The Old West — A Juried Carving Show Quilceda Carvers Presents

Quilceda Carvers Presents
The Old West — A Juried Carving Show
April 21st and 22nd, 2012—Building 600
Evergreen State Fairgrounds—Monroe, Washington
Quilceda Carvers invites you to join us at our 27th annual Artistry in Wood carving show.
It will be in the Pavilion (Building 600) at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe,
Washington. The show runs Saturday, April 21st from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Sunday
April 22nd from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM 2012.
A $5.00 donation is requested, with children under 12 and scouts in uniform admitted free.
Parking at the fair grounds is free and overnight RV spaces are available for $23.00. Some
local Monroe motels are offering discounted rates for those attending the show.
In addition to the juried show, there will be vendors, demonstrations and a bucket raffle.
Everyone attending will receive a carving goodie bag.
Selling Carvings—There is limited amount of space available for anyone interested in setting up a table to sell carvings, tools, patterns, wood and other carving related items. Vendor tables are $25.00 each with no commission charge. Contact Corky Savoie at (425) 3354904 for table reservations.
The Most Versatile Carver Award winner, given annually, (cat. 621), will receive a $50.00
cash award plus a plaque. Ribbons will be awarded for Peoples‘ Choice Awards.
Participating in a show is a learning experience. Along with the competition, you meet
new friends and learn new techniques. You may ask a judge to critique your piece.
Cash Prize Drawings for Participants—Each carver will receive a numbered ―Claim Stub‖
for each piece entered in the show, a duplicate stub will be entered in a drawing box. Sunday afternoon five drawings for cash prizes will take place. Every carver entered in the
show, regardless of skill level, will be eligible to win the cash prizes. The carver need not
be present at the time of the drawing to win.
Special Raffles—One raffle prize will be a Chain Saw Carving Bench made by Larry
Carter, a well known chain saw carver and club president. There will also be a Made in
Washington basket raffle.
Raffle tickets will be available at the show for $1.00 each or 6 for 5.00.
You can register your carvings in person Friday, April 20, 2012 from 1:00 PM to 8:00
PM and Saturday, April 21st from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Judging will begin by 9:15 AM on
Saturday. If you plan to register on Saturday morning, give yourself plenty of time.
You can also preregister your carvings by shipping them to Diane no later than Tuesday,
April 10, 2012. Send or give your entry to: Diane Nuetzmann—34411 Benson Creek Road
Granite Falls, Washington 98252. Phone: (360) 691-2892 E-mail: [email protected]
Pack entries carefully. Include: entry fee, return postage, shipping insurance if desired and
additional packaging for return shipping if necessary. Diane and Sandy will see that the
pieces are properly entered and shipped back to you after the show. You can always add or
remove an entry in person at the show. (See Pre-registration Form on page 14)
Quilceda Carvers does not charge a handling fee for carvings shipped for the show.
Please tell your friends and neighbors about this event. It is one of the best displays of
wood artistry in the Pacific Northwest. If you need further information or special handling
of your entry, please contact Diane or Sandy Rose at 360-435-6370 or 360-631-225. Email: [email protected]
R.V. Sites and Camping—R.V. sites with power and water hook-ups are available at the
fairgrounds for participating carvers and vendors at $23.00 per night. There is a dump station available on the grounds. Dry campsites are also available for $18.00 per night. Contact Wade Faries at 360-386-8849, or email [email protected] for more information.
Table of Contents
Rules and Regulations
Judging Standards
Featured Carver—Jim Johnson
Carvers‘ Showcase
Accommodations in Monroe
Pre-registration Form
Show Map
Directions to Evergreen State Fair Grounds
Show Poster
10:00 AM Wade Faries
12:00 Noon– Wood Turning-Fred Holder
2:00 PM– Pliars—Roy Ridderbush
10:00 AM– PM Bark Carving-Ron
12:00 Noon-Chainsaw Carving-Dave
2:00 PM-Cowboy Caricature-Gil Drake
Check for updates on the demo. board.
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Handmade carving tools, carving supplies and accessories
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This is your chance to sell
your surplus woodcarving
equipment. You name the
price, donate 10% to our
club, and we will sell it for
you. Bring your equipment anytime during registration or during the show
to our staffed sales table.
Questions, email Corky at:
[email protected] or
7227 128th Street Northeast
Arlington, Washington 98223
Thank you!
