Red Brolly Lunch Order Bags Free Pattern

Red Brolly Lunch Order Bags
Free Pattern
Note: these bags can be made with or without insulation.
Please read instructions carefully before commencing.
Please take the time to mark out all of the sewing markings.
Copyright Red Brolly 2013
Free Pattern for personal use only.
For full instructions with step-by-step photos,
go to the Red Brolly blog
80 cm/ 31” Fabric (if using same fabric for outside and lining). If using a separate lining
fabric you will need 40cm/15.5” of fabric for the outside and 40cm/15.5” for the lining.
50cm/ 20” Insul-fleece insulation fabric (optional)
25cm/ 10” hook and loop tape, sew in- 2.5cm/1” wide
20cm/8” plastic coating
115cm/ 45” bias binding
Cutting instructions
How to place pattern if using the same fabric for
the lining and the outside.
Fold 80cm/31” fabric in half, wrong sides
together. Cut out and place pattern pieces as
If using separate lining and outside fabric, you
can still use pattern placement as a guide.
Sewing instructions
*Note*-Seam allowance changes!
If insulating your lunch bag the seam allowances are as follows....Lining 1/2”, Insulation 3/8,” outside
If not using insulation seam allowances are 1/2” for all pieces.
Make sure fabric has been prewashed and pressed.
1. Cut out pattern pieces from fabric. Mark placement of hook and loop tape and pockets.
2. Cut out pockets from plastic.
3. Pin binding all the way around the outside of each plastic piece. Sew binding onto plastic (see Red Brolly
blog for photo). Repeat with second pocket.
4. Cut 1 strip of hook and loop tape 15cm/5” in length. Take your piece of hook and loop tape and carefully
cut the strip in half lengthways, up the centre of the tape. You will end up with 2 thinner strips of hook and
loop tape.
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Free lunch bag pattern
copyright Red Brolly 2013
5. Separate the hook and loop tape. Pin the “hook” strip (rough side) onto the front of the lunch bag, on the
right side of the fabric, where indicated. Stitch into place. The front of your bag should now have 1
thinner “hook” strip attached to the front of your bag (see Red Brolly blog for photo).
6. Take your thinner “loop” strip and pin along the top of the plastic pocket 2, on one of the longer sides. Sew
loop tape into place onto pocket 2.
7. Pin pocket 2 into place onto the front of your lunch bag where indicated on the pattern. Make sure the
“hook”side of the tape matches the “loop” side of tape on pocket 2.
8. Stitch around 3 sides of the pocket. Start on the left side as indicated on the pattern. Straight stitch down
the left side, along the bottom and up the right side of pocket 2. Remember to leave the top of the pocketwhere the hook and loop tape is attached- open. The front of your bag should now have pocket 2 sewn
into place.
9. Pin plastic pocket 1 into place, as marked on the pattern, on the right side of the front fabric. Start at the
top right hand corner and straight stitch along 3 sides of pocket 1, securing it to the front of the bag. Leave
the remaining right side of pocket open, as shown on pattern. The front of your lunch bag will now have 2
clear plastic pockets attached to the front.
10.Cut 2cm/ 3/4” hook and loop tape. Separate tape. Pin “hook” side of tape onto front of bag, under pocket
2, where indicated on the pattern. Sew into place.
11.Pin side piece of fabric onto front of bag, along right hand side. Make sure right sides of fabric are facing
each other. Stitch. Repeat with other side (see Red Brolly blog for progress photos). Place to one side.
12. Cut another 2cm/ 3/4” hook and loop tape. Separate tape. Pin “hook” side of tape into position on back of
bag, on right side of fabric. See pattern for correct placement. Stitch around tape and secure.
13. Pin back piece to one side of bag as shown in diagram below. Make sure the velcro “hook” tape is at the
top of the bag.
Pin along side. Stitch.
14. Sew along length of side.
15. Pin opposite, open side of back piece to left hand, open side of bag, along the length. Stitch down side.
16. Keep bag inside out- wrong sides facing outwards. Pin bottom piece into place- right sides of fabric
facing inwards. Take care to match sides and corners together. Straight stitch around base, securing
onto bag. Clip corners. Turn bag right side out. The outside of the bag is now completed. Press with a
hot iron and place to one side.
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Free lunch bag pattern
copyright Red Brolly 2013
Sewing the Lining
1. Pin side piece of lining to front piece of lining, down the length of the bag.
Right sides facing. See diagram below. Stitch.
2. Pin other side lining piece to opposite side of front piece of lining, right sides facing. Stitch. See diagram
3. Pin back piece along one side, attaching back piece of lining to side piece of lining.
4. Pin together open edge of side piece to open edge of back piece. Stitch along length of side. You should
now have a rectangular piece of fabric. Right sides facing inwards.
5. Pin base piece to bottom edge of lining Pin all the way around four sides of the base. Stitch. Clip corners.
Leave lining with wrong sides facing outwards. Press seams open.
Making the Insulation
*Insulation is optional*
Cut out pieces for insulation, following pattern. Sew together as per instructions for lining. Remember to
make sure the silver side of the insulation is facing inwards, and the fluffy “white” side faces outwards. This is
so the heat/cold is reflected back into the bag and keeps the food hot/cold. Trim 1cm/ 1/2” off top of
insulation bag.
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Free lunch bag pattern
copyright Red Brolly 2013
Assembling the lunch bag
1. Take your outer bag, right side facing outwards. Insert insulation bag
inside outer bag (skip this step if you arenʼt insulating your bag).
2. Take lining bag, wrong side facing out.
Insert lining bag inside bag with insulation. See diagram to the right.
3. Fold outer bag piece over insulation bag and pin in place. Fold over
1cm/ 1/2” seam of lining bag- fold towards insulation. Pin. All open
edges should match and form one edge (refer to Red Brolly blog for
photos. Put bag to one side.
4. Take strap piece. Fold in half, lengthways, right sides facing.
Pin down long side of strap. Stitch.
5. Turn right side out. Press. Tuck raw edges of one end inside strap
(see blog for step-by-step photos). Sew across end.
6. Take 2cm/ 3/4” “loop” side of tape and pin at stitched and tucked
end of strap. Sew loop tape into place.
7. Insert raw edges into the centre of the front piece of the bag
8. along the top edge of bag. Refer back to pattern for correct placement. Insert strap into position, about
3cm/1” into seam of bag. Pin.
9. Stitch all the way around the top edge of the bag, remembering to remove all the pins. Press lightly with a
warm iron.
Measure and cut some paper for inside pockets. Pocket 1 is for the name and class information. Pocket 2 is
for the lunch order and money. You may like to print information on computer.
Your bag is now finished!
How to use:Slide name and class information into pocket 1 at the open end. Slip lunch order into pocket 2 and required
money. Secure with velcro strips.
Lie bag flat, fold in half and secure closed with velcro and strap. The bag is now ready for your child to hand
into canteen! Open up bag to store food and close over at top with strap.
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Free lunch bag pattern
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