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MIRAGE Spring ⁄ Summer 2014
Spring ⁄ Summer 2014
Christopher Ræburn’s Spring / Summer
2014 collection explores the notion of
desert protection, recontextualising
functional elements such as layering,
texture and pattern to inspire summer
style. The extensive fabric research
and innovation translates into a
unique visual poetry, evoking a hazy
mirage through the use of dusty
colours, and dappled camouflage.
The poetic Desert print is a hybrid
design, composed of elements
from original ordinance survey and
Victorian cartography. The print,
available in pink or monochrome,
is applied to cotton styles including
paneled Shorts, Shirts, a Shirt Dress,
Joggers and the Zipped Playsuit,
which can be horizontally detached
to offer two separates.
Lightweight layering is elegantly
showcased by the ‘Remade’ Desert
Mesh garments, which combine the
signature parachute fabric with a
desert camouflage mesh. The range
includes Ræburn’s take on Summer
layering staples, such as a Mesh
Crewneck, Mesh Skirt, Jumpsuit and
Shirt Dress, along with outerwear
that truly reflects the extremes of the
British season, including the desert
survival-inspired Sleeveless Parka,
Military Jacket and Parachute Cape.
The sports inspired Textured Mesh
and Hexagonal Mesh offerings
are more structured. The vivid blue
textured mesh is cleverly integrated
in to a bodycon Dress, Bomber
and Shorts, whilst the Hexagonal
Mesh is combined with contemporary
cotton sweat fabric in the sandcoloured Mesh Sleeve racer-back
Crew and Dress.
Another texture highlight is the
Lizard Denim range, the furfuraceous
surface inspired by this season’s
animal honouree, the gentle desert
lizard. The Lizard Denim garments
exemplify Ræburn’s reputation for
sports utility, including a Sleeveless
Parka, Jacket and Shorts. The dunelike texture of the Quilted Bomber
and Coat is achieved with an EcoPrimaLoft lining, a thermally efficient
recycled material.
A more utilitarian note is evident
in the over-dyed indigo garments,
inspired by the colours and textures
worn by desert nomads. Both the
Cotton Coat and sleeveless Linen
Shirt Dress feature deep militaryinspired pockets. The functional
Laminated Linen mac reworks the
tradi­tional international summer fabric
for the changeable British summer.
Fabric innovation is in abundance
this season, including the introduction of a four-way stretch Schoeller
fabric, printed with a stark inter­
pre­tation of satellite imagery of the
desert, the result is an entirely
unique print on each garment. The
Schoeller design is contrasted with
merino wool sleeves for the Hybrid
Hoodie and Coat. The hybrid pieces,
along with the wool Paneled Dress
and Hooded Dress, showcase the
seasonal adaptability of Cool Wool,
a lightweight merino fibre that
naturally regulates body temperature.
Clutches are a new addition to the
Ræburn access­ories range, complimenting the signature Rucksack
and Tote and available in each of
the apparel fabrications and prints.
The Lizard is available as a vivid
blue bag, a functional and playful
accessory that contours the body.
All bags are Made in England.
SS14 – AZTOTE ⁄ Zip-top Tote
SS14 – ACLUTCH ⁄ Clutch Bag
SS14 – AZRUCK ⁄ Zip-Top Rucksack
SS14 – APACR ⁄ Packaway Rucksack
SS14 – ACAPS ⁄ Capsule Case
SS14 – ADUF ⁄ Duffle Bag
SS14 – ALZRD ⁄ Lizard Bag
SS14 – ARUCK ⁄ Rucksack
SS14 – ATOTE ⁄ Tote
SS14 – AHARE ⁄ Hare Bag
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Art Direction ⁄ Graphic Design: Régis Tosetti & Simon Palmieri
Photography ⁄ Film: Pablo Jones-Soler & Bradley Bell (White Lodge)
Catwalk Photography: Catwalking.com
Styling: Cathy Edwards at Streeters
Casting Director: Sarah Bunter
Models: Zoe (D1) ⁄ Aleksandra, Caroline (Elite) ⁄ Harriet (IMG) ⁄ Jennifer (M&P) ⁄ Carolina (Next) ⁄ Gigi, Lary (Next) ⁄ Ana G (Premier) ⁄ Bojana, Kimberley, Ann (Select) ⁄ Stephanie (Tess) ⁄ Choi So-Ra (TMA) ⁄ Farah (Union)
Print: White Print Consultants Ltd
SS14 – ADOG ⁄ Dog Bag
Supported by:
SS14 – WMBOM ⁄ Mesh Bomber
SS14 – WMSHORT ⁄ Mesh Shorts
SS14 – WPJUMP ⁄ Parachute Jumpsuit
SS14 – WPC ⁄ Parachute Cape
SS14 – WPSD ⁄ Parachute Shirt Dress
SS14 – WCRW ⁄ Desert Mesh Crew
SS14 – WMJOG ⁄ Mesh Joggers
SS14 – WPBOM ⁄ Parachute Bomber
SS14 – WSPS ⁄ Parachute Sleeveless Parka
SS14 – WJD ⁄ Jersey Mix Dress
SS14 – WMSD ⁄ Mesh Sleeve Dress
SS14 – WPJK ⁄ Parachute Jacket
SS14 – WPJOG ⁄ Parachute Joggers
SS14 – WJMD ⁄ Jumper Dress
SS14 – WJKT ⁄ Mid-Length Jacket
SS14 – WMC ⁄ Mesh Sleeve Crew
SS14 – WMJOG ⁄ Mesh Joggers
SS14 – WD ⁄ Indigo Cotton Dress
SS14 – WSD ⁄ Silk Shirt Dress
SS14 – WSPS ⁄ Silk Print Shirt
SS14 – WJOG ⁄ Silk Joggers
SS14 – WPLAY ⁄ Silk Playsuit
SS14 – WCJ ⁄ Cropped Jacket
SS14 – WTD ⁄ Silk T-Shirt Dress
SS14 – WMAC ⁄ Mac
SS14 – WSPS ⁄ Silk Print Shirt
SS14 – WSHORT ⁄ Silk Shorts
SS14 – WJSSD ⁄ Jersey Shirt Dress
SS14 – WQRB ⁄ Quilted Raglan Bomber
SS14 – WSHORT ⁄ Woven Shorts
SS14 – WQRC ⁄ Quilted Raglan Coat
SS14 – WCJ ⁄ Cropped Jacket
SS14 – WSHORT ⁄ Woven Shorts
SS14 – WSPD ⁄ Sleeveless Parka
SS14 – WQG ⁄ Quilted Gilet
SS14 – WHC ⁄ Hybrid Coat
SS14 – WHD ⁄ Hybrid Hooded Dress
SS14 – WHBOM ⁄ Hybrid Bomber
SS14 –WJOG ⁄ Tech Stretch Joggers
SS14 – WPFD ⁄ Panelled Fitted Dress
SS14 – WMD ⁄ Mesh Dress