Protein from Algae for Better Health of People and

Department of Biological Engineering
Faculty Member: Ron Sims
BE Students: Jon Wood, Jason Peterson, Cody Maxfield,
Tyler Gladwin, & Alan Hodges
Protein from Algae for Better Health of
People and Animals
In this Challenge Session students will obtain hands-on experience setting up
a process to extract protein from algae in order to make health products for people
and feed for animals. Proteins are essential building blocks of cell structure and
enzymes. Algae protein provides a non-animal alternative source of protein that has
the same quality or higher quality than soy. Students will learn how to extract protein
from algae, test different kinds of algae, and compare algae for protein content.
Student will also learn how protein-associated extracts of algae can be transformed
into antioxidant biochemicals with applications in medicine. Background will be
given for other types of algae and their applications in bioenergy and bioprocesses to
make bioplastics. Applications of algae bioprocessing will be discussed that are
currently being explored in collaborations between the BE Department and
industries in Utah.
BE a Biological Engineer. BE the future.