Hearts and Flowers Quilt

Hearts and Flowers Quilt
Fabric requirements:
1 metre of Donegal tweed
6 – 8 long or fat quarters in woven cotton or linen checks and stripes
75 cm of a plain cotton or linen for borders
1.5 metres of wadding
2 metres of backing fabric
Double sided fusible interfacing for applique
Hearts and Flowers – Donegal tweed quilt, compliments of fabric affair, Ireland.
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Hearts and Flowers Quilt
Block design:
This quilt is a “one block wonder” – the variety and interest is created by the linen or cottons
used in each block. It’s a great way to use up fabric in your stash by choosing a vibrant
length of tweed that will match with lots of colours.
All blocks are made the same way:
Cut 1 x 4” square from tweed
Cut 2 - 2 “x 4” strips from linen or cotton
Cut 2 – 2” x 7½” strips from linen or cotton
Block construction:
Stitch 2 of the 2”x4” strips to the top and bottom of each 4” square.
Stitch 2” x 7½” strips to side of block, press flat, and then trim block to measure an exact
6½” square. Repeat this to make up each block, using a variety of cottons, until you have
25 completed blocks.
Arrange blocks in rows of 5 on a design wall (or on the floor) until you have a
design/arrangement that you like. Make sure that the mix of colours is pleasing to you.
Now stitch the blocks together in rows of 5, and then join the rows together.
Hearts and Flowers – Donegal tweed quilt, compliments of fabric affair, Ireland.
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Hearts and Flowers Quilt
When you have stitch all the blocks together your quilt should measure 31” x 31”.
First Border:
Cut top and bottom borders out of the contrast linen or cotton fabric, check measurements
first, and then cut 2½” x 31” and stitch into place.
Cut side borders out of same contrast fabric (again checking measurements first) and cut
2½” x 43” - do not stitch this border in place yet!
Second Border:
It’s easier to stitch the appliqué onto the border before stitching the border onto the quilt.
Cut top and bottom borders in tweed , 5” x 31”
Cut two side borders in tweed, 5” x 43”
Measure and mark half way along each 5” strip of tweed – this will be the position for the
heart appliqué (see illustration)
31” or 43”
Using scraps from the cotton fabric, cut 4 heart shapes, 8 flower shapes, 16 leaf shapes and
make 8 strips of bias tape measuring approx 5 “ long . Following the picture as a guide, place
the appliqué onto the tweed border and stitch in place. Place the heart shape half way along
each border and then place bias stem, leafs and flowers in a pattern that pleases you.
Appliqué with double sided fusible interfacing: double sided fusible interfacing allows you
to attach one fabric to another. You can then sew on appliqué shapes either by hand or with
Hearts and Flowers – Donegal tweed quilt, compliments of fabric affair, Ireland.
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Hearts and Flowers Quilt
your sewing machine, using a range of stitches and threads. Method: Trace the design from
the pattern sheet on to the paper side of the interfacing and then cut out along sketch line.
Iron on the interfacing, making sure that the adhesive side is facing the wrong side of the
fabric. Cut out the design and tear off the interfacing paper and then iron the cut out design
on to the border, with the adhesive side facing the fabric. Finally, appliqué the design onto
the fabric. Because you are not turning under the edges of the fabric that is being appliquéd,
this method is often called “raw edge appliqué”, and the slightly rough edge of the design has
it’s own attraction.
Finishing your quilt:
Once the appliqué is complete continue to construct your quilt. Sew a tweed border to the top
and bottom of your quilt. Now, attach the first border (contrast cotton 2” wide x 43”
long)along the side of the quilt, followed by the second border along the sides in tweed
making sure that the heart appliqué is at the centre of the border(if necessary trim ends of
border to fit).
Third border:
Check measurements of quilt, and cut 2½” wide strips from contrast cotton and frame your
quilt with this final border.
Cut top and bottom border 2½” x 43
Cut two side borders 2½” x 46
Measure and cut wadding slightly larger than finished quilt top, and then make backing
fabric the same size as the wadding. Sandwich the wadding between the quilt top and
backing fabric, pin in place to hold, and then quilt as desired. Trim raw edges and attach
Binding: Sew all remaining cotton fabric together in a long strip, and cut into strips 2½”
wide by the length of the finished quilt (measure top and side of finished quilt and double to
get length of binding required). Press binding in half lengthwise, and with raw edges
together attach to front of quilt, making sure to miter the corners. Fold binding over the raw
edge of the quilt and hand stitch in place to the back of the quilt, stitch with double thread.
Press your quilt, attach a label and your quilt is finished.
Hearts and Flowers – Donegal tweed quilt, compliments of fabric affair, Ireland.
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Hearts and Flowers Quilt
Appliqué shapes:
Hearts and Flowers – Donegal tweed quilt, compliments of fabric affair, Ireland.
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