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To the children of the Law of One, who are here to establish a world at
peace. The peace process begins individually with an awareness of Oneness.
This awareness happens automatically when you know who you are, really.
Knowing who you are begins when you answer three questions, the answers
to which automatically create in you an awareness of Oneness which leads
to a consciousness of love, and love leads to peace.
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HELP ! Am I living in a world of make believe, or is this a movie?
This can‟t be real. Right? It‟s a movie. Right! One of those really bad, scary,
creepy ones where at every turn you get the living crap scared out of you. I
don‟t like scary movies, never did, never have, and never will. I‟m out of
here. Who do I see to get my money back?
Don‟t ask me how I know, but I know. Somehow I made a big
mistake. No, that‟s not it. Someone gave me the wrong ticket. Who in their
right mind would want to come to this planet? This place is a mad house.
Most, but not all humans are crazy. How else can you explain what goes on
here? Say, maybe we are making a movie after all, and all the world is a
stage and all of us are actors. Never mind. I still want out of here.
I tell you this planet scares the heck out of me. No wonder I didn‟t
want to leave the womb. But, after thirty-six hours of labor, it was coming
down to a choice between my mother and me. One of us was going to live
and one of us was going to die. So, I stopped fighting and allowed myself to
be pushed out of the womb, down this dark tight passageway and into a cold
delivery room. Before I knew what was happening, my connection with my
mother was severed, my mouth invaded and bang, in a blinding flash of
desperation, I changed over from not breathing to breathing air. Talk about
shock and awe. Damn that hurt!
It was January 9, 1939. The place was Detroit, Michigan and I just got
my ticket punched. Now what? Fade to black, I fall asleep. Fast forward five
years. My family has moved to Louisville, Kentucky, my brother Spencer
was born a few years ago. Our father has gone off to war. Now, I‟m the head
of the family. Imagine that. I‟m five, maybe six years old, and I‟m the “Man
of the house.” I don‟t understand war, but I do know that if you go to war
you don‟t come back; you die. My father has gone to war. He won‟t come
back. He will die. That‟s scary. How am I going to take care of my mother
and brother? I‟m too little! I can‟t even cut the grass. The push mower is too
big; the grass too tall. My mother cuts the grass. My father returns from the
war. I grow up but I never forget how scared I was.
After the war the family moves to St. Matthews, a suburb of
Louisville, Kentucky. Another war starts in a place called Korea. My fear
returns. I‟m more convinced than ever that life on Earth is about war, being
scared, and living in fear. Why is life this way? I have no idea. It just is.
What can I do about it? Absolutely nothing! But then I get an idea. How
about when I grow up I come up with a philosophy of life that will bring an
end to the fear and the violence. A thought of fantasy. Yes, of course. Please
God, I wish my stomach would stop hurting.
Life moves on. I graduate from high school. I attend the University of
Kentucky. I fall in love at first sight. Susie and I marry. Our first child,
Stephanie, is born while we are still in college. Good thing too. Stephanie
keeps me out of the Vietnam War. After college, our son, Gary, is born. I
have a series of seven jobs from which I am fired, plus two business failures.
I hit bottom. My life takes a dramatic turn. I meet Jack White.
Jack has had an epiphany. He died for eighteen minutes and lives to
tell about it. Jack‟s search for answers leads him to teach his experience. I
take his Self-Awareness class and have a meeting with my Real Self. That‟s
the name Jack gives to the Soul. I have found what I want to teach. Many an
evening Jack and I talk about how to popularize his teachings. But we never
figure out how to attract the general population. Eventually, so few people
come to hear Jack that he stops teaching. But before he calls it quits, his
class notes are written and copies are made, and I get one.
I take Jack‟s material, add to it and subtract from it, and begin
teaching my own version, which I call Potentials Unlimited. When I no
longer attract students, I begin conducting self-hypnosis classes for Stop
Smoking and Weight Loss. For each class I write and record a self-hypnosis
tape which I give out as part of the class. My classes do well. It isn‟t long
before I write and record other programs. Mostly I take the material from my
Potentials Unlimited class, break it into various subjects like relaxation,
concentration, memory, etc. In eighteen months I write and record around
forty programs under the Potentials Unlimited label. The tapes are sold
around the world.
The time is l977-1979. I have found my message, my teaching
method, and my voice. I know what is motivating me. I am making good on
that thought to make the world safer for that little boy whose father went off
to war.