The chairwomen and Quilceda Carvers Club members
would like to thank all participants: carvers, scouts,
judges, vendors, volunteers, and guests. We hope you
enjoy the show and we will see you again next year.
Keep carving!!
1. Eligibility—This is an open show and everyone is eligible to enter his or her carvings.
2. Entry Fee—$4.00 per entry on the first 6 carvings, the 7th and additional carvings by
the same named carver are free (no family contribution).
3. Entry Limits—Other than a limit of two entries in the same numbered category by the
same carver, there is no limit on the total number of carvings that can be entered in the
4. Entry skill level—A carver may enter a total of one carving up one skill level, above
their ―recorded skill level,‖ if she wishes to see how the carving does. However, if she
wins any place award, the carver will then move to that higher skill level at the next
show year. A carver can only step down a level by petitioning, and gaining approval
(Continued on page 6)
(Continued from page 5)
from the Club‘s Review Committee on finding that the carver was unfairly advanced, or
can no longer compete at the higher level.
Junior—Age 16 and younger (see Div. S, 611 and 612), may be divided further by age.
There are no categories for entries at this level. All pieces, regardless of style, are
judged as one group by age division. (There is no entry fee for junior carvers.)
Beginner—Entry level for the first year of competition only. No Best of Division is
given at this level.
Novice—A carver may enter at this skill level until winning five first place awards or
two Best of Divisions in the Novice skill level at sanctioned woodcarving shows.
Intermediate—A carver may enter at this skill level until winning two Best of Division
awards on separate carvings at sanctioned woodcarving shows.
Advanced—A carver may enter at this skill level until winning three Best of Division
awards, one each on two different carvings with one Best of Division having been won
at each of two different woodcarving shows. The carver should, but is not required, to
advance to the expert level. After having won two more Best of Division awards, the
carver will be required to move to the Expert level.
Expert—This level is for carvers that have won five Best of Division awards in the Advanced level, one each on a different carving with one Best of Division having been won
at each of two different shows. This skill level will require a high degree of artistic presentation and craftsmanship. If a show does not offer expert level, an expert carver may
enter at the advanced level.
Master—Achieving the milestone of four out of five sections and one blue ribbon at the
expert level within each section will qualify an expert carver for the honored distinction
of Master Carver. A Master Carver is not a level of competition but rather a title of distinction that reflects the accomplishments required to achieve this status. A Master
Carver shall always compete at the expert level.
5. Carvings—Carvings are required to have been completed within the last two years,
(except beginners) and are eligible to compete during two show years. Carvings from
ivory are prohibited.
6. Seminar Carvings—cannot be entered above the intermediate level except in special
category 623.
7. Name(s) - All carvings must be registered in the name of the carver. If the carving is the
work of two or more, then all names must be on the registration entry and place cards.
8. Entry Category Changes—The show chair may move an entry to a more appropriate
section, division or category if deemed necessary for equality of the competition. If
there is only one entry in a category, the carving may be moved by the show chair to another or mixed category. No carver may be moved to a different skill level without his
permission. The judges or show chair may refuse any carving(s) deemed not appropriate for this show.
9. Judges’ Determination—shall be final and not subject to review. Carvers will not 7
talk to the judges during the judging session. Also, see rule 15 below.
10.Hangers—All hanging pieces must have sturdy wire or other hanging devices attached.
11. Special Displays—Arrangements must be made in advance of the show dates for large,
unusual or chain sawed pieces.
12.Carving Terms—The term Natural means the wood grain must show through any finish.
The term Painted means about one fourth or more of the carving has an opaque finish
with paint or heavy stain. The term Wood burned means it is a major portion of the entry whether in the round or relief style.
13.Liability—The Quilceda Carvers, any officer or member or the hosting facility or its employees cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage from any causes before, during or after the show, at the show facility or during the time the carving(s) is entrusted to
the show representatives. Quilceda Carvers officers or members cannot be held responsible for any checks issued for sales.
14.Registration of carvings will be Friday, April 20th from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM and on
Saturday, April 21st from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM or by preregistration which must be received by Tuesday, April 10th, 2012. All carvings must remain on display until the
show closes at 4:00 PM Sunday, April 21st.
15.Problems—Any problems or complaints can be filed in writing with the show chairpersons for review.
Unusual and exceptional interpretation of the subject matter
True to life where applicable
Proper proportion anatomy, balance and perspective
Use of light, shadows and color
Pleasing and uncluttered design
arrangement with display ability
Good carving techniques
Properly filled add-ons (as objects
in hands, inserts of feathers, etc.)
