• 102 built-in embroidery designs including
30 exclusive Laura Ashley designs
• 260mm x160mm embroidery area
• Large sewing area
• Hundreds of stitch combinations
• Up to 1,000 stitches per minute
• Includes circular sewing attachment
and bobbin work kit.
For all your sewing
and embroidery needs
The Laura Ashley Innov-is 2200 has been
designed with impressive features to delight
both sewers and embroiderers.
Enjoy creating beautiful fashion and home decor
projects with an extensive range of built-in stitches
and Laura Ashley designed embroidery patterns.
Combined with a clear LCD touch screen and
simple controls, the Innov-is 2200 is the ideal
machine to inspire your creativity.
Large embroidery area
The Innov-is 2200 has a large,
260mm x 160mm embroidery
area, so you can create even
bigger and more intricate
designs. Its flexible workspace
lets you create elaborate
embroidery on larger projects,
giving you extra convenience,
without the need to re-hoop.
Extensive choice of built-in designs
It’s never been easier to start your
own project. Brother’s Innov-is
2200 comes with hundreds of
built-in designs including
monogramming font styles.
Simply select your favourites and
combine them with other stitches
to create your own unique style,
with 30 Laura Ashley embroidery
patterns, 72 built-in embroidery
designs and 8 font styles.
Clear, user-friendly backlit LCD
touch screen
Now you can create sophisticated
layouts with ease. Simply use the
touch screen panel to edit your
pattern. Create mirror images
with the embroidery edit feature,
rotate, enlarge, reduce, space
characters, or change colours to
suit your project needs.
Fast, accurate embroidery
The Innov-is 2200 has a high
maximum embroidery speed of
800 stitches per minute, so you
can create large areas of
complicated embroidery in a
short period of time. Its slide-on
mechanism allows you to quickly
attach and remove the hoop
whilst its automatic thread trimmer
instantly cuts both top and
bottom threads, saving you time.
Features and functions
Compatible manufacturer thread
In addition to the Brother thread chart, the Innov-is 2200
recognises threads from four manufacturers. When
your pattern asks for a particular colour thread, just
select the name of your manufacturer’s thread from
the information displayed.
Presser foot
lever button
Needle position
Lifts the presser
foot up for you.
Automatically cuts the
top and bottom threads.
Raises or lowers
the needle.
Automatically sews 4
reinforcement stitches.
Sews straight and
reverse zigzag stitches
at low speed.
Speed control customised for zigzag
width (in sewing mode)
• Slide control adjusts speed from slow to fast
• Can be programmed to alter stitch width
LCD touch-screen
• 240 x 320dpi resolution
• Built-in tutorials
• Built-in sewing references
• Embroidery editing
• Customised settings
• Available in 13 languages
Automatic threading system
Deluxe system automatically
threads the needle.
Memory card slot
Instantly transfers embroidery
patterns from memory card
to your machine.
Large embroidery area
260mm x 160mm
(in embroidery mode)
More space for even
bigger designs.
7-point feed dog
(in sewing mode)
Contains extra teeth
for smoother feeding,
helping to create
superior stitch quality.
Free arm
Knee lift (in sewing mode)
Free arm conversion for
awkward items such as
collars and cuffs.
Free up your hands by using
your knee to lift the presser foot
up, ideal for working on large
projects such as quilts.
Select the best stitch every
time with the Innov-is 2200
Fast spool changeover
with automatic thread cutter
With hundreds of built-in stitch combinations, including a
range of utility stitches from blind hems to complex decorative
patterns, the Innov-is 2200 helps you select the right stitch for
every application. Includes 12 styles of automatic buttonhole,
239 decorative stitches and alphabet characters.
The automatic thread cutter cuts
upper and lower threads at the
end of each sewing task, so you
can quickly start sewing again or
change to another project.
*The circular sewing stitch shown is from
the Innov-is 5000
Large workspace and the
freedom to move
Circular sewing
Convenient drop-in bobbin
Make concentric circles, arcs and more
with the circular sewing attachment. In
addition, the included braiding and
cording feet allow your to embellish your
creations with decorative threads and
trims for that special finishing touch.
