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These are Birmingham's healthiest
May 29, 2015, 12:11pm CDT Updated May 29, 2015, 12:18pm CDT
Michael Seale
Birmingham Business Journal
Several Birmingham banks have a particularly clean bill of health.
Most Birmingham banks have a very clean bill of health, according to a new report from Atlanta-based Banks Street
The investment bank, which focuses on financial institutions, compiled a report analyzing the Texas ratio of Southeastern
banks. Several banks in the Magic City scored very well in the report.
The Texas ratio, a common metric used to assess bank health, measures a bank’s nonperforming loans compared to its
capital and loan loss reserves. The lower the ratio, the better condition a bank is in.
A Texas ratio of 100 or above is an indication a bank could potentially fail, indicating a high volume of bad loans on a
lender’s books. A ratio close to zero suggests the opposite: a strong bank with very few bad loans.
Oakworth Capital Bank led the way with a 0 percent score - the best possible score a bank can receive from the measure.
The bank was recently recognized as the third healthiest in the nation.
Here is the full list of Birmingham banks that ranked among the state's healthiest with Texas ratios below 10:
Oakworth Capital Bank - 0.0 percent
Pinnacle Bank - 2.2 percent
ServisFirst Bank (Nasdaq: SFBS) - 4.0 percent
National Bank of Commerce - 4.9 percent
Cadence Bank - 6.5 percent
Alostar Bank - 6.7 percent
First Partners Bank - 7.2 percent
Bank of Walker County - 7.2 percent
BBVA Compass - 7.9 percent
Birmingham's largest bank, Regions Bank (NYSE: RF), received a favorable score of 18.0, which is on par with other
regional peers of its size, including Synovus (16.0) and SunTrust (17.5).