The MUD DVD is finally here!

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The MUD DVD is finally here!
There is still plenty of time to make lots of great items for the holidays. We have included 2 ½ hours of
information on everything from making flowers, creating faux wood techniques to using the MUD for tiles.
Both air-dried and kiln fired techniques included.
Retail Price – 34.95
Check our Set Discount Order form for Quantity Pricing
We are offering the following special to our Newsletter list only. Buy the DVD (retail 34.95) along with a
MUD Kit (retail 31.95) for the very low price of 55.95 for both plus 6.50 shipping within the US. International
shipping will be calculated according to your country. This offer is only good until December 15,
New Products!
Black MUD! Here are some examples – the ornament is air-dried and the tea set and mug are kiln fired (We used
1425F as our firing temperature on purchased porcelain/ceramic items). Retail price 5.95 for 4 ounce jar. Check our
Set Discount Order form for Quantity Pricing
Painter’s Pyramids are back in stock! These are so handy when you want to work on both sides of your glass.
Retail price 7.50 for set of 10 pyramids. Check our Set Discount Order form for Quantity Pricing
Classes are filling up for the Glass Craft and Bead Expo In Las Vegas, March 30 – April 3, 2011. Go to for class info and to sign up.
WE-31 Butterfly Fusion – Margot Clark – Wednesday 9-2pm Black MUD, NT color, float glass
TH-E-55 Fused Textured Tree – Saulius Jankauskas (a.k.a Dr. SJ) Thursday 5-9pm UGC Colors,
MUD, tempered glass, float glass
TH-06 Flower Fusion – Margot Clark – Thursday 9-1pm Unique MUD, NT colors, float glass, metal
FR-39 Fused Textured Fish Panel - Saulius Jankauskas (a.k.a Dr. SJ) 9-3pm UGC colors, float
glass, MUD
WE-E-50 Fused Technique Concepts – Margot Clark – Wednesday Evening 5-9pm NT color,
Bubble Powder, Unique MUD, metal leafing
SA-06 Fused Tree with Inclusions - Saulius Jankauskas (a.k.a Dr. SJ) 9-1pm UGC colors, MUD
metal leafing, inclusions,
Margot will be doing a stage demo sponsored by Glass Patterns Quarterly and The Flow magazines on How to Create
Glass Tiles at 11:00 am on Saturday
We will also have a double booth, 122-120, back by the Glass Patterns Quarterly stage so please stop by and say Hello!
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Notices: There is a 5% Small Order Fee added to all orders under 99.99. Please note that there will be a RUSH Order
Fee of 15.00 charged for expedited service. Our normal turn around is 3 days from the date we begin to process the
Discontinued Colors - We are discontinuing production of the following colors so when our stock is gone, they are gone!
Print out a Price List/Order Form from the website before placing your order so you
always have the current pricing and availability.
GC959 Teal is only available in 1 ounce jars
GC984 Brown is only available in 1 ounce jars
GC 964 and GC1964 Peach Pink
GC11005 Orchid (no stock left)
GC11015 Cantaloupe