stab bowling newsletter

Week: 28
March 28, 2015
Hello Bowlers,
To all.
Its incredible but we are only one game away from the end of the regular season. For
those of you who do not read this on the bowling internet site but wait to be at bowling:
this is the last game. Then the finals, played over the next four weeks to decide on the
Your committee is hard at work looking into a venue to hold our end of season banquet.
As soon as it is decided you will be informed. We know you are looking forward to
enjoying yourself with friends, new and old.
The most important is not your average but to play above your average or at the very least
at your average. These are the points that make your team win. Remember, and I know
some of you find it impossible to get a grasp on this, at the beginning of each game the
total average of each player is added up. The team with the lesser points is given points to
bring both team to the same total (these are NOT your points – I hear players saying we
are giving them i.e.50 points, not true, in order to give something would have to be taken
from you and NOTHING is taken)
Last week Pauline Martel bowled 96 pins above her average. On the men’s side Eric
Lalonde, bowled 29 pins over. Congratulations bowlers, job well done.
A little bit of statistic “Just for fun”. Perfect attendance for women was extremely low
this year at 12.5%. On the men’s side however it was an amazing 43.7%. I wont make
any comments that could be misconstrued – LOL.
On a lighter side, and I really mean “lighter”, has anyone noticed the new svelte figure of
Sophie Beauregard? Well, she is happy to report that during this bowling season she lost
50 pounds!!! Congratulations Sophie, you look amazing and so does your bowling