Next Meeting: June 12, 2012

May 2012
Next Meeting:
June 12, 2012
Doors open at 6:45 p.m. and
the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.
Sherrill Crowder and Janet Hope
Our June program features a
trunk show by Deborah Beirnes
from Elmira. Deb's passion for
quilting has led her to teach and
lecture at Reichards and at
many retreats, quilt festivals and guilds as well as design
and produce patterns under the
name Tomorrow's Heirlooms. She has held several
solo quilt shows in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and completed many commissioned
pieces for private collectors. A
member of several guilds, Deb
continues to organize 7 Ladies
at the Lake quilt retreats per
year. Her Scrap-magic workshop is a perennial favourite. A
traditionalist at heart, Deb enjoys the creativity, relaxation
and therapeutic benefits of
P.S. Be sure to mark Sept.11
and Oct.9 on your calendar.
Shop of the month:
Aunt Beth’s
Fat quarter theme:
Sunset Colours - Reds,
Oranges and Yellows
Com mon Th read Quil t Guild Newsletter
June 2012
President’s Message
This month’s newsletter is dedicated
to the Quilts in Bloom Quilt Show
hosted by our guild last month. And
yourselves! From the moment I
walked in, I was continually amazed
at the beauty, the colours, and the
patterns of the quilts. The comments received from attendees reflected my feelings: “Great Show”,
“Very inspiring”, “The collections of
quilts are breathtaking”, ”Really enjoyed the Rebus”.
Of course, this show’s success is due
to so many of our members. To the
quiltmakers: Your efforts produced
so many fabulous quilts, and I am in
awe of you. Your works of art and
love filled the room, and your stories
filled our hearts and souls. Details
and pictures of the winning quilts are
Inside this issue:
- Shirley MacFadden-Geiger
shown later in this newsletter. I wish
we could have given prizes to top ten
in each category, but it still wouldn’t
have been enough!
To the merchants and exhibitors: We
appreciate your presence. Where
would the fun go if we couldn’t immediately fill our desire to shop for the
latest and greatest fabrics and gizmos
at your booths? To the volunteer quilt
organizations - we are happy to have
you at our venue so that we can see
and share the admirable work you do.
To the volunteers: The hangers, the
admission ladies, the white glove ladies, security people, and those that
sat at the entry table and Community
Projects area. The hours you put into
displaying, and taking down, and answering questions, and directing people, and filling in for merchants, (just
to name a few jobs!) all helped to
President’s Message
Upcoming Events
Calendar of Events
CTQG 2012 Quilt Show Winners! 3
2011-2012 Challenge Results
Community Projects
Membership Application
In Other News
May 2012
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Directors of the Guild
Shirley MacFaddenGeiger
Vice-President Jeannine Lemay
Judy Loree
Kirstin Fearon
Past-President Susan Baker
Sherrill Crowder
Heads of Standing
Barb Till
Del Jazey
Rachel Mathews
Sylvie Proulx
Catherine Parkinson
Nettie Jolley
Newsletter &
Andrée Faubert
CTQG Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 62022
RPO Convent Glen
Orleans, ON K1C 7H8
To reach members of the executive, write to
[email protected]
Page 2
to show Ottawa and beyond that we belong to a great guild that
likes to strut its stuff!
And my BIGGEST thanks is reserved for the Quilt Show committee. Linda Won, our show co-ordinator, headed up a fabulous group of ladies, and her famous lists kept everyone on
track! Barb Till did a great job orchestrating the set-up and display, a vital aspect to any quilt show. The Merchant Mall, organized by Catherine Patterson, had a great variety to offer to all
quilters. Kirstin Fearon was in charge of Publicity, and the posters and postcards were sent out to all regions! Sylvie Gilfix deserves a special mention for her efforts in designing those posters and postcards! It was so much fun to visit quilt shops and
websites and see our blue posters on display! Catherine Parkinson took control of the finances, and that job is so much more
than just counting the dough! Carole Maisonneuve set-up all
those shifts, and made sure they were filled by willing volunteers (and students happy to get their volunteer hours). Paula
Patterson had the fun job of taking all your entry write-ups and
transferring them into the programme, and preparing all the
descriptions that were hanging beside the quilts. Registration
was compiled by Sherrill Crowder, all those pictures and descriptions, submitted in person or by e-mail, and somehow
managed to keep track of them all. Victoria Vander Linden (and
husband Gerald), as always you came up with another idea to
WOW the crowd. Your Rebus collection entertained us all! LADIES, YOU PUT ON A FANTASTIC SHOW! We applaud you!
