(AYOS) 2015
1.1. Ankara University Examination for Foreign Students (AYOS) is an examination which can be taken by
foreign students who want to study at Ankara University and other universities in Turkey which recognize
the examination, and the scores of which can be used to apply to these universities. The examination will be
conducted by Ankara University on 31th May 2015.
1.2. This Guide covers the principles and rules which must be followed by foreign students who will apply to the
AYOS for the academic year 2015-2016.
1.3. Applications for the AYOS will be submitted between 30th March and 26th April 2015 via the Internet.
Information which is not stated in the Guide and possible changes will be announced at
1.4. All correspondence between Ankara University and applicants will be in Turkish or English.
1.5. The AYOS is for foreign students who want to receive a bachelor’s or associate degree from Ankara
University or other universities in Turkey.
1.6. The examination fee to be paid by applicants shall not be carried over for the coming years. The fee shall
not be refunded to applicants who pay the fee but decide not to take the examination, whose application is
deemed invalid, who do not or cannot take the examination, who are not admitted to the examination hall or
who are expelled from the examination hall, who fail the examination or whose examination is deemed
invalid for any reasons, and who pay for any procedures that require no payment. Applications shall not be
accepted unless applicants pay the examination fee.
1.7. The rules set out in this Guide shall be enacted as of the publication date of the Guide. These rules may be
changed only if it is required under the relevant legislation and decisions of Higher Education Council,
Ankara University Administrative Board and Senate. Any changes to the rules shall be put into effect by
Ankara University. Any contingencies which are not specified in the Guide shall be dealt with according to
decisions of Ankara University.
1.8. The AYOS Guide shall not be published and distributed in the paper form.
2.1. Provided that applicants are in the final year of their secondary education or they have completed it,
applications of the following applicants shall be accepted:
2.1.1. Foreign nationals,
2.1.2. Turkish citizens by birth who have renounced from their citizenship with the permission of the
Ministry of Interior, and their minor children who are registered in the renunciation certificate and
who have the Certificate for the Exercise of Rights granted under the Turkish Citizenship Law
(Article 7 of the Turkish Citizenship Law no. 5901 specifies that “(1) A child born to a married
Turkish father or mother, whether in Turkey or abroad, is a Turkish citizen” and applicants who will
apply for quotas for foreign students should read the Turkish Citizenship Law).
2.1.3. Foreign nationals who have also obtained Turkish citizenship,
2.1.4. Turkish citizens who got all their secondary education in any foreign country other than Turkish
Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC),
2.1.5. Citizens of the TRNC who reside in the TRNC, have completed all of their secondary education in
the TRNC and have the GCE AL scores, and who have completed all of their secondary education in
other countries between 2010 and 2015 and have or will have the GCE AL scores.
3.1. All applications for the examination shall only be submitted via the Internet at ayos.en.ankara.edu.tr.
Applications failed to be submitted between 30th March and 26th April 2015, and those made in person or
by mail shall not be accepted.
3.2. Applications for the AYOS 2015 shall be made in two steps:
3.2.1. In the first step, applicants will click “Get AYOS 2015 Reference ID” at ayos.en.ankara.edu.tr and
take their reference number by entering the required information. The reference number will only be
used while paying the examination fee.
3.2.2. In the second step, applicants who have paid the examination fee will click “Apply for AYOS 2015”
at ayos.en.ankara.edu.tr and take their AYOS 2015 Applicant Number. Then they will complete
their application by entering the required information.
3.3. Applicants will scan and upload their passport photograph (in the format of .jpg), which have been taken
within the last three months, to the application page at ayos.en.ankara.edu.tr. The photograph shall be of the
quality of being used in the passport or other official identity cards. The photographs will be used for the
examination entry card, the examination attendance sheet, the examination result card, registration
procedures and the student identity card. Therefore, the photograph which is used for the application must
be easily recognizable and in the form of a portrait where the applicant’s face and neck is seen and the
applicant does not wear colourful eyeglasses or a beard.
3.4. The information related to programme selection procedures shall be available on the website of Ankara
University Registrar’s Office at oidb.ankara.edu.tr.
