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November, 2010
Cathy Geier
Cathy has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Art History;
she specifically studied 19th century landscapes in English and French art. Many of her quilts
have been juried into national shows. Cathy enjoys lecturing and teaching her landscape
quilt methods both regionally and nationally. She is married with three grown children and
her husband's job with the Forest Service has led her family to some of the most scenic
places in the country. Her quilts reflect her love of the forests, mountains and lakes around
Because she knows the difficulty in finding the right fabrics for landscape quilts she has chosen to arrange a
fabric catalog according to your landscape needs; whether it be distant hills or artfully appliquéd flowers.
Included in the catalog are essential building materials for fences, and European villas. There are also
assorted fabrics for special touches like vases and flower pots. Comments and suggestions are always
welcome! Cathy looks forward to working with you.
Monday, November 22, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m.
October Highlights
The array of challenge quilts in the “Create A Quilt That Tells A
Chuckles about the achievers and the over-achievers among
the Siciliano workshop participants.
Below are the mystery quilt participants from the retreat.
From the top left, winners of the October challenge are Carol
Henderson’s "It's Mine" won Best Title, Karen Petersen’s
"Paradise at Sunset" won Best Use of Fabric, Mickey Ellis’ “My
Journey" won Most Unique, and Mary Gunness’ "Picking
Blueberries" won Viewer's Choice
Upcoming Program & Workshop…..
Holiday Party
December 13, 2010
President’s Letter
I am pleased to announce that our list of Officers and
Committee chairs is finely full. We have had some changes
since our voting at the last meeting so we will have to vote
those positions into place.*** Thank you to all those who have
found time in their busy schedules to take on an office or
committee chair.
By this time I am sure that you have lots of Christmas projects
in mind or under way. I know I do. I have been wanting to make
a Christmas 4-Patch Posie quilt for some time. I have the
fabric, now we will have to see if it gets done.
I am currently writing this from my little patch of paradise that
you saw in my challenge quilt. It is nice down here in Florida
but I will be returning before the next meeting. The holidays
just are not the holidays here and besides my children and
grandchildren are all in Minnesota. I have been working on
some small Christmas projects while I am here. It seems that I
need to be making something all the time. If I keep my hands
busy then it helps to keep them out of the Chip/Candy bag – I
am not always successful.
Happy Quilting, See you soon
Karen Petersen Co President
WOW Board Meeting October 18, 2010
Present: Mary Gunness, Karen Petersen, Suzanne Nelson,
Lynda Guisinger, Wendy Fedie, Mary Hess, Sonja Folven
Old Business: The November workshop with Cathy Geier will
be on11/22 at Medina. The fee for the November workshop is
$45 and $19 for required kit.
Quilt Show update: Dean was not present and sent update the
planning is going well.
Election update: there are two openings remaining assistant
editor and resolution quilt. Suggestions for next year would be
to start earlier and provide an explanation of each position.
Wendy will notify the state to determine our tax exempt
New Business:
December Christmas party: Pattern for the stocking is on the
website. Items to be placed in the stocking are listed in the
newsletter. Mary will check with Medina for food options.
We reviewed the current budget. The 2011 budget will be
ready for review in November and will be voted on at the
January guild meeting. Mary will contact Medina to determine
the rent for 2011.
Membership committee will send a letter to area quilt shops
regarding the opportunity of a business membership to our
The 2011 board will be invited to the next board meeting on
November 15 from 6:30-8PM at Lunds in Plymouth.
Respectfully submitted, Sonja Folven
Respectfully submitted, Sonja Folven
Block of the Month
12” finished.
December 13th Guild Meeting.
*** Note the date change ***
It’s not too early to think about Christmas.
This year we will be making Christmas stockings for a women
and children’s shelter in our area. A simple stocking pattern will
be available at the October guild meeting and as a PDF file on
the web site.
this basic pattern, make one or more stockings
of a fabric of your choice. Decorate anyway
you wish and bring them to the Dec 13
guild meeting.
Along with your stocking please bring some
stocking stuffers from the list below. At the guild
meeting we will stuff the stockings with your
donated items and a board member will deliver them
to the shelter.
Stocking stuffer ideas:
• Hand soap, travel sizes of shampoo, lotions,
• toothpaste and tooth brushes.
• Combs, hair accessories
• Small coloring books and crayons
• Small children’s books
• Small toys, both boys and girls
• Note Cards
• Manicure sets
• Basically anything that might fit into a stocking.
For show and share that night, bring something
quilted you have made for Christmas.
President’s Block
President's block for Karen and Mary, please make one block
for each of them. Start with a 6.5 inch square of off white
fabric. Add a 2.5 inch square fabric of your choice sewn
diagonally on each corner, press, don't cut away the excess
fabric. The four corners can be scrappy or all the same, it is up
to you. For a sample of sewing techniques please see the web
site below. BE SURE to sign your block in the middle on
the front of the fabric. This is a signature friendship block.
Your Name
Correction: pictured winning
the basket of fabric at the Siciliano
lecture is Barb Meyer.
The Forest Scenes workshop on Nov 22 with Cathy Geier will
be in the Oakwood Room at Medina Entertainment Center
from 9-4:30.
2011 WOW Quilt Show News
The next meeting of the Quilt Show Committee will be Tuesday
evening November 9th at 7pm at the Plymouth Library in the
Vicksburg Room. Any interested parties are welcome. We have
an opening for someone who would focus on publicity for the
Quilt Show. The Raffle Quilt is underway and will be a big
WOW! Please contact Dean Davis at 952-412-3155 or
[email protected] with any concerns or questions.