As Incoming President, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the
lady in whose steps I am following. Susan Baker, you headed up
our guild for the past two years, and we all owe you a HUGE
thanks. You were new to our guild when you agreed to take on
the role of President, but you didn’t let that deter you! And
thank you again for staying on a second year. You did a wonderful job of leading us.
And to the membership, I am honoured to be part of this guild.
We have a great year ahead!
Library Nettie Jolley
Books will be available to take out at the June meeting for the summer, once your membership has been renewed.
We will also be holding a small book sale at the June meeting.
May 2012
Page 3
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
CTQG 2012 Quilt Show Winners!
Viewer's Choice, Large Bed Quilt – 1st Place
Best Original Design - Merchant’s Choice Award,
Aunt Beth’s Quilt World
Archangel’s Light by Evelyn Jago (BLG-003)
Pieced by:
Evelyn Jago
Hand Quilted by:
Evelyn Jago
This quilt was created as a gift for my daughter. It was inspired by
the windows in the Monk’s dining room at Mont St. Michel. It is all
hand appliquéd and hand quilted. This was a three year project.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original.
Large Bed Quilt – 2nd Place
Isosceles Goes Round by Julia Baldwin (BLG-006)
Pieced by:
Julia Baldwin
Quilted by:
Jan Kittle
The inspiration for this quilt came from a blouse, which I made for my
daughter Anne, when she was little. Years later I realized that I could make a
block featuring that pattern. See the quilt label made from the fabric which
inspired this quilt. More than 11,000 pieces in this quilt!
Pattern: Entrant’s original.
Large Bed Quilt – 3rd Place
Celtic Garden by Nancy Stass (BLG-013)
Pieced by:
Nancy Stass
Quilted by:
Nancy Stass
I have always liked Celtic designs and I just love batiks so I decided to marry the two in a quilt. Most of the blocks were taken from a book called
"Celtic Quilt Designs" by Philomena Durcan Wiechec. However, when
making the blocks I found that two of her designs did not work very well
with the width of bias strip I had chosen. So I chose two blocks from a
different book called "Celtic Quilts - A New Look for
Ancient Designs" by Beth Ann Williams.
Pattern: Celtic Quilts - A New Look for Ancient Designs by Beth Ann
Williams and Celtic Quilt Designs by Philomena Durcan Wiechec.
May 2012
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Page 4
Medium Bed Quilt – 1st Place
Birds, Baskets and Flowers by Paula Brown (BMG-033)
Pieced by:
Paula Brown
Quilted by:
Karen’s Quilting Touch
Three years in the making. All hand appliquéd with some
embroidery. A few blocks were a delight to do and went quickly –
while others, I would do whenever the mood struck.
Pattern: taken from many Baltimore books.
Medium Bed Quilt – 2nd Place
Don’t be Koi by Linda Won (BMG-001)
Pieced by:
Linda Won
Quilted by:
Wendy Foster
This pattern and fabric was bought at the CTQG 2010 Quilt Show and is
now hanging in the 2012 Show. It is another Asian design and fabric that
I just could not resist, especially with the gold koi fish and blue and
brown color fabric combination. I expanded the borders of the original
design in order for it to fit a double bed.
Pattern: Quilt design by Laura Blanchard and fabric from the "Kingyo"
collection by Red Rooster Fabrics.
