Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri West

Bombay Cambridge School
Andheri (West)
Grade VII
1. Imagine that you and your friends are in the middle of a normal
activity when something totally unexpected happens. Write an
account of the contrast between the ordinary and the unexpected.
Your account does not have to involve an accident. The unexpected
could be exciting, pleasurable or weird.
2. Write an article for a school magazine about owning animals. You
could include some of the following in your article the different reasons why people keep animals
 the responsibilities of owning animals –the care and attention
they will require whether animals should be kept as pets.
You may wish to add some of your own experiences of owning an
animal or your own opinion about owning animals.
Checkpoint II
Page 68-71 (Review 1A, 1B)
Page 124-126 (Review 2A, 2B)
Page 205-207 (Review 3A, 3B)
Page 254-256 (Review 4A, 4B)
Use pictures of various weather phenomena such as clouds, rain, snow,
hail, storms, lightning etc. collected from magazines, newspapers and
picture postcards to make a portfolio. Give appropriate captions such as
what causes these phenomena and when and where they occur. Use the
following guidelines to prepare the portfolio:
1. A- 4 size blank sheet (6 pages)
2. Cover page, Index, Introduction, At least 6 weather phenomena
and information / pictures related to them.
1) Write the name and the symbols for the first 20 elements of the periodic
2) Complete the word equations given below:
a) sodium + iodine
b) potassium + hydrochloric acid
c) sodium hydroxide + sulfuric acid
d) carbon + oxygen
e) magnesium hydroxide + nitric acid
3) Write the word equation to summarize the reactions below.
a) Heating sodium and bromine to make sodium bromide.
b) Heating magnesium in the air to make magnesium oxide.
c) Adding copper to hydrochloric acid to make copper chloride and
1) Project on smoking and its effects.
Guidelines to make the project
Make the project in one scrapbook
Explore information from internet, books, and newspapers.
Find out how smoking damages the various organs of our body.
Find and write how smoking can affect the non-smokers.
State the various diseases caused by smoking and write about its
Draw or stick pictures related to the above topics.