Difficulty of carving subject and
the wood
Use of tools and clean up of cuts
Sanding or excess of sanding
Blemishes, fuzz removal, clean-up
of surfaces
Application of colors, stains or
Relationship to overall work
True to life if applicable
Consideration of decorative value
and worthiness
Artistic appeal
Habitat adds or detracts to display,
if realistic
I was born during the depression in Magdalena, New
Mexico. It is located where two cow trails cross and the
supporting industry was cattle, sheep, mining and logging. We kids all carried pocket knives and we used
them in various ways but not on each other as they
sometimes do today. It was not at all unusual to see
men and/or boys ‗whittlin’ anytime they were sitting
around killing time. The younger of us did not really
know what sharp was and it‘s probably a good thing
since band-aids ranged from not common to unheard of.
Wood carving as a hobby, for me, did not begin until I was about ready to leave the field of wildlife biology. I started driving 60 miles a week, (one way), to attend Rio Grande Woodcarvers in
Albuquerque, New Mexico. All of the members there that know something about carving were
always ready to help new carvers with ideas, methods and any instructions that they thought useful
to get us off on the right foot. Mary and I were recently weaned from the Square Dancing crowd
and the woodcarving camaraderie atmosphere was easy to embrace.
Carved at age ten.
The different types of carving interest many new carvers while others
like the variety of woods that are available and that have beautiful
grain with good aroma. Pine, juniper and pinion were the main woods
I had to chop for the cook stove and I shudder to think of the beautiful
pieces of juniper, (cedar), that I cut up for stove wood without a
thought as to its beauty.
Like so many things today, changes are continual and I like new tool
designs and materials. I tend to eye new tools and products with envy but I also marvel at how
some carvers can exhibit such dexterity when using these tools. Like any hobby or sport, wood
carving can be expensive but it is only as expensive as you allow it to become. I‘ve learned that it
is not always the tool but the efficiency that comes from who is in control of
that tool.
Finally I would have to say that I like our hobby because it is not gender nor
age specific. I enjoy carving with women who can make me realize I need to
be a cleaner carver and who tend to exhibit more patience than I, but also
youngsters because of their enthusiasm and their joy when they finish a carving. Carving is not a race to see who can make the most chips but is individual fulfillment and the satisfaction in doing something that you like—and if
your spouse, parents or other carvers like it, that is just icing on the cake.
Happy Whittlin
SECTION I - Waterfowl and birds (in
the round)