Medium Bed Quilt – 3rd Place
Fallen Star by Thelma Robbins (BMG-032)
Pieced by:
Thelma Robbins
Quilted by:
Grace Whiting
This quilt started as a Judy Niemeyer pattern. I changed the row
alignment and added stars where there were solid blocks. When one
block was mistakenly sewn upside down, my family insisted that I
leave it as is to make the quilt more interesting.
Pattern: Water Falls by Judy Niemeyer.
Best Hand Quilting - Merchant’s
Choice Awards, The Country
FRAKTUR by Suzanne and Lorraine
Gauthier (BMD-009)
Pieced by:
Suzanne and Lorraine Gauthier
Hand Quilted by: Lorraine Gauthier
For the love of appliqué! This pattern by the Rabbit Factory was slightly modified
– the original pattern had the face of an angel at the top – it was replaced with
birds and flowers to keep with the general theme of the quilt.
May 2012
Page 5
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Small Bed Quilt – 1st Place
Oscar’s Jungle Walk by Julia Baldwin (BSM-006)
Pieced by:
Julia Baldwin
Hand Quilted by:
Julia Baldwin
I found this pattern in a quilt shop in Picton, Ontario and I knew instantly that
someday I would have to make this fun quilt. Thanks to friends for a couple of
perfect pieces of fabric needed to complete this. Butterflies, beasties and birds
for my grandson’s 3rd birthday! I used raw edge appliqué with hand stitching and
details on and around each animal.
Pattern: Hairbrain Happenings “Jungle Walk”.
Small Bed Quilt – 2nd Place
Tis the Season by Evelyn Jago (BSM-002)
Pieced by:
Evelyn Jago
Hand Quilted by:
Evelyn Jago
This quilt was created using a pattern
purchased by my daughter on a recent trip to Alberta. She visited a quilt
store, saw the quilt made up and fell in love with it. It is machine pieced, paper pieced and hand appliquéd. Bells, hot fix crystals and ribbons were used
to embellish the quilt.
Pattern: Joan’s Own Creations ‘Tis the Season, Christmas Series 217, by Joan
Small Bed Quilt – 3rd Place
Broken Charms by Linda Palaisy (BSM-045)
Pieced by:
Linda Palaisy
Quilted by:
Linda Palaisy
I love pinks and neutrals. So, I sorted my traded “Charm” squares and came up
with this design. Quilted with a “Quilt It In Stages” technique on a treadle
sewing machine.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original.
Best Use of Colour - Merchant’s Choice Awards, Sew Inspired
Check Yes or No by Kirstin Fearon (BSM-013)
Pieced by: Kirstin Fearon
Quilted by: Wendy Foster
I used a Kona cotton – Snow – for the white and used hand dyed fabric for the colour. I used a Turkey Red in a 8 step grade for the colour. This is my first “modern”
quilt and my first time using my hand dyes. I learned the technique in a class called
Dye Happy by Elaine Quehl.
May 2012
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Wall Quilt / Pieced – 1st Place
Cinnamon Swirl by Thelma Robbins (WP-012)
Pieced by:
Thelma Robbins
Quilted by:
Grace Whiting
This quilt was inspired by an Ench fractal image. It uses colour
gradation, repetition and scale to create the illusion of movement.
The descending spiral pattern breaks down as it approaches a star in
the eye of the vortex.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original.
Wall Quilt / Pieced – 2nd Place
Asian Antics by Valletta Hudson (WP-007)
Pieced by:
Valletta Hudson
Quilted by:
Jan Thurkow, The Villages, Florida
I love Asian fabrics so this pattern was a great place to showcase them.
Pattern: Willow Brook Quilts.
Wall Quilt / Pieced – 3rd Place
Striations by Thelma Robbins (WP-013)
Pieced by:
Thelma Robbins
Quilted by:
Thelma Robbins
I have been intrigued by the apparent simplicity of linear
patterns since becoming aware of Michael James’ style of
quilting. This design uses the contrasts between rigid angles
and gentle curves to create movement amongst the many
colour flows.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original.
