LEFT “When it comes to kitchens there are many elements to con-

LEFT “When it comes to kitchens
there are many elements to consider. For this family of six, I needed
to make sure I accommodated an
island that not only would function
for entertaining, but would maintain
flow in a space that was long and
narrow. Storage is typically an issue
in most kitchens, so I prefer cabinets
to go to the ceiling to make the best
use of vertical space. A modern yet
comfortable aesthetic makes this
kitchen inviting and functional at
the same time.” — Sarah St. Amand.
Sarah St. amand
Sarah St. Amand Interior Design
Veteran interior designer Sarah
St. Amand still knows what’s
hot. “Antique brass is making a
comeback,” says the Brantfordbased designer who’s been big
in the business for 15 years.
She’s also predicting a move
away from the now-ubiquitous
espresso hardwood. “You’ll see
lighter woods for floors, cabinetry and furniture,” she notes.
Colours with impact are also
on trend this year. “For 2013, the
colour direction is toward punchy
blues, mixing brighter blues
with navy blue, emerald green,
grey and salmon pink,” she says.
And the geometrics trend is still
going strong. “You’ll continue to
see stripes, angles and diagonals — especially a chevron pattern
— used in wallpaper, fabrics and
other decor elements.”
St. Amand is a graduate of
Sheridan College’s interior design
program and she has oodles of
experience working in residential
and commercial projects of all
sizes. You may recognize her from
her appearances on CityLine or
from the national recognition her
design work has achieved.
Since 2008, she’s been creating luxe-looking interiors through
her company, Sarah St. Amand Interior Design. “I bring my experience and knowledge to the table
and source products that not only
reflect my clients’ aesthetic but offer quality, functionality and great
style,” she explains.
Despite her knowledge of the
trends, St. Amand’s designs have
a timeless quality. “I’m often
inspired by nature,” she says. “My
office has a lovely view of trees
and my garden. Nature is the best
palette because anything goes!”
Jill FraSer
House of Fraser Decor
After recognizing her natural
aptitude for design, Jill Fraser left
behind a business career in Toronto to earn a diploma in design
and decor.
“I would hear friends’ and
neighbours’ stories of struggling
to pick paint colours and frankly
I was stunned. I thought those
types of decisions came easily to
everyone,” Fraser explains. “Once
I made the realization that I had
a knack for decor, I decided to go
for it.” She established House of
Fraser Decor in Ancaster in 2010.
Fraser is dedicated to creating
accessible lifestyle solutions for
organizing, entertaining and
everyday life. She delights in helping clients see new possibilities in
their homes.
“Inevitably, at some point in
every project, a client has turned
to me and said, ‘I would never
have thought of that!’ That’s
one of my favourite sentiments
because I think people get so
used to the way their home
looks, they don’t know how to
begin to change it up,” she says.
“Sometimes a little change is
all you need to love your space
again and get excited by your
home. What gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction is pushing clients a little outside their
comfort zone.”
For most people, your house
is your biggest investment, so
why not create a home you really
love? “It’s so important to love
everything about your home,”
Fraser says. “My goal is to make
your home express your personality. If your space can do that,
you’ll always feel comfortable and
content at home.”
Kate davidSon
Kate Davidson Design
Interior designer Kate Davidson
is forever on the lookout for
her next source of inspiration.
“I’m always researching ideas
in magazines and online using
sites like (home decorating website) Houzz,” says the Oakville-
based owner of Kate Davidson
But in the end, her muse
is always you. “Primarily, the
client and their environment
is my source of inspiration. I
try to get in tune with their
individuality and bring it out in
the space. Every design needs to
have a purpose and suit its user
by displaying a personality.”
Davidson, who studied
environmental design at the Ontario College of Art and Design,
is a guest lecturer at Sheridan
and a member of their Interior
Decorating Program Advisory
Committee. She was recently
honoured with a ‘Best of Houzz’
award in the category of design.
As a professional who’s completely immersed in her work,
Davidson, not surprisingly, has a
number of strategies and trends
to share. “My tried and true
design tip is symmetry. Whether
you are designing a kitchen or
accessorizing a mantel, a space
that is evenly balanced will
always feel pulled together and
polished,” she says. “For 2013,
glamorous interiors are on trend.
We’ll also see a lot of brass and
gold accents, feathers, gloss
finishes and layered patterns
and textures.”
Although there’s a lot going
on trend-wise this year, Davidson has some timeless words of
design wisdom. “Good design is
about making a few key statements and not about filling the
room to the brim,” she says. “My
style is pared down with a ‘less
is more’ approach.”
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