Creative Fiber Guild Library
Page 1
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Creative Fiber Guild Library
Page 3
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Creative Fiber Guild Library
Page 4
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Multi Applications
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Creative Fiber Guild Library
Page 6
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Creative Fiber Guild Library
Page 7
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Creative Fiber Guild Library
Page 8
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Arlene's Original Designs: Robin, a baby flower fairy, needle-sculpted doll 4 1/2"
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Arlene's Original Designs: Babies in Baskets, doll, mouse, bear, skunk, duck
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Creative Fiber Guild Library
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Maggie's Classics, Tennis Dress, Size 8
Maggie's Classics, Tennis Dress, Size 10
McCalls Crafts: Attic Babies #5076
McCalls Crafts: Attic Babies #5077
McCalls Crafts: Harvest Time #4507
McCalls Crafts: Festive Touches #4530
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Pink Kitten, Jana's Jumpsuit, Size 2-3 (1981)
Pink Kitten, Active Sportswear, Size 8-14 (1981)
Smocking Machine instructions with manual
Gina's Jumpsuit, English Smocking, Size Teen 5-11
Joycraft Cuddler, Zippered Crotch, Toddler 1 & 2
Tomorrow's Treasurers, Embroidered Collar Dress (1981)
Virginia Bib: Jumper, Pinafore, Jumpsuit (1981) Size 2
Virginia Bib: Jumper, Pinafore, Jumpsuit (1981) Size 3
Vogue Patterns: Christmas stockings, ornaments, santa clause
Vogue Patterns: Christmas Carollers