sizes:age 5 to 16.
You may sell your finished hats.
Permission is not granted to copy or distribute this pattern in any manner.
Worsted weight yarn (scraps of a variety of colors: 100 grams total)
Crochet hook, size 6.5mm (US K 10.5)
Yarn needle
4 Jingle Bells
INSTRUCTIONS: Gauge: 3 sc long = 1 inch
5 TO 12 YEARS, (20 inch headband) Chain 60
12 to 16 YEARS, (21 inch headband) Chain 64
2. Single crochet in the 2nd stitch from the hook, and in each stitch of the chain.
3. Chain 1 and turn, single crochet across the row.
4. Repeat step 3, changing colors as you wish, for a total of:
5 to 12 Years: 23 rows
12 to 16 Years: 24 rows
See photo 1.
5. Divide the last row of stitches into 4, and work the first tail:
Single crochet across the row of ¼ of the total stitches. (For example, for 5 to 12
years, the total number of stitches was 60 across the row, therefore each tail will be
15 stitches. For 12 to 16 years, each tail will use up 16 stitches.)
*Chain 1 and turn, single crochet across the row of the number of stitches for the tail.
Repeat from * for:
5 to 12 Years: 20 rows.
12 to 16Years: 24 rows.
6. Begin to decrease for the point on the tail:
* chain 1 and turn, skip the first stitch, single crochet across, skip the 2nd last stitch,
single crochet in the last stitch. Chain 1 and turn, single crochet in each stitch across
the row.
Repeat the sequence of the two rows from * until you have reduced to a point, and
fasten off with a long enough yarn end to be able to sew up the tail, (approx 12 to 15
Make 3 more tails:
Repeat 3 more times, making one triangle shaped piece in each ¼ of the top of the hat.
See photo 2, all 4 triangles have been finished. Change colors at random, use variegated
yarn, or introduce different colors whenever you decide to.
7. See photo 3. Sew up each of the tails. Photo 3 shows one tail sewn up.
Photo 4 shows all 4 tails sewn up. Pull slightly on the seam to form a curve in each tail
as you sew them up.
8. See photo 5. Sew up the seam of the hat, closing it up. Before fastening off the yarn,
take a few stitches in the center of the hat to close up any openings left between the
9. Make the picot edge: Attach contrasting color yarn in any stitch along the bottom of
the hat. *Single crochet in the next 2 stitches, chain 3. Repeat from * across the
round, slip stitch to join, and fasten off. Weave all the yarn ends into the finished
10. Sew bells on the ends of each of the tails.
Tip: To achieve more control in the direction of the tails, a small amount of stuffing
can be added at the base of the tails, (at the top of the head area).
End of Pattern.