Community Service
Thanks to all of you who took quilts to finish and also those
who brought completed quilts and tops to our meeting. . We will
bring Christmas fabric that you might use for place mats or the
Christmas Stockings that were discussed. We will plan to have
a table set up in the back each month for you to use. There will
be a place to put completed quilts and also a place to pick up
quilts to finish. If you have not taken our little survey we will
have those slips available also. It was helpful to see what
people were interested in doing.
We have a box with many plastic bags. Perhaps a committee
has a need for them. We will not be doing kits anymore so we
do not have a use for them. Some are slightly used and some
are new. Contact Nancy Miller at [email protected]
(underscore between nancy and miller) if you would like to have
them. Below is a picture of some of the community service
quilts shown at the October program meeting.
October 25, 2010 WOW meeting
Karen Petersen opened the meeting.
The Christmas party is December 13. We are making
Christmas stockings to fill. The stockings will be given to
women’s shelters for their children. The pattern is on the web
site as a PDF file or there is a pattern at the meeting to trace or
you may use your own pattern. The list of items for the
stockings is in the newsletter. Toys for the boys and girls may
also be donated.
The nominees for the 2011 board were introduced and they
each said a few words about themselves. The committee chair
nominees were also introduced. The vote was taken and
The November 22 workshop is by Cathy Geier. The price for
the full day workshop will be $45 plus $19 for the kit.
The instructions for the president’s block are the newsletter.
Please make two blocks, one for Mary and one for Karen. Sign
your name in the center of the block with a permanent marker.
Quilt show updates: Shawn Taylor is coordinating the boutique.
She has two fat eights of fabric for members to use for making
9½ inch blocks that will be sold at the boutique. Use the
pattern of your choice and you may add additional fabrics. You
don’t need to use both fabrics in each block. Bring blocks and
items for the boutique to the guild meetings. Carole Olson
requested a helper for sales of raffle quilt tickets and Lisa
Olson volunteered.
Sharon Peterson and Chris Heusers had participants of the
retreat who made the mystery quilts show their quilts.
Community services showed the items donated.
Block of the month blocks winner is Suzanne Nelson and
Nancy Joens won the fat quarter.
Respectfully submitted, Sonja Folven
Officers & Committee Chairs for 2011
A vote was taken at the October meeting to formally elect the
below-listed slate of officers (in bold) and committee chairs.
Many thanks to those who stepped forward to take positions.
President: Mickey Ellis
Vice President: Julie Harstad
Secretary: (shared) Lisa Dietrich-Blocker & LuAnn Sing
Treasurer: Wendy Fedie (second year of 2 yr position)
Newsletter Editor: Lisa Olson***
Activity Chair: Ruth Ann Mohs
Birthday Club: Diane Salls & Becky Pulsa
Block of the Month: Lori Allison
Community Service: Maple Grove Senior Quilters
Door Prizes: (shared) Jill Johnson & Linda Lutz
Historian: Gigi Hickey
Membership: (shared) Lola Hanson & Shirley Bonacci
Assistant Editor: Sharyn Resvick***
Secret Sisters: Janet Balej
Show Chair: Dean Davis
Small Group Coordinator: Carole Olson
Resolution Quilts: Elaine Miller
Sunshine & Shadows: Barb Pavek
Web Mistress: Dawn Bryant
Retreat Coord: (shared) Sharon Peterson & Cindy Stenson
Mystery Quilt: Elaine Franks
New Member, Nancy Erbst hails from Princeton and has been
quilting about 5 years. She prefers small projects like runners,
toppers, bags, lap quilts and wall hangings.
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church will hold its annual craft and bake
sale on Saturday, November 20 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Featured
items are lefse, home-made candies and baked goods, quilted items
and a yummy lunch. I've heard it said it's the best church sale in the
area. Address is 5005 Northwest Blvd in Plymouth. Submitted by
Carole Olson, WOW and Beautiful Savior member.
Women Of the West
P.O. Box 46222, Plymouth, MN 55447
WOW 2009 Officers & Committee Chairs
November Checklist
President’s Block
Your Nametag
Boutique Donations
Block of the Month
Community Service
Secret Sister surprises
Birthday Club Donation
Show & Share
Vice President(s)
Activity Chair
Birthday Club
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Challenge Quilt
Community Service
Door Prizes
The Women of the West Quilt Guild was
organized in December of 1997 to
encourage and support all levels of
quilters. The guild offers education,
programs, fellowship, communication and
community service while providing a
place to be among people that share the
same interest of the art of quilting.
Meetings are held the 4th Monday
monthly at 7 p.m. at the Medina
Entertainment Center. If there is a
conflict with a holiday, another night will
be scheduled. The Medina Entertainment
Center is on Highway 55 in Medina.
Newsletter Editor
Assistant Editor
Secret Sisters
Small Group Coord
Resolution Quilts
Mystery Quilt
Sunshine & Shadows
Web Mistress:
Retreat Coordinator
Quilt Show Chair
Karen Petersen
Mary Gunness
Olga Challman
Sonja Folven
Wendy Fedie
Mary Hess
Mary Havisto
Carol Henderson
Carol Fisher
Sandy Johnson
Mary Havisto
Carol Henderson
Jane Larson
Donna Champion
Ruth Ann Mohs
Gigi Hickey
Suzanne Nelson
Lynda Guisinger
Lori Allison
Florine Koning
Barb C-Vergin
Carole Olson
Shirley Bonacci
Dawn Bryant
Elaine Franks
Dawn Thrift
Dawn Bryant
Chris Heusers
Sharon Peterson
Dean Davis
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