Division A: Waterfowl
Cat. 111 Natural finish-all waterfowl
112 Word burned texture-very little
paint, all waterfowl
113 Stylized-any finish, all
114 Smoothes-painted, all
115 Seabirds-see List 115
116 Decoys-service & hunting class
117 Realistic ducks-Species list 117
118 Geese, loons, swans
119 Puffin, grebe, cormorant,
120 Full-bodied-standing-flying, etc.
121 One-half life size-all waterfowl
121 Miniature-all waterfowl
Division B: Songbirds
122 Songbirds-Species list 122
123 Songbirds-Species list 123
124 One-half size-Species lists 122
and 123
125 Miniature-Species lists 122 &
Division C: Birds
126 Game Birds-Species list 126
127 Raptors-Species list 127
128 Shorebirds –Species list 128
129 Water birds-Species list 129
130 Stylized, Free form-all species
lists 122 through 129
131 Natural finish-Species list 122
through 129
132 Wood burned texture-very little
paint, all species 122 through
133 Bird decoys-on sticks, Species
lists 128 & 129
134 One-half size-Lists 126 through
135 Miniature-Species lists 126
through 129
136 Miscellaneous-any species not
on lists 115 through 129
SECTION II - Mammals, fish, Human,
and Caricature (in the
Division D: Animals
Cat. 211 Wild Species-except Species
List 212
212 Games species-Species list 212
213 Horses
214 Horse with human
215 Domesticated-except cat. 213
216 More than one, scene, etc.
217 Natural finish, cat. 211 through
218 Stylized
Division E: Carousel Types
Cat. 221 Carousel figures-to 8‖ high
222 Carousel figures 9‖ to 20‖ high
223 Carousel figures-over 20‖ high
224 On rockers-all heights
Division F: In-The-Round: Head Only
Cat. 241 Fish-fresh water species
242 Fish-tropical, exotic
243 Fish salt water species except
cat. 242
244 Fish-natural finish, all
245 Whales, walrus, seals, porpoise
246 Reptiles, lizards, turtles, snakes
247 Dragons, dinosaurs, unicorns
248 Aquatic, frogs, crustaceans
Division G: In-The-Round
Cat. 250 Human-Full-figured painted
251 Human-Full Figured natural
252 Human-Head, bust, any finish
253 Caricature-Head, bust, any finish
254 Caricature-Human
255 Two or more or with animal
256 Stump, knot or burl
257 Santas-all styles, any finish
258 Clowns, gnomes, wizards
259 Caricature - mammal
260 Caricature - bird
261 Caricature - fish
332 Mixed media
333 Chain saw-see list 333
334 Figures 2‖ high or less
335 Round or egg shaped
336 Wood turning
337 Bone, antler or plastic
338 Decorative spoon, ladle or fork
339 Driftwood or found wood
340 Christmas ornaments
341 Scroll sawed
342 Gourds-carved
343 Gourds-wood burned
344 Miscellaneous
SECTION III Special Types
Division K: Special Types
Cat. 311 Religious theme - except relief
312 Functional items - all uses
313 Household items - all uses
314 Clocks - not chipped carved
315 Trunks, large boxes
316 Small boxes - jewelry type
317 Boots, shoes or leather goods
318 Floral, botanical
319 Wood burning scene
320 Wood burning flora
321 Wood burning human
322 Wood burning animals
323 Stone-hard media
Division L: Special Types
Cat. 324 Chip carved plates or plaques
325 Chip carved clocks, boxes or
326 Jewelry including mixed media
327 Designs, games or pipes
328 Canes, staffs tools or stools
329 Chains or interlocking loops
330 Comical or whimsical
331 Abstract or ornamental
Division M: Relief
Cat. 411 Human-full figure any finish
412 Human-head or bust any finish
413 Human-caricature or clown
414 Religious subject-any finish
415 Designs, patterns or objects
416 Signs or plaques
417 Applied relief-intarsia
418 Parquetry-inlay
419 Deep relief-pierced
420 Shallow-scribed lines
Division N: Relief
Cat. 421 Landscapes
422 Buildings
423 Seascapes, boats or water
424 Transportation-except boats
425 Floral-botanical
426 Domestic-scene or object
428 Bark-faces or animals
429 Half-round hanging
Division O: Relief
Cat. 430 Animals-full figure
431 Animals-head or bust
432 Animals-several together
433 Animal and human together
434 Animal cutout or half figure
435 Waterfowl and all birds
436 Fish reptile or whales
437 Miscellaneous
Division P: Any Native Style
Cat. 511 Helmets, hats, bonnets
512 Masks - full-head types
513 Masks - face only types
Division Q: Any Native Style
Cat. 522 Natural finish items
523 Hanging-half-round items
524 Totem Poles - to 2 feet
525 Totem Poles - to 6 feet, see rules
526 Miscellaneous
Division R: Any Native Style
Cat. 531 Bowls, spoons, plates, plaques
532 Rattles, pipes, canes
533 Paddles, spears, clubs, sticks
534 Boxes, baskets
535 Kachina type figures
536 In-The Round pieces
537 Miscellaneous
Division S: Special Carvers
Cat. 600 Courtesy-display only
611 Juniors - Age 11-16
612 Juniors - Age 10 and younger
Division T: Special Carvings
Cat. 621 Most Versatile Carver
623 Seminar or class carvings
624 Challenged or handicapped
Notice: No entry fees for cat. 600
through 612
LIST 115 SEABIRDS: Albatross,
Auklet, Booby, Frigate bird, Fulmar,
Guillemot, Jaeger, Kittiwake, Petrel,
Bufflehead, Mandarin, Ring-necked,
Ruddy Duck, Scoter, Teal, All tufted, Coot,
Goldeneye, Pintail, Redhead, Scaup,
Shovelar, Black Duck, Canvasback,
Harlequin, Mallard, Merganzer, Whistling,
Eiders, Gadwall, Old Squaw, Tufted,
Widgeon, Wood Duck
We have it-We Stock it-We’ll ship it today-Full Service sharpeningAdvice and repair-Full supply of carvers’ hand and power tools
2008 South Fruitland
Kennewick, Washington 98337
(509) 585-7787
1-800-828-5576 for orders only please
On - Site Registration is time consuming and more expensive. It is ONLY available
on Friday, April 20th from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM and Saturday, April 21st from 7:00
AM to 9:00 AM. Pre-registered items can be brought at the same times as above, but
the process will be much faster.
