Diploma in Costume Construction for Theatre, Film & Allied Industries

Diploma in Costume Construction
for Theatre, Film & Allied Industries
Course Objectives
Giving graduates the necessary professional skills
to work within established costume departments in
film, TV, opera, ballet, dance and drama
companies, or to work on a freelance basis in New
Zealand or overseas.
Want to…
Make wearable art?
Construct corsets?
Help create devised theatre?
Make costumes for Hollywood feature films?
Run your own costume hire business?
Construct garments for avant garde fashion shows?
Alter and tailor costumes for stage & screen?
Costume opera singers, dancers & actors?
And much, much more?
Why Costume Construction?
“The professional costume maker is a crucial link in the
creative chain from design to performance. Combining the
specialist skills of the artisan with the inventive problem
solving of the engineer, they enjoy a vital place in the
collaborative process. This course allows costume students
to extend their experience within an exciting and diverse
community while developing unique skills and
Kaarin Macaulay
Head of Costume Construction (ex Opera Australia)
Bekky Campbell
“I knew I needed training, it’s something I have to
do in order to make my way in the industry, gain the
skills and get the right contacts. Being able to sew,
with costume themes is really exciting and much
harder than fashion.”
Bekky Campbell
Costume Construction Student
First Year
• Understanding and proficiency in pattern-making,
pattern-cutting & costume construction
• Classes in history of costume, fabric printing, mask,
fantasy costume, millinery, corsetry, soft prop
making, jewellery, and body padding
• Understanding of particular garments, fabrics, and
the design process
• Fitting, dressing & maintaining costumes
Gemma Crouch-Gatehouse
“I wasn’t very experienced when I started but
Kaarin Macaulay has taught me so much. It’s
amazing because she’s worked with some of the
big guns in costume and can give us really useful,
practical advice about what it’s like out there while
also helping us create something amazing.”
Gemma Crouch-Gatehouse
Costume Construction Student
Second Year
• Produce costumes for Toi Whakaari productions & related
performance projects
• Assume the role of costume supervisor for Toi Whakaari
productions, working alongside student designers
• Learn to interpret costume drawings to realise the design
• Continue pattern cutting, costume construction and other
specialist skills
• Prepare a portfolio and exhibit their work at the end of the
Anna Mahy
“I wanted a proper qualification and wanted to
learn about making costumes properly. This is a
really good environment to learn about theatre and
film as a whole as well as specialising in costume,
which is my passion.”
Anna Mahy
Costume Construction Student
Important Facts
• Don’t need any qualifications
• You must have a demonstrated passion for costume,
textiles or sewing
• You must turn 18 by 1 February
• Applications due before 29 September
• Fees approx $5,700 per year
• Eligible for Student Loans & Allowance
• CHECK OUT www.toiwhakaari.ac.nz
What Employers Say…
"There is a high level of expertise required in the construction and finishing of costumes for theatre and
screen and the skills for this cannot currently be found in the local industry. The dedicated course now
offered by Toi Whakaari is a crucial step in rebuilding this necessary and valuable tradition." John
Senczuk, Event Designer, Sydney New Year's Eve Celebrations 2005
“I fully support the training of a new generation of Costume Practitioners at Toi Whakaari, and look
forward to welcoming graduates with fresh ideas, enthusiasm & a good grounding in costuming to our
industry.” Jane Holland, Costume Designer, Xena, Cleopatra 2525, Hercules, Sione’s Wedding
“The construction of costumes, undergarments and accessories is a fascinating area of study and
requires a high level of specialised practical skills. To learn these skills within the vibrant environment of
Toi Whakaari (while mixing with actors, dancers, designers, directors and technicians), is a particularly
empowering way to start a successful career.” Penny Fitt, Head of Performance Design (ex Bristol
Old Vic Theatre School, Designer Penumbra)