Easy-To-Make Spooky Sixlets Hats For Your Little Witches & Wizards ®

Easy-To-Make Spooky Sixlets® Hats
For Your Little Witches & Wizards
Buffalo, New York, Halloween, 2013 – Grab your cauldron, broom and bags of
Sixlets®! As parents and children ready themselves for Halloween, they will
experience the classic Sixlets® candy in more ways than ever! SweetWorks®
dares you to offer these easy-to-make witches and wizards hats made from
cones, cookies, cupcakes and Sixlets® that are sure to put a spell on your
Joe Annunziato, Product Manager at SweetWorks commented, "What we love
about this Sixlets® recipe is how simple and easy it is to make awesome looking
Halloween treats using basic ingredients. The Witches Hats are perfect to set out
at a Halloween party or are just a fun fall activity to get the kids in the Halloween
Sixlets®, a nostalgic and fun treat since the 1960’s, are small round candycoated, chocolate-flavored balls that are available in Halloween colors or the
traditional fall colors. While Sixlets®’ Halloween-themed colors and packaging will
entice you, the taste and simplicity of the candy will keep you wanting more. In
addition to a Halloween mix, Sixlets® come in different seasonal assortments as
well as single color packs in a variety of sizes. They are a perfect treat to add to
Halloween baking and crafts.
These simple Sixlets® witches and wizards hats were created by Christi
Johnstone from www.lovefromtheoven.com/. Fans can also find directions at
www.Pinterest.com/SweetWorks. Comment on your favorite Sixlets® hat, send
us your hat images at the emails below and like us at
https://www.facebook.com/pages/SweetWorks/86454436006. SweetWorks®, Inc. is a manufacturer of premium gourmet confections marketed
under the brand names Niagara Chocolates®, Oak Leaf®, Ovation®, Sixlets® and
Celebration by SweetWorks®. Founded in 1956, SweetWorks® is headquartered
in Buffalo, New York, and operates Oak Leaf® Confections, in Toronto, Canada.
It markets its confections in over 65 countries.
For product information, visit www.SweetWorks.net.
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Super Easy Witches & Wizards Sixlets® Hat
Instructions from SweetWorks®!
What You Will Need:
(Choose your desired amounts of cones, cupcakes, cookies and Sixlets)
 Your favorite color Celebration by SweetWorks™ Sixlets®
 Your favorite cupcakes
 Your favorite cookies, at least 3” wide
 Sugar Cones, Chocolate & Plain
 Frosting, store bought or home made
Use a combination of cookies, sugar cones and cupcakes to make a spooky
assortment of Sixlets® hats!
1. Apply a generous amount of frosting to the rim of the sugar cone.
2. Affix the cone to the center of a cookie or cupcake.
3. Now decorate your hats using frosting to hold the Sixlets® in place.
Tips & Tricks:
 Use your favorite color Celebration by SweetWorks™ Gumballs and
Pearls™ for even more decorating options.
 Make sure you buy sugar cones (the ones that come to a point) – we used
Keebler and Joy brands.
 Buy a few extra cones in case little hands break any!
 Put together the hats first for all of your cookie/cone combinations & then
go back and begin to decorate. This will allow the frosting to dry.
 If you are using cupcakes, the normal amount of frosting on the cupcake
should be plenty to affix your cones.
 Use any extra frosting to make spooky designs and patterns on your hats.
Ready-to-Use Icing Tubes work great for this too.
 Use a real witch’s hat or spooky platter to display your creations!
We would love to see what you create. Email us your images at:
[email protected] or [email protected]