Proceedings of Research Advisory Committee Meeting

Bangalore University
Proceedings of the First meeting held on 18th March 2015 at 11.00AM in the
Board Room, JB Campus, BUB of Research Advisory Committee for the
Bangalore University
Members Present:
The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, BUB
Prof.K.Siddappa, Former Vice-Chancellor of BU
Prof.Vasudeva K Aatre, Former Secretary, DRDO
Prof.S.Bisalaiah, Former VC of University of Agricultural Sciences- Member
Prof.Mewa Singh, Dr.Ramanna Fellow, University of MysoreMember
Prof.B.Mahadevan, Indian Institution of Management
Dr.H.N.Ramesh, Director, PMEB, BUB
Prof.B.C.Prabhakar, Director, IQAC, BUB
Members absent:
1. Prof.H.A.Ranganath, Former VC of Bangalore University
2. Prof.R.S.Deshpande, Former Director, ISEC, Bangalore
The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor welcomed all the members and the day’s agenda was
taken up.
The Director, IQAC introduced all Members of the committee.
The Hon’ble VC explained that the object of this meeting is to motivate the Bangalore
University teachers because their institutional commitment is not so good. Most of
the publications are come from very few departments only. He also suggested for
collecting faculty-wise data to get correct information.
The Chairman said that clarification can be noted down and then suggestions may be
given. The Hon’ble VC said that the information will be furnished in the next
meeting. For applying for projects, teachers should be motivated. He also said that if
BU take strict action on teachers for taking classes regularly, atrocity case, women
harassment case, etc. will be lodged by them. He also said that a) optimum utilisation
of space and equipments, b) Making the last semester completely project orientation
and c) internship for some specialisation courses.
-2The Chairman suggested to Dr.H.N.Ramesh to include ‘Sanctioned amount’ column
in the statement.
Prof.Bisalaiah suggested for furnishing the total amount sanctioned, total amount
drawing in the particular time, and year-wise details.
The Chairman wanted;
a. To fix a meeting with all the deans, Chairpersons, Principal Investigators.
b. Details of Research scholars in PG, Engineering and other Research Centres of
Bangalore University – both full time and part time registered.
c. Details of how many are finished Ph.D.
d. Information regarding not publishing even a single paper.
He also suggested the Director, IQAC to send the above details through E.mail as and
when he receives the information.
The Registrar explained that the Young Bigade awards will be given for the
candidates who are below 40 years of age.
Prof.Bisalaiah told that every teacher should be completed at least one paper in one
year. The Hon’ble VC said that Research budget will be included in this financial
year only.
Prof.Mahadevan required following details:
1. Details regarding international conferences.
2. On priority basis, all the faculty to make life-time publications.
3. Culture of annual work planning in Bangalore University is there or not. Every
year in the month of Febuary, work plan should be implemented and in April of
every year
should be furnished.
4. Index are all misleading. We need to categorise.
5. Monographs, industrial orientation.
6. Information regarding patents.
Prof.Bisalaiah suggested to start reward system or incentive system.
The Chairman stated regarding lack of structure. Guidelines will be given at the end.
The Hon’ble VC said that student support should be given apart from financial
-3Prof.Mewa Singh said that there are so many rewards available now. He also said that
there is no methodology and within BU structure. Prof.Mahadevan said that 80%
faculty will be retiring in three years. Prof.Aatre said that motivation and requirement
never be indicated.
The Chairman said that
 administration of Bangalore University details.
 He also said that we must recommend research priority should be given.
 Bangalore University spending to teachers and not for research.
 Every teacher must actively involved in research.
 Funding agency to interact.
Prof.Bisalaiah said that research culture to develop and in appointment order only to
written. The Chairman said that there is a mandatory already. He also said to enforce
the things in positive way and positive tips may be given to them.
The Chairman also wished to interact with Deans, Chairpersons, Principal
Investigators of projects and to visit individual departments to get an ideal.
Prof.Madhavan suggested that below 30 years Scholars who have finished Ph.d
should be identified. The Chairman appreciated Prof.Madhavan and suggested to start
one more group for below 35 years also. The Chairman said that report should be
finished as early as possible. Hence, he suggested to fix a meeting tentatively on 8th
March 2015 at 11.AM to 1.00 PM and 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM also said that one letter to
be sent to all deans, Principal Investigators, Chairpersons of all departments of
Bangalore University stating that streamlining of guidelines regarding research
Prof.Bisalaish suggested to focus on financial and administrative factors. He also
brought information to the notice of committee that separate account opened in the
names of PIs in some universities. But, in Bangalore University and also in some
universities, the release of funds takes six to seven week. Hence, the decrease in
projects sanctioned. While sending notification, format should be there which was
required by Prof.Bisalaiah.