3.5. All correspondence with Ankara University after the completion of the application must include the
Applicant Number. Petitions which do not include the Applicant Number shall be invalid. The Applicant
Number will be needed during the examination as well. Therefore, applicants have to keep their Applicant
4.1. The examination fee is one hundred US Dollar (100 USD) for those who will take the examination in
Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul), and one hundred and fifty US Dollar (150 USD) for those who will take the
examination in Germany (Munich and Cologne), Azerbaijan (Baku), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Greece
4.2. While paying the examination fee in the bank, applicants make sure that the bank officer correctly writes
first their Reference Number then their Name and Surname in the narration part of the bank receipt. The
required information should be written in that order so as not to encounter any problems in the application
4.3. Below is the information about the bank where the examination fee will be paid:
Bank Name
: Turkish Republic Ziraat Bank
Branch and Cod : Ankara-Kamu Girisimci 2532
Account Number : 7064101-5007
Account Owner
: Ankara University Directorate for Revolving Fund
IBAN Number
: TR430001002532070641015007
Swift Code
4.4. Applicants can pay the examination fee in person at any branch of Ziraat Bank without paying any
remittance fee in Turkey. Applicants who pay the examination fee at a branch of Ziraat Bank in other
countries will not pay any remittance fee either.
4.5. Applicants who apply for the examination abroad will be able to pay the examination fee via a
correspondent bank or an international bank. In that case, applicants shall be accountable for the remittance
fee to be charged.
4.6. Applicants who pay the examination fee in Turkey or abroad should consider the following:
4.6.1. The money transferred by applicants will be considered to be paid after the funds are transferred
and deposited into the account which is stated the Article 4.3. Personal checks, envelope money,
postal checks and any other form of payment will not be accepted.
4.6.2. Expenses to be charged by the bank should not be included in the examination fee.
4.6.3. Applications cannot be submitted without paying the examination fee.
4.6.4. Applicants should carefully check the information on the bank receipt after the payment to make
sure if it is accurate. Any mistakes should be corrected immediately.
4.7. After the application procedure is completed, applicants whose applications are accepted, will take their
examination entry cards on announced date at ayos.en.ankara.edu.tr.
5.1. The AYOS 2015 will be conducted on Sunday, 31th May 2015 at 10.00 a.m. based on the local time in
Turkey. The AYOS 2015 will start at the same time in all countries (Germany, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan,
Greece) based on the local time in Turkey.
5.2. All applicants who will take the examination in Turkey and abroad must bring their passports/official
identity cards and examination entry cards to the examination hall. Applicants who will take the
examination abroad and who do not have a passport must bring their official identity cards and examination
entry cards to the examination hall.
5.3. Applicants mustn’t bring any devices or equipment except for soft lead pencils, an eraser, a pencil
sharpener and a wristwatch to the examination hall. Applicants mustn’t bring their mobile phones,
computers or calculators to the examination hall since they will not be allowed to enter the examination hall
with them.
5.4. Applicants must be present at the examination centre at least an hour before the examination so that the
identity checks are completed on time.
5.5. The “Basic Learning Skills Test” of the AYOS 2015 will be prepared and conducted in Turkish and
English. This test aims at measuring applicants’ ability of abstract thinking and reasoning. 40 percent of the
test is composed of questions which measure applicants’ knowledge about mathematics, and 60 percent of
it is composed of questions which measure applicants’ knowledge about shape and space.
5.6. All questions in the examination booklet are prepared as “multiple choice” questions. Five different options
are given for each question and only one of them is the correct answer. If the applicant marks more than
one option on the answer sheet or doesn’t mark the correct option properly, the answer to that question will
be considered incorrect.
5.7. Answers must be marked on the answer sheet. Answers which are marked only/solely on the examination
booklet will be invalid.
5.8. Applicants must not talk, cheat or help others during the examination. The examination results of applicants
who do not follow this rule shall be invalid.
5.9. At the end of the examination, all applicants must submit the examination booklet and the answer sheet to
persons responsible for the examination hall in line with the rules. The answer sheets of applicants, who
have broken the examination rules or have not returned the required documents at the end of the
examination, shall not be evaluated and the Examination Results Card shall not be issued for these
6.1. The number of correct and incorrect answers of applicants in the AYOS 2015 will be counted and the raw
score of the test will be calculated by subtracting one fourth of the number of incorrect answers from the
number of correct answers.
6.2. The raw scores will be turned into standards scores of which the mean is 50 and the standard deviation is
7.1. The results of the examination will only be announced at ayos.en.ankara.edu.tr.
7.2. Applicants will learn their results through their Applicant Number.
7.3. The Examination Results Card will be issued for all participants whose examinations are considered valid.
Applicants may reach this document via the Internet at ayos.en.ankara.edu.tr.