Notice of Race - Barrington Yacht Club

Sunday, May 31, 2015
Sunday, September 27, 2015
Barrington Yacht Club invites you to participate in the
25th Annual Pret Gladding Memorial Race
and the
37 Annual Bud Humphrey Memorial Race
for cruising class boats.
These are “around the island” pursuit races with starts staggered, according to PHRF rating.
These are individual races and are not part of a series.
Crews consisting of family and friends are strongly encouraged.
All competitors are invited back to the Barrington Yacht Club for a reception following each
1. Rules
The regattas will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.
This is a non-spinnaker race,
i. Only a single headsail, fully hanked to the headstay, is allowed, except during the
rapid change of headsails.
ii. Spinnakers, bloopers, etc. are prohibited
2. Eligibility and Entry
a. These races are open to all mono-hulled cruising/racing sailing vessels with a 2015
PHRF rating.
b. Eligible boats may enter by completing a separate entry form and waiver for each
race and submitting the documents with the required fee to the Barrington Yacht
Club prior to 1500 on the Saturday immediately preceding the race.
i. May 30, 2015 for the Pret Gladding and
ii. September 26, 2015 for the Bud Humphrey.
3. Fees
a. The entry fees are:
i. Pret Gladding $25.00
ii. Bud Humphrey $25.00
4. Schedule
a. Warning Signal for all starts 1055
b. Prep Signal
c. First Start
d. Subsequent starts
1 minute intervals
e. Starting time for each boat is as designated in the time schedule for PHRF ratings.
To be posted as Appendix A to the Sailing Instructions.
5. Sailing Instructions
a. Sailing Instructions will be available on the club’s web site (
and at the Barrington Yacht Club no less than seven (7) days prior to each race.
6. Start/Finish
a. The start/finish shall be at Ohio Ledge.
7. Course
a. The course is around Prudence Island.
b. The direction of rounding shall be
i. clockwise for the Pret Gladding and
ii. counterclockwise for the Bud Humphrey.
c. The following marks are to be left between the island and the competitor:
i. C27 Sandy Point
ii. R/G south end of the island
iii. R8 west of Northwest Point
iv. R/G Providence Point
d. For the Pret Gladding the marks are to be rounded in order reading down and left to
e. For the Bud Humphrey the marks are to be rounded in order reading up and left to
8. Penalty System
a. The Penalty system in Rule 44 as modified by Rule T1 shall apply.
9. Scoring
a. Each boat shall be scored in the position she finishes.
10. Radio Communication
a. All boats shall have a VHF radio on board and monitor channel 72, the race channel,
from their approach to the racing area until clear of the racing area.
11. Prizes
a. Prizes will be presented to the boats finishing in the first three places.
12. Additional Information
a. Summary mailing may be made for either race.
b. Such mailing(s) will contain accurate information and may be relied upon.