Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt
The Disappearing Nine Patch block is created by cutting a Nine Patch Block through the middle both horizontally and vertically.
Any size or design of a Nine Patch block will work as long as all nine squares are the same size initially. You can use pre-cut
squares, fat quarters or yardage to create your Nine Patch Block.
Use a couple of Charm Packs and a bit of coordinating fabric for the Nine Patch centers to make a quick quilt. Sort your Charm
squares into light, medium and dark value piles. You may need to hold out a few charm squares to ensure the blocks have a good
contrast. The corner blocks are not sub-cut therefore show up more in your quilt. Determine which value you want to have in
the corner blocks. If you want a darker look, use a darker fabric for the Nine Patch block corners. The middle squares of each of
the 3 nine patch units will be sub-cut and are thus smaller pieces and help to frame the larger corner squares. The center square
of the Nine Patch block can be a fabric with a high contrast which I call the “popper square.” You can use a fat quarter of one
fabric or several different fabric scraps to make the center popper square of each Nine Patch block. Lay out the nine squares and
sew in the order shown below using a quarter inch seam.
1) Chain Sew column 1 to column 2.
2) Chain Sew column 3 to column 2. Press top and
bottom rows to the outside. Press center row
towards the center.
Nestle seams. Sew row 1 to row 2 .
Nestle seams. Sew row 2 to row 3. Press.
Once your Nine Patch unit is sewn and pressed, you are ready to cut through the middle of the
Nine Patch block both horizontally and vertically as shown on the right.
Take the four units from the cut Nine Patch block and turn the block pieces as desired to create a
new block. You can also interchange the units of the various Nine Patch blocks you created to create a unique look for your quilt. See examples below on ways to arrange your blocks. Arrange the
blocks on a design wall for desired layout. Chain stitch column one to column two. Chain stitch
column three to column two. Continue stitching columns together. Once columns are stitched
together, press each row in opposite directions. Nestle seams for row one and two together and
pin if desire. Stitch row one to row two. Continue stitching rows together until all rows are
attached. Press rows. Add borders to your Disappearing Nine Patch if desired.
Layout blocks in desired columns
and rows.
“I Spy” block
Block Size Guidelines
Five inch charm squares will create a 14 inch nine patch
resulting in 7 inch squares when the Nine Patch is sub-cut
and 6.5 inches block once sewn together.
Use two Charm Packs to make (9) Nine Patch blocks or
add fabric yardage for the middle and center popper
squares to make more Nine Patch blocks.
A 5 by 7 layout (35 of the 36 units of 9 blocks) yields a
32.5” by 45.5” center. Use the extra unit for a label.
Add a couple of borders to make a nice size lap quilt or
add more blocks to increase the quilt size.
Twisted block
one seam to match!
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See page 2 for strip piecing instructions and samples
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Create Nine Patch Blocks using Fabric Strips, Fat Quarters or Fat Eights
Use Fat quarters, fat eights, or yardage to create Nine Patch
blocks from fabric strips.
Piece fabric strips together to make the three units required for
each Nine Patch Block.
You will need two different types of strip units to create the
Nine Patch block. Strip set “A” will have the Corner—Middle—
Corner units of the Nine Patch block while Strip set “ B” will
have the Middle—Center—Middle units of the Nine Patch block.
From a 5” by Width of Fabric (WOF) strip set you can get 8 units
for the Nine Patch Block. Use a variety of Corner and Middle
strips to make a scrappy quilt.
From a fat quarter you can get three 6” by 22” strips for 9 six
inch squares resulting in a 17” Nine Patch square and 8.5” (8”
with seams) sub-cut units for a Disappearing Nine Patch block.
For a 9.5” Nine patch block, cut strips 3.5” wide. Sub-cut
Disappearing Nine Patch units will measure 4.75” or 4.25” with
The outside corners of the Nine Patch block will not be cut again so choose which fabric you want to be in the outside corners
(outside strips) and the corresponding middle blocks (middle strips) of Strip set A to make a fun pattern. The more variety used
in the corner and middle strips the scrappier the quilt will be.
Sew three fabric strips together then sub-cut the sewn strips into the same width as the original strip to create each unit of a
Nine Patch block. Arrange the sub-cut units then sew the three units together to create the Nine Patch Block. Follow instructions on page one to create the Disappearing Nine Patch quilt.
Lovely Sudoku Kit with
Center Popper and borders
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Black and White Block
exchange using 3.5 inch
2 Batik Charm Packs plus
popper 1/4 yard and
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Red White and Blue Americana
fabric with 5 inch strips. Four
Blue fabrics, 1 white fabric and 1
red fabric.