Möbius Scarf DK323 Designed by Ethel Weinberg

Möbius Scarf
Designed by Ethel Weinberg
Cascade Venezia Sport Multis Möbius Scarf
Designed by Ethel Weinberg, Irene Pechenik Hand Knits, for Cascade Yarns
One size fits most.
Finished Measurements
Approximately 10.5 x 60 inches
*2 skeins Cascade Yarns Venezia Sport Multis; Fiber content: 70% Merino Wool, 30% Mulberry Silk; shown in color #210 Garden
*1 circular needle, US 6
*1 straight needle, US 6
*1 yarn needle
Approximately 5.5 stitches per inch in pattern stitch.
K1tbl: knit 1 through back loop
Cowl Pattern Instructions
Using a provisional cast-on with waste yarn, cast on 58 stitches. (For wider or narrower scarf, increase or decrease in multiples of
4 stitches.)
Row 1 and all subsequent rows: *k2, k1tbl, p1; rep from * until 2 st remain on needle; k 2 st.
Knit until scarf measures 60 inches or desired length.
Preparation for joining the two narrow edges to form a möbius circle: Carefully unzip provisional cast-on and place stitches on
straight needle.
Lay the scarf flat. Bring the short ends together after giving the rectangle a half twist, creating the möbius.
Join live stitches on both needles with Kitchener or other stitch to make a seam.
Finishing: Weave in ends.
Notes and Alternative Pattern Idea
This reversible pattern, which looks the same on both sides, can be easily adapted to create a handsome men’s scarf. Using size US
5 or US 4 needles, cast on in multiples of 4 + 2 stitches until desired width. Knit until desired length and add short fringes.