Joshua Series

Joshua Series
Dr. Michael Erickson
Joshua 10
The Battle at Gibeon
Let’s turn to Joshua 10
and see the miraculous
battle of Gibeon
Hail came
Joshua 10:11
Large hailstones
baseball and softball size.
1492 a.d. Upper Rhine river one
hailstone at 260 lbs.
1510 a.d. In Padua Italy 1200
hailstones at 120 lbs. ea.
1762 a.d. In Verona one hailstone at
200 lbs. and another at
300 lbs.
The God of battles
Joshua 10:11
God’s intervention made
Israel more than conquerors
Romans 8:31-39
Psalm 18
The longest day
Joshua 10:12-14
One of the greatest miracles
of the Bible involving the
whole solar system
and the laws of the
“The Sun stood still”
Joshua 10:12
“The Moon stopped”
Joshua 10:12
What is a “miracle”?
Miracles are
Something that is caused by
the supernatural intervention
of an Almighty God.
can and often do
defy the laws of nature
and reason.
Like walking on water.
The crossing of the Red Sea
The crossing of the Jordan
The virgin birth
The miracles of Jesus
The resurrection of Christ
Joshua 10:16-26
Victory over the five Kings
Joshua 10:25
Joshua said to them, “Do not be
afraid; do not be discouraged. Be
strong and courageous. This is what
the LORD will do to all the enemies
you are going to fight.”
“Do not be afraid”
Joshua 8:1
Joshua 10:8
Joshua 11:6
“Do not be discouraged”
Joshua 1:9
Joshua 8:1
“Be strong and courageous”
Joshua 1:6
Joshua 1:9
Joshua 1:18
Our victory
Joshua 10:26
Romans 16:20
Psalm 91:13
Luke 10:19
Joshua Series
Dr. Michael Erickson