The printable black line masters that are available on following

The printable black line masters that are available on following
pages are designed and written by Tracy Jarboe and Stefani
Sadler. All artwork is the original creation of Stefani Sadler.
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Pumpkin Art & Sentence Building
Make a copy of the pumpkin and sentence for each student. Have
the students’ color or sponge paint the pumpkin. When they have
finished, they can cut out the word blocks and arrange them to
build the sentence – A pumpkin is orange and round. After you
have checked to ensure that they have built the sentence
correctly, the students can glue the sentence on or below their
Student Made Book – “Bats”
Copy and quarter fold a book for each student. Have the students read the
book to you. Be sure that the students touch tap each word as they read.
Then have the student’s color each page and print their name on the cover.
Class Book – Costume Parade
Have each student write their name and what they will be for Halloween on
the page. Put the pages together to make a class book. ie. Mark will be a
fireman for Halloween.
Directed Drawing
Direct the students in drawing the different jack-o-lantern faces on their
pumpkin. There are six faces: happy, angry, sad, frightened, sleepy, and silly.
Numeral Order
Have each child trace the numbers on the pumpkin and then glue them in
order on a sentence strip. The skill concept is ordering by 2’s - even
Halloween Graph
Cut out the autunm pictures and place them in a Halloween bowl or plastic
pumpkin. Give each child a graph. Have them put their name and date on the
side. Then look for a quiet child to reach into the bowl and pull out a picture.
Have the student’s color one square above that picture on their graphs.
Continue until all pictures have been pulled from the bowl and graphed. Then
count the number of colored squares in each column and write that number
above the column. Put a circle around the number above the column that has
the least and a square around the number above the column that has the
Ex. Cindy has pulled an apple out of the bag. Everyone take out your red
crayon and color a square above the apple. Scott has pulled an acorn out of
the bag. Everyone take out your brown crayon and color a square above the
acorn. Continue on in this manner asking which column has the most, least or
equal amounts as you go.
Save the pumpkin seeds from your class pumpkin and allow each
child to plant a few in a milk carton. They will sprout quickly. You
can transplant them into clay pots that the children have painted
at the art center. These plants grow and change almost daily. They
are fascinating to watch.
Display 4 or 5 different types/sizes/colors of pumpkins at your
science center. As a class compare, contrast, and describe their
differences and similarities both inside and out! Write about your
Okay... How much are you willing to suffer in the name of
science? Try letting a pumpkin rot in your room! It is very cool to
watch. Do not move or disturb it in any way and use a baster to
remove juices. You will have to suffer through about two weeks of
stink, but you will have created a memory and a wonderful
learning opportunity.
Pumpkin Bagels
Mix orange food coloring into cream cheese until it makes
pumpkin orange. Have each child spread some of the cream
cheese mixture onto a bagel half. Decorate the pumpkin with
raisin eyes, nose and mouth. Enjoy!
Try using mini-bagels to make more pumpkins.
October Recipe
Have the children make a sandwich using two slices of white bread and a
filling of your choice – peanut butter & jelly, cheese, turkey, or whatever you
like. Then have the children place a ghost shaped cookie cutter on the bread
and push down, tear away the crust and surprise, they have a ghost shaped
sandwich. I like to use Wilton’s Comfort Grip Ghost Cutter. They are far
superior in quality and can be purchased at Michael’s, Walmart and most cake
decorating supply stores. Use the crusts to feed the birds with!
October Art
Paint each child’s foot using white tempera paint. Have the child carefully
step onto a piece of black construction paper. Let the footprint dry. Once
the paint had dried, use a black marker to add a ghost face. The heel of the
foot is the head and the toes of the foot are the bottom of the ghost. Place
this poem on the paper above, below or next to each footprint ghost.
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