Wall Quilt / Applique, Mixed and other Techniques
1st Place
Keeping the Faith by Sherrill Crowder (WAM-011)
Pieced by:
Sherrill Crowder
Quilted by:
Wendy Foster and Sherrill Crowder
These ever-blooming poppies are dedicated to my father, who loved nothing
better than spending time creating and caring for his (many) gardens. He was
a man who knew the true meaning of "cultiver son jardin".
Pattern: String Quilts- Elsie M. Campbell.
Page 6
May 2012
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Page 7
Wall Quilt / Applique, Mixed and other Techniques
2nd Place
Friendship Barns by Laurelle Callaghan (WAM-018)
Pieced by:
Laurelle Callaghan
Quilted by:
Valerie Boodie
A quilting friend and I had wanted to make this quilt for a long time; we gathered fabrics, pooled our resources and worked on it at several retreats.
Pattern: “Forgotten Farms” by Prairieland Quilts.
Wall Quilt / Applique, Mixed and other Techniques
3rd Place
Funky Hearts by Alice Chancey (WAM-002)
Pieced by:
Alice Chancey
Quilted by:
Alice Chancey
I always wanted to make a monochromatic quilt. I used hearts as my theme, and
then quilted it with freehand feathers on my longarm machine. I also added some
Swarovski crystals to add some sparkle.
Pattern: Entrant’s original.
Best Use of Thread - Merchant’s Choice Awards, Bytowne Threads
and The Cotton Mill Threadworks
Guppy by Linda Palaisy (WAM-026)
Pieced by: Linda Palaisy
Quilted by: Linda Palaisy
I love fish and find them fascinating. I love free motion machine embroidery. This
wall hanging has both. The embroidery was worked free hand on a Husquvarna #1
and the quilting is worked on a 193 Singer 96-85 Industrial treadle sewing machine.
Miniature – 1st Place
Purpled Diamonds by Thelma Robbins (M-005)
Pieced by:
Thelma Robbins
Quilted by:
Thelma Robbins
For my first pineapple quilt, I made a miniature with two colour gradations. This mini sat unfinished for two years while I asked “why”. Over
1,900 pieces and too many “Y” joints is the answer.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original. Traditional Pineapple Block.
May 2012
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Page 8
Miniature – 2nd Place
Obsessed by Maggie Fontana (M-008)
Pieced by:
Maggie Fontana
Quilted by:
Maggie Fontana
I had purchased the pattern a few years ago at one of the Lancaster Quilt
Shows with our large group “Sisters of the Cloth”. I really didn’t think I’d
find the patience to endure the making of the whole thing (short attention
span) but started it at a “Buckingham Palace” retreat and was literally obsessed with finishing it.
Pattern: “Little Bits”, Diamond Log Cabin by Cindi Edgerton.
Miniature – 3rd Place
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? by Rachel Mathews (M-003)
Pieced by:
Rachel Mathews
Quilted by:
Rachel Mathews
This piece was an experiment to see how I could interpret a vortex. In my
mind, the spiral gets going so fast that the flower colours separate and get
pulled into the center of the vortex. Designed, pieced and quilted by Rachel
Mathews, using paper piecing, strip piecing and very careful placement.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original.
Art Quilt – 1st Place
Go On Out Into the World/The Living Vine by Rachel
Mathews (A-004)
Pieced by:
Rachel Mathews
Quilted by:
Rachel Mathews
These two panels are part of a multidiscipline artscape
covering the side wall of St. Helen's Anglican Church in
Orleans. The project is a cooperative effort by a
stained glass artist, a painter and me, a quilter. The
theme is from John 15, "I am the vine, you are the
branches." Our grapevine flows from the front to the
back of the church. The panel on the left, "Go on out
into the World", was made to be as if it is the next window along the wall. The top is a continuance of the
stained glass vine and the bottom suggests that since
this is a living vine, we should carry God's message out
into the world.
The panel on the right, "The Living Vine", continues the
style the artist has used to paint on the wall between
stained glass windows. It continues the vine and shows
the newest growth at the end of the vine.