Simply drop in the bobbin and start
sewing. The bobbin’s transparent cover
lets you know when your thread is
running low.
Sew any fabric, thick or thin
Automatic thread tension senses
the thickness of your fabric for you
and instantly adjusts to the most
appropriate thread tension. Perfect
for difficult fabrics.
Hassle-free reverse and
reinforcement stitches
The Innov-is 2200 has an extra-large 210mm x
112mm sewing bed, so you can manipulate
larger projects with ease. Use the ergonomically
designed knee lift to automatically raise the presser
foot and leave your hands free to work the fabric.
The Innov-is 2200 automatically
sews in reverse, zigzag and
automatically controls the number
of reinforcement stitches, leaving
you free to concentrate on the
project rather than the stitches
Difficult fabrics made easy
with an adjustable presser
foot and 3 clearance levels
The Innov-is 2200 is supplied
with creative accessories to
enhance your projects.
Use the bobbin work kit to create
reverse ‘upside down’ sewing with
speciality threads that don’t fit through
the eye of the needle.
Smooth, multi-directional feed
The 7-point feed enables all fabrics to
feed smoothly and efficiently. Because
it has a multi-functional mechanism,
you can sew in a straight line, stitch in 8
different directions, create large 40mm
side feed stitches or even in zigzag
without moving the fabric.
Easy automatic needle
The Innov-is 2200 has a deluxe automatic
needle threading system, so you can
effortlessly thread up the machine and
One-touch needle position
Now you can raise and lower the needle
at the touch of button. Rotate your fabric
freely or use this feature to create
detailed stitches in smaller areas.
Brighter workspace
Non-stop sewing
The Innov-is 2200 has 5 bright built-in
lights that illuminate key areas so you
can work with dark fabrics more easily.
Thanks to the 2200 machine being
equipped with 2 motors, you can wind a
new bobbin as you continue to sew. Your
designs will take even less time to finish.
Adjust the pressure on the machine’s
presser foot and you can even sew
difficult fabrics or hem thick seams
with ease.
Optional extras
Embroidery threads
Embroidery card library
Large collection of high
quality embroidery threads.
Hundreds of fantastic
patterns to choose from!
Flesh tone threads
Embroidery bobbin threads
Ten subtle shades, perfect
for blending into facial tones,
are ideal for use with the
PHOTO STITCH feature in
Polyester bobbin thread
in black and white.
Metallic threads
Fourteen metallic coloured
threads made with quality
polyester fibre add sparkle
to your embroidery projects.
Iron-on stabiliser and
Water soluble stabiliser.
What’s in the box
• Embroidery foot ‘U’
• Chalk pen
• Buttonhole foot ‘A’
• Cleaning brush
• Overcasting foot ‘G’
• Eyelet punch
• Embroidery frame set (extra large)
26cm (H) x 16cm (W)
10 1/4 inches (H) x 6 1/4 inches (W)
• Monogramming foot ‘N’
• Screwdriver (large)
• Disc-shaped screwdriver
• Zipper foot ‘I’
• Screwdriver (small)
• Foot controller
• Zigzag foot ‘J’ (on machine)
• Spool cap (small)
• Embroidery needle plate cover
• Blind stitch foot ‘R’
• Spool cap (medium) x 2
• Grid sheet set
• Button fitting foot ‘M’
• Spool cap (large)
• Touch pen (stylus)
• Walking foot
• Vertical spool pin
• Knee lifter
• Side cutter foot
• Spool felt
• USB cable
• Free-motion quilting foot
• Spool net
• Alternate bobbin case (pink marking)
• Seam ripper
• Bobbin work kit
• Embroidery bobbin thread
• Bobbin x 4
• Circular sewing attachment
• Stabiliser material
• Embroidery frame set (large)
18cm (H) x 13cm (W)
7 inches (H) x 5 inches (W)
• Operation manual
• Needle set
• Twin needle
• Scissors
• Quick reference guide
• Hard case
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