Chicken egg / Easter egg Crochet pattern by Kristi Tullus

Chicken egg / Easter egg
Crochet pattern by Kristi Tullus
Make yourself some colorful Easter eggs to decorate your house, play egg hunting with
your toddlers or make a basketful to give as a gift. Or use a white or brown yarn for a
more realistic-looking play food and fill a whole carton.
Pattern is written in English using standard US crochet terminology.
Size: If you use 4 ply cotton yarn (125m/50g, 137yds/50g) and a 1,75 mm crochet
hook, your eggs will be about 6 cm (2.4 in) high and 4,5 cm (1.8 in) wide.
Skills required: magic ring (starting with an adjustable loop), single crochet stitch,
increasing, decreasing, finishing a closed piece, knotting and hiding yarn tails.
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Tip! You can use the same pattern to make larger or smaller eggs by using finer or
bulkier yarn. Pick a crochet hook at least a size smaller than suggested on yarn label.
Use a hook as small as possible in order to achieve a tight gauge that retains stuffing
and does not allow it to show through the fabric.
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Materials & tools:
• Cotton yarn. I used 4 ply cotton, 125m/50g (137yds/50g) (Madame Tricote ”Camilla”,
Steinbach Wolle “Capri”), but any yarn can be used. You will need about 6-10 g of yarn.
• Steel crochet hook (thread hook) 1,75mm (US size 4) or according to the yarn.
• Stuffing – polyester fiberfill, wool, wadding etc.
• Scissors, yarn needle, stitch marker.
• Beads, buttons, embroidery floss, ribbon for decorating, thread and sewing needle.
1: - number of round.
mr, n – magic ring, crochet n sc into the adjustable loop.
sc – single crochet stitch, through both loops of a stitch.
sc 4 – make four single crochet stitches, one in each stitch.
inc – increase, make two sc from the same stitch.
dec – decrease, use invisible decreasing.
5,6 dec – crochet 5th and 6th stitch together, one sc into every other stitch.
sc 4, inc, repeat [1/3] (36) – repeat the “sc 4, inc” pattern, but make one of the first
four single crochet stitches at the beginning and three at the end of the round. In other
words - sc, inc, (sc 4, inc) x 5, sc 3.
• sc 4, inc, repeat [1/3] (36) – number of stitches in a round after finishing said round.
• Do not join at the end of each round, work in a continuous spiral.
• Use a stitch marker or a piece of yarn to mark the end or the beginning of each round.
Move the marker up every round.
• All stitches are worked into both loops, unless stated otherwise in the pattern.
1: mr, 6
2: inc around
3: (sc, inc, sc 2, inc) x 2, sc, inc
4: (sc 3, inc) x 4, sc
5: (sc 6, inc) x 3
6: (sc 7, inc) x 3 [3/4]
7: (sc 8, inc) x 3
8: sc 5, inc, sc 16, inc, sc 7
9: sc 15, inc, sc 16
10: sc 32, inc
11-13: sc in each stitch
14: 1,2 dec, 18,19 dec
15: sc 8, dec, (sc 9, dec) x 2
16: (sc 8, dec)x2, sc 7, dec[3/5]
17: (sc 5, dec, sc 4, dec) x 2
18: (sc 4, dec, sc 3, dec)x2[2/2]
19: (sc, dec) x 6
20: dec around
* Eggs are crocheted from the top down.
Start the egg with an adjustable loop and pull it
tightly closed to avoid a hole in the top of the egg.
* Start stuffing the egg after round 17.
Stuffing is what gives your finished piece the
shape, so take your time to fill the eggs properly.
Loosen the stuffing between your hands and add a
little bit at a time. Keep adding the stuffing until
your eggs are firm and hold shape.
* Make the egg, stuff it firmly and fasten off.
Cut the yarn leaving a short tail. Pull it through
the loop and thread onto a yarn needle. Close the
opening by picking up all the remaining stitches
and pulling the center closed.
* Bring the yarn to the side of the egg, fasten
with a double knot and hide the tail.
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