Integrations Guidelines Trustpilot Partnerships Program
Trustpilot Partnerships Program
These guidelines apply to any use by partners and customers of Trustpilot’s Public API. Violation of these
guidelines may result in the closing down of your access to Trustpilot’s Public API and termination of your
agreement with Trustpilot.
Trustpilot’s Public API enables merchants to get real time content from
Trustpilot, such as the TrustScore, total number of reviews, as well as
a list of a merchant’s reviews, which can be ordered by date of
publication, language or number of stars. Our content can be
displayed on any device, from computers and tablets to mobile
phones. While our API gives you complete flexibility in terms of how
you choose to display this content, you must do so in a meaningful,
utterly transparent and non-misleading way for consumers. This is why
we have the following requirements in addition to the agreement in
place between you and us.
Display Requirements
Always display accurate TrustScore and number of reviews.
Always display the latest version of the review as users are allowed to edit
the content of their review at any time.
When using Trustpilot resources, please only use the logos, star images,
and URLs that are provided by Trustpilot through the API. See below for a
full description of the images that are available.
Don’t display inaccurate information. The TrustScore, number of stars,
and number of reviews, need to be in line with the information displayed
on the Trustpilot website.
Don’t edit the content or information of a review.
Don’t edit the review author information.
Don’t index the reviews to get rich snippets which is against
Google’s Usage guidelines for rich snippets.
Don’t display the reviews as your own data which means you should not
copy the reviews within your source code, it is considered as duplicate
content and it is against Google guidelines for scrapped content.
Branding Requirements
The logo image can be displayed on both dark and white
backgrounds, in 3 sizes.
120x18 pixels, 255x38 pixels, 510x76 pixels
120x18 pixels, 255x38 pixels, 510x76 pixels
Branding Requirements
Correct Use of the Logo
Dark Background
Black Background
Dark Photo
Dark Textured background
White Background
Light Background
Light Photo
Light Textured background
Branding Requirements
Incorrect use of the Logo
Dark Background
Dark photos
Bright multi-colour backgrounds
White Background
Light photos
Bright multi-colour backgrounds
Branding Requirements
Logo Clear Space
The letterform should be located to the right of the Trustmark, but is not
The distance between the Trustmark and the letterform is 20% the height/
width of the Trustmark.
The Logo should have surrounding clear space matching the height/width
of the Trustmark where possible. But never lower than 20%.
Branding Requirements
Trustpilot Icons and Stars
The Trustpilot checkbox icon is available in 4 sizes.
40x40 pixels, 100x100 pixels, 230x230 pixels, 560x560 pixels
Trustpilot star images are also available in one size, depicting no
stars, one star, two stars, three stars, four stars and five stars.
Best Practices
Trustpilot recommends not to use exaggerated filtering or ordering while
displaying the reviews.
Consumers should be given the opportunity to filter and order individual
reviews as preferred.
Integration Example
Trustpilot collects independent reviews from authentic consumers.
Trustpilot content and reviews more specifically must display a
“Powered by the Trustpilot” stamp and Trustpilot logo and icon, which
links to the Trustpilot website.
Thank you