2014 Quilt Entries Entry Deadline: July 1, 2014 General Information

2014 Quilt Entries
Enter your quilt in the 2014 San Diego Quilt Show!
Entry Deadline: July 1, 2014
General Information
Quilts entered in the 2014 San Diego Quilt Show are eligible for the following prizes:
Art Quilt: 1st prize $100, 2nd prize $50
Primitive: $100
Traditional Pieced Quilt: 1st prize $100, 2nd prize $50
President’s Choice: $100
Traditional Appliqued Quilt: 1st prize $100, 2nd prize $50
Best of Show: $300
Hand Quilted: $100
Viewer’s Choice: $50
Domestic Machine Quilted: $100
Challenge Quilt: $100
Long Arm Machine Quilted: $100
Youth (under 18): Ribbon Only
Modern: $100
Entry Categories:
Art: A quilt that is non-traditional in construction or
content where a variety of techniques could be used
including painting, dying, embellishing, stamping or
computer generated images, original work.
Traditional, pieced: Predominantly machine pieced
using traditional patterns Ex: log cabin
Traditional, appliquéd: A quilt predominantly appliquéd using any technique
Modern: Includes the use of bold colors and prints,
high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative
space, and alternate grid work.
Primitive: Typically includes plaids, homespuns, flannels, wool, or appliqué with a naïve or untrained look
with deep saturated non-primary colors.
Youth Quilt Entry: Quiltmaker is under age 18
Sales Booth Entry: Quilts, wall hangings, tops &
blocks offered for sale at the SDQS Sales Booth. They
are not part of the general display exhibit. If sold, 15%
will be deducted to cover SDQS costs. On quilts sold
for less than $100 the entry fee will be applied to the
15% sales fee.
Group Entry: Could be a class, guild challenge, teacher, etc. that quilts will be hung together. Please name
the group and submit all entries with the same Group
title. Ex: Quilter’s Academy Freshman Year.
Quilt Challenge: It’s a Zoo Out There. Maximum size
of 120” total around outside edges.
Opportunity Quilt: Quilts to benefit non-profit organizations will be displayed and tickets sold by sponsoring organization. (click here for specific guidelines)
State basic colors in quilt
2014 Opportunity Quilt Info
Opportunity Quilt
Your organization will have the opportunity to sell a quilt to benefit a non-profit organization. Management and
staffing for the selling of opportunity quilt tickets is the responsibility of the organizations who desire to sell their
opportunity quilts at the show. The following guidelines are to be followed.
1. The quilt may be a “work in progress” at the time the entry is mailed; however the quilt must be finished
completely when turned in for hanging. Unfinished quilts will not be accepted. The quilt must have a 4 inch
wide sleeve.
2. Each participating organization will appoint a spokesperson, who will interact with the SDQS chairperson.
3. Make sure you have ticket sellers for each day (usually done in two hour shifts.) If your quilt is unattended,
then tickets can not be sold by another organization. We will provide a table and two chairs for each Guild.
4. No other items are allowed to be a part of the opportunity quilt, and no other fund raising items may be sold.
You may bring in Guild information, Flyers and program schedules to be shared with the attendees.
5. People working the first shift will be able to enter 10 minutes before the show begins each day in order to set
up their area. They must take the money with them at the end of the day, but they can leave the tickets and
stubs under the table at the end of the day.
6. You must be a Non-Profit organization. IN CALIFORNIA, A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION MUST
FORMS ARE AVAILABLE AT http://ag.ca.gov./charities/raffles.php. You must provide proof of your current
7. Any organization that does not comply with the above instructions will not be allowed to sell tickets at the
8. Because we feel that your participation is a service to your guild, We require that your Volunteers, pay to get
into the show. Perhaps each guild would be willing to reimburse your volunteers, as part of the expense of
selling tickets.
All quilts must be turned in on Monday, September 1, 2014 between 1-4 PM at Rosie’s Calico Cupboard
Classroom. You will be able to take your opportunity quilt at the end of the show on Saturday. You must
provide Dorothy McRann with the name and phone number of the person responsible for taking the quilt.
They will need to sign a release.
If you have any questions, call Dorothy McRann, 619-698-2330.
2014 Quilt Entry Rules
All entries must be received by July 1, 2014. Entry fee is $10 per entry. Add $5.00 if you would like your quilt
critiqued by professional judges. A check made out to SDQS may be written to cover multiple entries.
Mail check, two 4x6 photos (per entry), and entry form(s) to:
Clara Gibson
2577 Starkey Way
Alpine, CA 91901
Submit two overall 4x6 photos for each piece. (It may be a work in progress.)
Insurance is the sole responsibility of the entrant. SDQS assumes no liability for the entries. SDQS will take every
precaution to protect your items. Security guards are on duty during the overnight hours at the San Diego Convention Center.
By entering your item, you are giving SDQS and visitors permission to photograph it. For items to be excluded
from the SDQS CD/DVD (if produced) check the “Exclude” option on the entry form.
Panels, pre-printed pieces and unfinished quilts will not be accepted for regular display. Quilt tops and blocks
will be accepted for the Quilt Sales Booth. Wood, metal, etc. will not be attached or included for hanging items.
All entries are accepted and displayed at the discretion of SDQS, Inc.
An acceptance letter will be delivered by mail after receipt of completed entry form.
Quilts must be dropped off on the following dates/locations:
Sunday, August 24, 1:00—4:00 p.m.
4749 Oceanside Blvd
Oceanside, CA
Monday, September 1, 1-4 p.m.
Rosie’s Calico Cupboard
7151 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA
Quilts must be picked up at the Convention Center, Saturday, September 6, 4:30—6:00 p.m. or Rosie’s Sunday,
September 7, 1:00-4:00 p.m. (No North County Pick-up).
No member or quilt owner will be allowed to remove his/ her quilt from the display racks. The take down committee will remove all quilts. A commemorative quilt label will be given to all entrants.
There will be a $25 LATE FEE for items not picked up by the designated time.
2014 Quilt Show Entry Form
“It’s a Zoo Out There”
September 4-6, 2014 • San Diego Convention Center, Hall A
Entry Deadline: July 1, 2014
Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________ State_____ Zip _____________
Phone: _________________________ Email: _______________________________________
Entry Title (or Group Name): ________________________________________________________________
Art Quilt
Traditional, Pieced Quilt
Traditional, Appliquéd Quilt
Modern Quilt
Primitive Quilt
Youth Quilt: Age ______ (only if under 18)
Sales Booth Entry: Price ________
Group Entry
Opportunity Quilt
“It’s a Zoo Out There” Challenge
Size: Width (left to right)_______ Length (top to bottom)_______
Owner: ________________________________
Pieced: q Hand q Machine q Mixed
Maker: ________________________________
Applique: q Hand q Machine q Fused q Mixed
Quilter: _______________________________
Quilted: q Hand q Domestic Machine q Long Arm
ENTRY TYPE: q $10.00 - Standard Entry
q $15.00 - Standard Entry w/ Professional Judge Comments DROP OFF LOCATION: q Aug 24: Aretoy - Oceanside q Sep 1: Rosie’s Calico Cupboard - San Diego
Artist’s statement- In 50 words or less, describe your entry: inspiration, design, and techniques (use the back of
this sheet if necessary)
By entering my item, I understand that I am giving SDQS and visitors permission to photograph it. I have read
the 2014 SDQS Quilt entry rules and agree to abide by them.