LIST 122 SONGBIRDS: Bushtit,
Chickadee, Creepers, Finches,
Hummingbird, Kinglet, Nuthatch, Siskin,
Sparrow, Swallow, Swift, Warblers, Wren,
Yellowthroat Verdin
LIST 123 SONGBIRDS: Bluebird,
Bunting, Chat, Crossbill, Flycatcher, Junco,
Peewee, Phoebe, Pipit, Redpoll, Tanager,
Thrush, Titmouse, Wagtail, Wheatear,
Woodpecker, Wren-tit, Blackbird, Bobolink,
Cactus Wren, Cardinal, Catbird, Cowbird,
Dipper, Dipper, Grosbeak, Kingbird, Larks,
Martin, Meadowlark, Oriole, Starling,
Towhee, Waxwing, Crow, Cuckoo, Flicker,
Grackle, Jay, Kingfisher, Longspur,
Magpie, Mockingbird, Nighthawk,
Nutcracker, Pileated Woodpecker, Raven,
Road Runner, Robin, Thrasher, Varied
LIST 126 GAME BIRDS: Chucker,
Doves, Grouse, Partridge, Pheasants,
Pigeon, Prairie Chicken, Ptarmigan, Quail,
Snipe, Turkey, Woodcock
LIST 127 RAPTORS: Buzzard, Condor,
Eagle, Falcons, Hawk-Owl, Hawks,
Kestrel, Kites, Merlin, Osprey, Owls,
Curlew, Dotterel, Dowitcher, Dunlin,
Godwit, Killdeer, Knot, Oystercatcher,
Phalarope, Plover, Sanderling, Sandpiper,
Stilt, Surfbird, Tattler, Turnstone, Wimbrel,
Willet, Yellowlegs
Cranes, Egret, Flamingo, Gulls, Gallinule,
Heron, Ibis, Pelican, Rails, Stork, Terns
LIST 212 GAME ANIMALS: Antelope,
Deer, Elk, Goat, Moose, Sheep, Wild Pig
Offering Discounted Rates
Best Western Inn
19233 State Route 2
Monroe, WA 98272
(360) 794-3111
(800) 528-1234
Fairground Inn
18950 State Route 2
Monroe, WA 98272
(360) 794-5401
Guesthouse Inn and Suites
19103 Stat Route 2
Monroe, WA 98272
Snohomish Inn
323 2nd St.
Snohomish, WA 98294
(360) 568-2208
If you are displaying work at the show, you will need to register. To help speed the registration process you can pre-register your carvings using this form. This will eliminate some of
the paperwork when you arrive at the show. Just complete this form and mail it with your
check to be received by April 10, 2012.
You may list an asking price if your carving is for sale. We will include that information on
the tag. Quilceda Carvers is not responsible for bad check payments. You may also enter
for free courtesy carvings which will not be judged.
Skill levels are: J = Junior B = Beginner N = Novice I= Intermediate A = Advanced
and E = Expert. The fee for judged entries is $4.00 per carving for the first 6 entered. Additional carvings are entered for free for the same named person, (no family combinations).
Name:______________________________________ Phone________________
City:____________________________________ State:_______ Zip:__________
Phone:_______________________ Agent:_______________________________
Tag #
Description of Carving
Title, description, type of wood
By signing this form the exhibitor agrees to abide by the show rules:
Shipping and Insurance
Total Check Enclosed Payable to:
Quilceda Carvers
Mail check and entry form(s) to:
Quilceda Carvers c/o Diane Nuetzmann -34411 Benson Creek Road— Granite Falls, WA 98252
Carvers’ Dinner and Auction, Saturday, April 21st
This dinner is for carvers entered and/or attending the show. As always, the carver’s
spouse or friend is welcome. Do plan to attend this event. It is always enjoyable
with good food, conversation, stories, laughs, and some friendly teasing. This is a
great time to enjoy the company of your fellow carvers, make new friends, and a perfect time to acquire a quality carving from one of your favorite artists at the auction.
So bring your checkbook. Inquire at the registration desk for more information. Dinner will be at Alfys located at 19121 State Route 2. The charge is $7 per person for
the pizza. Beverages and salads are extra.
Wood Carving &
on DVD
Ron Adamson
Directions to Monroe
Fairgrounds Map
Building 600
Show Site
East Entrance