CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (in alpha order by title) Adventures in Journaling:

(in alpha order by title)
Adventures in Journaling: (7 and up)
Julie Jensen
Campers will be drawing, painting, writing poetry, and more with daily entries into a
mixed media journal. Each day we will create a page or more of our journals, which will
ultimately end up producing a little book. The books will be a unique expression of each
Animal Mayhem: (6 to 9 year olds)
Amy Hyatt
Join us to seek out the different animal haunts near the Grammar School woods, laugh
and learn from animal stories, imitate animals through games, and learn to move like the
different animals discovering what they find when roaming the area.
Batik: (8 and up)
Emily Weinberg
Batik is a fabric dying process that uses wax and fabric dye to create patterns and pictures
on cotton. Students will draw with wax and color with dye to create a pillowcase or a tshirt.
Coding: (8 and up)
Paul Siegel
Anybody can learn to write code! This course will explain the concept of computer
science and introduce core programming concepts through games and other activities. It
also uses problem-solving scenarios that let the student assume the role of computer
scientist. Give it a shot!
Comics: (8 and up)
Ciaran Gaffney
This class will be an introduction to sequential storytelling, layout, and character design.
Students will come up with a plot and work together to make a short comic, each creating
a page of the overall story.
Dioramas: (all ages)
Laura Walker
Make a treasure. The theme for the shadow box will be your favorite part of summer, and
we'll use paper cutouts and layer images to make a 3D project. Everyone will start with a
box (provided), and then the we'll paint and decorate the interior to make a scene that
reflects your favorite part of summer. Bring in any photos you would like to include!
Dungeons and Dragons: (9 and up)
Jason Touchette
Do you like reading fantasy/science fiction novels or watching fantasy/science fiction
films and programs? Have you drawn or imagined what you would like as a fantasy hero?
Would you like to explore a vast imaginative world full of monsters, magic, mischief,
arms and armor? If you are interested in any of these, then you should give Dungeons and
Dragons a try! D&D is the original fantasy role playing game. Here you will have the
chance to learn the basics of game play including character development, working as a
member of an adventuring team, understanding basic rules and the general flow of a
D&D gaming experience. You don't have to be an experienced gamer to enjoy our
adventures. All experience levels encouraged! No equipment necessary, all basic gaming
needs provided.
Ermine Wilderness Survival Overnight: (6 to 9 year olds)
Amy Hyatt
Over the week we will build sleeping forts and fire pits, explore and play games that
prepare us to spend the night outside without a tent (or a tarp?)! This adventure will be
similar to the older campers overnight but appropriate to the age and experience of the
younger campers. Who knows, they might even challenge the level of the older campers!
Faerie Fire: (6 to 9 year olds)
Amy Hyatt
We’ll explore the woods and gullies seeking out the Faeries, making Faerie & animal
houses, finding the wild edible plants that delight, building fires, playing games and
watching out for faerie mischief! (Be careful or you might giggle too much!)
Felting Fuzzy Friends: (all ages)
Ann-Michele Andrews
In needle felting, you use a barbed needle to bind together wool fibers. After getting the
hang of a few simple techniques to create some basic shapes, there's no limit to the
adorable creatures (or scary monsters!) you can make. In this class, we'll cover the basics
of needle felting and then quickly be ready to create entire menageries of felted fuzzy
Fencing: (6 to 8 year olds)
Ian Bigelow
Come learn the art of the duel – fencing as it was done during the Renaissance and
Medieval time periods! Along with games and drills for learning technique, we can battle
with lots of swords (and safety equipment). Each class begins with a warm up, safety
check, and review of basic footwork and guards. Then we do various partner drills and
melee scenarios. This class is intended for younger children and will involve more
make believe.
Fencing: (9 and up)
Ian Bigelow
Learn how to use a sword and defend your honor! This class offers a historical approach
to swordplay, which differs from the modern sport of fencing. We draw from the
techniques of the fencing masters of the Medieval and Renaissance time periods. Along
with games and drills for learning technique, we can battle with lots of swords (and safety
equipment). Each class begins with a warm up, safety check, and review of basic
footwork and guards. Then we do various partner drills and melee scenarios. This class is
intended for older children and will focus on more advanced techniques and
Fisher Cat Wilderness Survival Overnight: (9 to 12 year olds)
Amy Hyatt
Over the week we will build survival shelters, cook over the fire, gather and prepare wild
edibles, and make our own containers culminating in an overnight Thursday night testing
our skills. Each camper will set goals at the beginning of the week for the
overnight. Whether this is your first time or a repeat, there is always the next level of
Forest World Adventures: Elves, Rangers, & Wizards (9 to 12 year olds)
Amy Hyatt
Create your own mythical, magical character and enter into the Forest World where you
and your companions will go on an adventure each day. You may have to save a scout
bitten by a snake by finding the antidote and getting it away from the Troll. Or maybe an
Ogre will take over an area and you and your companions will go on a quest to win the
Ogre away. Who knows what happens when you pass through the Forest Portal each
day…but you will need to draw on your wits, your sneaking skills, your awareness skills,
your knowledge of plans, and some survival skills each day! Scenarios based on the
strengths and gifts of the characters you create.
Friendship Bracelets: (all ages)
Laura Walker
Here the students will learn techniques to making their own friendship bracelets. We'll
work with an array of colored threads and learn knotting patterns as we go. We will start
simple and move forward creating a product that the children can wear or give as a gift.
Frisbee: (all ages)
Jake Mann
Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting, non-contact team sport that mixes elements of soccer,
basketball, and football, and the rules of the game are simple enough for anyone to pick
up and start having fun right away. But it also requires a level of skill and agility. In this
class, players will learn and practice the basics of the game and improve their skills.
