H)
[email protected]
Sharon Wagner
86083 Knotted Oak Way
Yulee, FL 32097
548-9860 (H)
Mike Polese
Kristen Campbell
Emily Baker
Andrea Golding
Am e l i a I s l a n d Q u i l t G u i l d I n c . N ew s l e t t e r
At the January meeting Linda Martin, President, proposed the following revision to the bylaws to be voted on at the February 2014
Add item 6 to Article II. Membership as follows,
Article II: Membership
Membership is obtained by the payment of dues.
Membership dues (set by membership vote) are payable each September. A check for dues must be mailed to the Treasurer before the
September meeting or deposited in a drop box at the September
Any member two months in arrears of dues will be suspended from the
privileges of membership, and dropped from the rolls.
A visitor may attend two meetings before being expected to join, or discontinue attending.
Members age 80 and over are not required to pay dues, but it is the
member’s responsibility to inform the membership chairman of their
age. (adopted 11/14/2006)
Youth membership is open to quilters under the age of 18. Youth members are not required to pay dues and are eligible to enter the quilt
show. Youth members may not vote or hold an office. (proposed
January 2014)