R90mm sill detail flexible wrap

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Window frame (refer to
window manufacturer for
method of support and fixing)
Window liner
PEF backing rod
Waterproof airseal
using Baritec
AL4750 silicone or
expandable foam
8mm minimum cover
WANZ support bar
Run knife through Vee Groove
to remove excess 5mm when
using flexible wrap
EX- 90R Baritec window
Timber framing
Baritec silicone bedsealed (to
face of wrap) to perimeter of
opening if fully encapsulated
Selected interior lining
Selected cladding
Cavity batten
Approved building wrap
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Baritec EX-90R
Typical Sill Detail - 90mm Framing using Flexible Building Wrap
May 2015
Scale 1:2
Fig 40