Baker Center Ambassadors - Howard H. Baker Center for Public Policy

Baker Center Ambassadors
Interested in politics? government? public policy? public service?
Check this out!
As a Baker Ambassador, students will be given the opportunity to bridge the gap between their student life
and their involvement in the Baker Center and the wider community. This opportunity will be open to all UT
students who have a passion for civic engagement, public policy, politics, government, and public service.
Event Developer/Hosts: Students will work before, during and after an event takes place to help with
planning, promoting and make sure the event functions properly.
National Campaign for Civic & Political Engagement: UT is a member of this Harvard-led consortium,
which focuses on political engagement, from research and promotion of voting, to educational programs for
younger students.
Educational and Social Events for Baker Scholars and Learning Community: Help plan educational and
social events for the Baker Center Living and Learning Community and Baker Scholars.
Howard Baker Public Policy Challenge: Students can participate or assist with this annual program and get
hands-on experience in policy creation, development and implementation.
Legal name in full________________________________ Gender: M____ F____ Date of Birth: _______________
Age: ____ (Check one) I am a: ____US Citizen OR ____ International student from ______________ (Country)
Permanent Address: ______________________________ Campus Address: _______________________________
Phone number:
(________)________________________ E-mail address: _______________________________
(Mobile # Preferred)
Undergraduate major(s): _______________________
Undergraduate minor(s): __________________________
Cumulative GPA: _______GPA in Major(s): _______ Expected date to receive degree: _____________________
Please answer the following questions (NO more than 500 words TOTAL) and attach with your resume, to
your application.
1. Why do you want to be a Baker Ambassador?
2. What would you like to get out of your Baker Ambassador experience; what will you offer in return?
Return this application to: Ashley Jakubek, Baker Center, 1640 Cumberland Ave. CAMPUS 3340
[email protected]
Applications are due by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 10, 2015. Interviews will take place the week of April 13,
Rev. 2015