Part of the decision to use quilted panels was for sound absorption for improved acoustics in the church.
Designed, pieced, appliquéd and quilted by Rachel Mathews.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original
May 2012
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Page 9
Art Quilt – 2nd Place
Women Make the World Go Round by Pat MacDonald (A-002)
Pieced by:
Pat MacDonald
Quilted by:
Pat MacDonald
Women, in their roles as: daughters, sisters, cousins, wives, mothers, aunts,
grandmothers, friends, colleagues, volunteers , leaders, or as quiet supporters,
make the world go round.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original. Modified from Karen Eckmeir’s techniques used in
“Layered Waves”.
Art Quilt – 3rd Place
New Year’s Wish by Sherrill Crowder (A-006)
Pieced by:
Sherrill Crowder
Quilted by:
Sherrill Crowder
The crane is a fitting symbol for what we hope for in a new year: good fortune, longevity, faithfulness, peace, healing and hope in challenging times. I have always admired the crane: a spectacular dancer, trumpeter and powerful glider that can sleep
on one leg. This quilt was made using the broderie perse technique as taught by
Helen Fujiki.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original
Clothing and Accessories – 1st Place
Seaside by Evelyn Jago (C-009)
Pieced by:
Evelyn Jago
Hand Quilted by:
Evelyn Jago
The nautical theme for this jacket was inspired by my love for the
seashore and the wonderful sound of the ocean. The Lighthouse
and Puffin were created from photographs by Dennis Smyth. Other
techniques used were machine piecing, hand appliqué, hand
quilting, embroidery, paper piecing, American smocking, harlequin
tucks, and fabric painting. Beads and feathers were used as embellishment.
Pattern: Entrant’s Original.
Lighthouse and puffin were created using photographs by Dennis Smyth.
Clothing and Accessories – 2nd Place
Frolicking Bunnies by Rachel Mathews (C-003)
Pieced by:
Rachel Mathews
Quilted by:
Rachel Mathews
This was a fun project I made for my 2 year old granddaughter. It was too cute
not to make. Machine appliquéd and quilted by Rachel Mathews.
Pattern: From "Children's Clothes and Toys" Sunset Books, 1983.
May 2012
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Page 10
Clothing and Accessories – 3rd Place
Mom’s Jacket Barb Till (C-007)
Pieced by:
Barb Till
Quilted by:
Barb Till
A gift for my mother, she's always cold!
Pattern: Noelle's Jacket class given by Victoria Vander Linden, jacket designed by
Rag Merchant.
Best Rebus - Merchant’s Choice Awards, Quilty Pleasures
#25 Heliotrope Catherine Parkinson
Don’t forget to check out the rest of the rebus on our
website at
to Quilty Pleasures for creating the crests for the
Merchant Awards!
Workshops Sylvie Proulx
Our advertisers would like to take
this opportunity to congratulate all
of the winners of the QTQG 2012
Quilt Show.
Good day ladies,
This is to let you know that we have organized a "Weekender Bag" workshop, to take place on Wednesday October 10.
It's given by the ladies who are providing the October meeting trunk show.
At the workshop, you will build the "Weekender Bag" and by the end of the
day, it will be very close to finished.
The cost of this workshop is $55 for CTQG members and, $65 for nonmembers. The cost of the pattern is included in the course fee.
It will take place at the Notre-Dame des
Champs community centre from 10am to
Here is a picture of the final product. I will
be taking registrations and payment at our
June 9 meeting.
See you soon!
May 2012
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Page 11
Community Projects Committee Chairperson: Catherine Parkinson; Barb Donaldson,
Catherine Senecal, and Victoria VanderLinden
How do you help? You can sign out a bag of donated
fabric to sew into a top or finished quilt; or sign out a
quilt top to be quilted; or donate a quilt, backing or
batting. Community Projects is no longer accepting
donations of fabric until we have worked through the
present inventory. Please direct your donations to Victoria’s Quilts or Quilts of Valour. We still accept batting
and fabric yardage for quilt backs.
