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burlap is
ideal for banners
and rustic table
runners, But it’s so
much more than that!
Check out THESE fabulous
home décor Projects we
made Using versatile,
bringing back burlap
free F R O M H O B B Y L O B B Y }
burlap bath
We’ve turned basic burlap into
boutique-worthy creations. From the
window treatment to the shower curtain
and the lamp to the hamper, everything
in this bathroom got the burlap treatment.
1. Stool: A thrift store find got a beautiful burlap upgrade that made it
absolutely one of a kind. With basic sewing and upholstery skills, you can
turn your own stool into a completely customized seat. Hint: When using
zebra-print burlap ribbon, remove the wire before sewing.
2. Lampshade: Turn a dull lampshade into a powder room focal piece with a burlap ribbon trio. First, cover the
shade with exotic zebra-print burlap. Then add different colored ruffles along the sides. Simple yet stylish!
3. Shower Curtain: You won’t find this wonderfully rustic shower curtain at any department store. It’s 100
percent homemade—and 100 percent customizable. We first sewed together lengths of 12” natural burlap.
Then we added blue burlap along the seams, using embroidery floss to gather, then machine stitching.
4. VALANCE: Embellish a homemade burlap window treatment with pre-made burlap roses for a pop of color for
a charming rustic look. Tip: Since burlap is so stiff, you’ll want to gather the ruffles by hand and then sew the
pieces together.
5. Laundry Basket: We gave a woven wastebasket a creative redo with basic burlap—four different kinds, to be exact.
And with the word laundry stenciled right on the front, now there’s no excuse for leaving clothes on the floor.
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Burlap has gone
chic & elegant
with our fabulous selection
of designer-st yle burlap—
think mustard yellow, animal
print And trendy chevron.
Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations
office space The place where you get stuff done should have a calming,
laid-back feel. And we know just how to achieve that. Natural burlap is an easy and inexpensive
way to give your space an elegant, unexpected twist. From the burlap-covered bulletin board
and the I-can’t-believe-it’s-burlap garland draped across it, to the DIY monograms and
make-a-statement pillow, this room has just the right amount of rustic charm.
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on board
This checkerboard-style burlap garland is
easier to make than it looks. We simply wove
black jute through a strip of burlap at 6"
intervals, gently tugging it to gather it as
we worked. We think it dresses up a
burlap-embellished corkboard quite nicely.
monogram me
Looking for
a bit of nothing-to-it décor? Try covering canvas with
our chevron-patterned burlap and then stenciling on
a larger-than-life monogram. Change up the sizes of
canvas for extra interest and dimension.
soft spot
To make this damask accent
pillow, we first stenciled a design onto the burlap
before cutting it to size. Then we added burlap ribbon
that was frayed and knotted in between the layers to
make the fringed trim. Tip: It’s helpful to make a cover
for the pillow form so you can’t see through the burlap.
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hello, burlap
Now that burlap is available in fun colors (like
mustard yellow and turquoise blue) and exciting
patterns (such as animal print and chevron), it’s
become an even more versatile textile. Try your
hand at a très-chic burlap wreath or
burlap-wrapped vases and bottles.
WARNING: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn on heat-resistant surface.
Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" and keep candle out of drafts to avoid smoking.
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Do not allow children to complete projects alone. Adult supervision required.