Illustration: (8 and up)
Ciaran Gaffney
This class is an introduction to the purposes of illustration as a combination of design and
fine art. Students will use fairytales and storybooks, as well as look at some classic
illustrations as references to help them create an illustration that conveys their own idea.
Introductory Printmaking: (9 and up)
Hannah Richards
Printmaking is a versatile medium with great possibilities for the imagination. We'll start
with several monoprinting techniques, both additive and reductive, and move into more
repetitive designs. We'll make carved stamps for cloth and paper, with the option to
decorate clothing. Students will learn to make drawings into prints, and layer prints over
drawings or other prints. Campers will leave with the skills to keep on making!
Many Ways to Play With Clay: (7 and up)
Hannah Richards
This workshop will cover the basics of hand building in clay, using both low-fire white
and self-hardening red clays. This is a fun introduction to tools and techniques and will
be tailored to the group of campers. We will make some utilitarian vessels and fanciful
objects, using various introductory and as well as advanced techniques for all levels.
We'll also decorate our wares using nontoxic glazes and underglazes (colored slip) and
learn other ways to decorate, too.
Multimedia Self Portraits: (all ages)
Laura Walker
The multimedia self portrait class will start by the students taking photos of each other.
These images will be printed and later mounted poster board, which students decorate in
a way that describes themselves using imagery or painting with their favorite colors.
Paint! (7 and up)
Hannah Richards
In this workshop, we will explore the outdoors with brush and pad in hand. We'll do
small studies of plant life and big landscapes. Basic techniques will be introduced and
expanded using materials in various forms, such as watercolor tubes and tempera cakes.
Students will learn to layer paint for different effects, work wet into wet, dry-brush, and
learn to care for and clean brushes properly, as well as some introductory color theory.
Painting and Drawing: (6 and up)
Julie Jensen
Come join us for this fun and spirited class exploring drawing and painting. In keeping
with the theme of summer camp, the focus here will be process and experience as
opposed to product. We will be using a different medium each day to keep everyone
engaged and excited. The various projects we might do include splatter painting,
botanical mono prints, cray pas and watercolor, or blow painting with india ink. The
possibilities are endless!
Paper Jewelry: (all ages)
Laura Walker
We will start this class by making various styles of paper beads, which we will then
assemble into handmade jewelry.
Pie Making: (all ages)
Laura Walker
This is an opportunity to learn how to make different types of pies! We will start with a
simple pie, like pumpkin with a graham cracker crust, and work up to more complicated
pies, like apple with a lattice top. We will also work on some basic kitchen skills, like
how to follow a recipe and measure ingredients. Pies are a fun summer dessert, and we
will work with locally sourced ingredients.
Pinatas: (all ages)
Laura Walker
Kids can make their choice of animals or hot air balloons out of papier mache. The end
product will be a piñata to save – or smash to pieces! We will first take balloons and layer
papier mache over them to create a solid, hollow object. We will then decorate the
balloon by painting it and gluing paper onto it to turn it into the desired creation. The
piñata can then be used as a decoration or party game.
Ropes Course: (7 and up)
Chris Harlow
Doing the ropes course is more than just scaling a wall. Students will also take part in
team building games and trust activities. The kids will also learn how to navigate the
Grammar School's ropes course safely and set their own challenges – often climbing
higher than they thought possible!
Session 1: (8 and up)
Sessions 2 and 3: (all ages)
Jake Mann
In this class, you'll improve your game and have a blast doing it. In the all-ages class,
we'll focus on learning and practicing basic skills and concepts using games and stations.
The older class will refine their dribbling, passing, and receiving to get ready for the fall
Stuffies and Softies: (7 and up)
Julie Jensen
This offering will give campers a chance to design and sew their own stuffed animals.
Depending on the skill of each camper, we will put together a design, create a pattern,
sew together, and stuff our own creations.
Sugar and Magic: (all ages)
Ann-Michele Andrews
If you've ever wanted to learn to make confections that look as good as they taste, this is
the class for you. Who knows what we'll come up with…maybe we'll artfully decorate
beautiful cookies with royal icing…maybe we'll mold marzipan into whimsical creatures
and fanciful tableaux...maybe we'll create impossibly delicate macarons. One thing is for
sure: Our adventures in pastry will involve lots of sugar and magic.
Tissue Paper Flowers: (all ages)
Laura Walker
These are fun to make and beautiful to have. In this class, the children will learn different
techniques to make tissue flowers. These flowers can be used to make garlands or
Ultimate Frisbee: (8 and up)
David Hull
Know the backhand? Maybe the forehand? How about the hammer? Biscuit? Scoober?
Thumber? Learn all these throws and more when you play Ultimate Frisbee with David
Hull. We'll also practice the basics of the game including how to make a strong cut,
defend, and make a layout D block – or at least learn what one even is.
Wilderness Cooking: (9 to 12 year olds)
Amy Hyatt
Ever wonder how to make soup without a pot? Cook meat on a fire with no grill? Each
day we will explore a different method of primitive cooking over the fire ranging from
stone griddles to bread on a stick, from boiling water in an eggshell to cooking on hot
coals. And at the end of the week we will have a Wilderness Chef Cook-Off!
Woodworking: (all ages)
Chris Harlow
This class will offer a week of carpentry using hand tolls to create individual crafts. We
will be using kiln-dried dimensional pine to build small items such as birdhouses, doll
furniture, jewelry boxes, etc. The children will create and build their projects with an
emphasis on basic carpentry skills and learning to use tools safely, all while having fun.
Yoga: (all ages)
Laura Walker
We will be working on sun salutations, a basic beginning yoga practice. Depending on
the weather, we will do our practice inside or outside. This introductory class is perfect
for doing stretches in a specific order, which will help with flexibility and have a calming
effect. A main focus will be learning the right posture for stretching to instill good habits
for future practice.