The Common Thread Quilt Guild collects monthly
donations of Cuddle Quilts for use at the General
Campus of the Ottawa Hospital. Our goal for
2011-2012 is 350. 65 were delivered last month.
Only 43 more to reach our goal!
CHEO Children’s Oncology We have committed
to supplying 20 child (anything from 30" x 40" to
40" x 60") and 20 teenage (40” x 60”) quilts for
the CHEO Children’s Oncology unit. The last 20
will be delivered in June.
SPRING CLEANING: Four of the 30 participants in
last summer’s Two Meter Marathon have yet to
deliver either a top or a finished quilt. If you are
one of the four outstanding, please consider returning the two meters of fabric or your top so
that we can put it back into circulation.
In Other News
The Upper Canada Village Quilt Show has been moved
from September to June 16-17, 2012. It will be held in
conjunction with demonstrations of other needle arts.
SIZE MATTERS: Check out the size requirements: for
optimum utility, please make your Cuddle Quilts 18”
x 24”, or make them 22” square. Our battings and
backings are cut 24”x 24” to finish 22” square.
Summer 2012 Contest: Snowballs in July. Details and patterns will be available at the June
2012 meeting and will be available on the website after the meeting.
I would like to thank you for the beautiful quilt my daughter
received while she was in NICU at General, born at only 28
weeks in January.
The quilt is very special to us because, in moments like this,
it’s these kind gestures that help us go through difficult times.
It reminds us of our daughter’s ongoing brave and rough path
since her birth, although she is now doing well.
Thank you
Baby girl Coralie and proud mother Caroline
May 2012
Page 12
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Upcoming Events
A Harvest of Quilts 2012
June 8 and 9, 2012
Friday June 8 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday June 9 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Friday, October 26 10 a.m.- 8 p.m.
Saturday, October 27 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Rowntree United Church
156 Elliot St. (at Cheapside )
London ON
Admission $6.00
See for more information.
Ancaster Fairgrounds, Marritt Hall
630 Trinity Road, Jerseyville Ontario, L0R 1R0
Call for Submissions—Creativ Festival
Hamilton Quilters Guild
Quilts in Bloom Quilt Show
Over 200 quilts, merchants mall, members boutique, tea
room, demonstrations, and more
Admission $7.00
For more information email: [email protected] or
Colours of Canada
Haliburton Highlands Quilt Guild’s Quilt Show
Friday, August 3 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 4 10:a.m to 4:30 p.m.
Curling club in Minden, ON.
Dozens of gorgeous quilts, in both judged and viewer’s choice
categories. Many quilts and other works of art will be for sale,
and we’ll also have a “treasure box”, a “toonie table” raffle,
among other attractions.
For more information, call Trish Miller-Rohr at 705-286-4774.
This year Creativ Festival is launching the Designer Style
Challenge & Awards, a nation-wide mixed media artists' competition with prizes for beadwork & jewellery design, fashion
sewing & design, fibre arts / surface design, knitting / crochet,
needle art, paper art, quilting and upcycling.
Participate in our mixed media original design challenge with
over $20,000 in cash & prizes. These prestigious awards will be
presented Saturday October 13th, 2012 in Toronto at the Creativ Fesitval's annual Awards Gala.
Last day for submissions is July 31, 2012. Please take a moment to view our rules & regulations on our website at http://
Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery
The Threads of Life: An Exhibition of Embroidery
Quilt making services
May 12 to June 2, 2012
Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
3 Rosamund St. E., Almonte, ON
Turkish Delight by Liliana Rancati Mould
An exhibition of work by members
of the Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery showcasing the versatility of
embroidery and pleasure to be derived from threaded needle.
The works demonstrate a broad
range of techniques and materials,
from traditional to modern, that explore the limits of this textile art. There is also an extensive display of embroidery
taught in Guild workshops and classes.
The exhibition includes a juried competition open to OVGS
members for the design and completion of an original work on
the theme, “The Threads of Life”.
Karine Chapleau
[email protected]
(613) 824-9598
Appointment required!
Services guaranteed
Pick-up and delivery service available
Bilingual service available
Special occasion coming up? Why not have a
memory quilt made? Let me quilt it for you!
Do you have that quilt top that just needs
quilting? Let me help you. Give me a call.
Get your quilt back within a month!
Upon presentation of this ad and your guild
membership card, you will receive 10% off
any quilting services.
May 2012
Page 13
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Calendar of Events for 2012
June 12, 2012
Regular meeting
Draw for Fat Quarter winners who have
finished a quilt with their winnings
Program: Deb Beirnes
Shop of the month: Aunt Beth’s
Fat quarter theme: Sunset Colours - Reds, Oranges and Yellows
June 13, 2012
Workshop: Scrap Magic Quilts
Deb Beirnes
Notre-Dame-des-Champs Community Centre, 3659 Navan Rd.
2679 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa ON K1V 7T5
(Alta Vista Shopping Centre – Alta Vista Dr. At Bank St.)
Open Monday to Thursday 10 to 5:30 - Saturday 10 to 5
Friday 10 to 7 (except July & August)
May 2012
Page 14
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Celebrate Pfaff's 150 anniversary
-- and your creativity -- with a new machine and a special event!
Join us on Monday, June 25 for an anniversary celebration with Pfaff Education Specialist Brenda Sutherland:
 Enjoy a fabulous trunk show
 Explore the world of stabilizers, accessory feet,
specialty techniques and embroidery designs to take
your sewing to a new level of quality
 Receive a goodie bag of products so you can get
started right away ...
 On your spectacular new expression 150 sewing
machine (it's full of great features, and only $1099!)
Two sessions will be offered, one in the afternoon,
one in the evening, and the cost to attend is only $10.
Call us for details and to register!
Authorized PFAFF and Janome Dealer
2211 St. Joseph Boulevard,
Orleans, Ontario K1C 7C5
Tel.: (613) 834-3044
Offering a Full Range of Supplies for the Creative Quilter:
Books, Patters & Classes
Sewing Machines and Sergers
Membership Rachel Mathews
On May 31st, your 2011/12 Common Thread Quilt
Guild membership expires.
You can download the membership application on our
website or print the application on the last page of this
newsletter and fill it out in advance to speed things up
at the meeting.
Please note the increased cost of mailing the newsletter
to you which reflects the actual cost of printing and
If you have already purchased it, don’t forget to use
your purple membership card at the June meeting.
If you can’t renew your membership at the June
meeting, you will be asked to attend as a guest at a cost
of $5.00. Don’t forget that you will need your new
membership card to take out books from the library for
the summer.
Fabric & Wool ♦
Patterns ♦ Notions ♦
Sewing Machines ♦
Quilting ♦ Sewing and
Knitting Classes
Authorized Pfaff and Janome Sewing Machine and Serger Dealer
Sales and Service
Come and see our fabric selection – we
specialize in batiks, Kaffe Fassett, and
McKenna Ryan
Store Hours Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat 9:30–4
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May 2012
Common Thread Quilt Guild Newsletter
Page 15
2011-2012 Challenge Results
“All Creatures Great or Small”
Johanna L. MacDougall and Nancy Stass
Our annual quilt challenge was a great success with nine
beautiful quilts submitted for judging at the May meeting.
Although the numbers were small, the quality of work on
each of the quilts made it rather difficult to choose a
However, choose we did with the following results:
First place went to the quilt “Treasury of Animal Tails” by
Rachel Matthews.
Two quilts were tied for second place - “Memories of
Sunday School” by Carolyn Buchanan and “Dragonfly
Flight” by Nancy Stass
Thank you to all the ladies who made the effort of
submitting a quilt.
First place winner: “Treasury of Animal Tails” by
Rachel Matthews.
Thank you also to Gerald Van der Linden for helping us to
hang the quilts and count the ballots.
Tied for second place: “Memories of Sunday School” by
Carolyn Buchanan
Tied for second place : ““Dragonfly Flight” by Nancy
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