Vlieseline / Vilene Creative Range For Embroideries, Appliqués and Individual Designs

Vlieseline® / Vilene® Creative Range
For Embroideries, Appliqués and Individual Designs
Genuine only with the Trademarks
Stitch-n-tear – to tear off
Fuse-n-tear – to fuse and tear off
Filmoplast® – self-adhesive embroidery stabilizer
Soluweb® – wash away stabilizer and temporarily fusible
Soluvlies – water soluble embroidery backer for all machine embroideries
and new creative applications
Vliesofix® / Bondaweb® – fusible, both sides adhesive
EVO 80 – microfibre nonwoven, multiple applications
Lamifix and Lamifix matt – fusible foils, can be wiped with a wet cloth
Decovil I – fusible, leather-like handle, dimensionally stable and resilient
S 80 – softer sew-in interlining for postcards and creative handicrafts
S 320, S 520, S 133 – softer, stable and very firm fusible interlinings for pelmets,
as well as for versatile creative handicrafts
CS 500 and CS 500 Crash – a coloured spunbond for different kinds of creative
applications, CS 500 Crash additionally in crash optic
CS 800 – a strong spunbond for creative works, curtains and home design
Vlieseline® / Vilene®– Tear-away Stabilizers
Stitch-n-Tear – Tear off
Stitch-n-Tear creates embroideries with a more even and sculptured appearance and prevents the fabric from distorting.
Attach a piece of Stitch-n-Tear slightly larger than the hoop to
the wrong side of the fabric and
start stitching. Then simply tear
off the excess Stitch-n-Tear. Can be
used without hoop, too.
Vlieseline / Vilene Stitch-n-Tear is an
ideal sewing aid for patchwork.
Individual patterns are either drawn
on the Stitch-n-Tear or transferred
using iron-on designs. Stitch-n-Tear
guarantees extremely accurate
seams. Finally, the Stitch-n-Tear is
torn off, thereby maintaining the
handle and character of the outer
To create high-relief quilts and quilted
effects the motifs can first be drawn
on to the Stitch-n-Tear. After Stitch-nTear is attached to the handicrafts
item or garment, the motif is sewn
and finally the Stitch-n-Tear is torn off.
Ideal for freehand embroidery and thread painting: Place the Vlieseline / Vilene Stitch-n-Tear underneath the fabric and
tack in place.
Fuse-n-Tear – Fusible and Tear off
Vlieseline/Vilene Fuse-n-Tear is an advancement of the proven Stitch-n-Tear.
Its fusible with a dry iron but doesn’t adhere permanent.
Fuse-n-Tear is especially
developed as embroidery stabilizer for
machine embroideries
above all onto stretchable fabrics, e.g. jerseys or elastic fabrics,
offers perfect embroideries, avoid distortion,
easy tear off.
Vlieseline / Vilene
Fuse-n-Tear is usable
like freezer paper. For
patchwork projects
ideal for use as a template. Iron on to the
fabric face temporarily
for exact cutting. Tear
off easily, multiple use.
Fabrics can be stabilized with Fuse-n-Tear to be printed in
the ink-jet printer. Trim fabric to suitable size (e. g. DIN A4),
iron Fuse-n-Tear on the back side and print ideally with
waterproofed print colours. Theme, motif, design is absolutely
unlimited (have a look to our product video: “Printing of
fabric in an ink-jet printer” on www.vlieseline.com).
After printing Fuse-n-Tear can be completely torn off.
Printed fabric is to be finished as desired, such as quilts,
place mats, bags, etc.
Filmoplast® – Self-adhesive and Tear-away
Adhesive layer ensures no slippage in the embroidery hoop.
Especially suitable for pieces which are smaller than your
hoop, e.g. handkerchiefs, cuffs, pockets and collars.
Allows finished garments to be embroidered, such as blouses,
pullovers and polo shirts, makes fine silks and towelling easy
to use.
Insert Filmoplast into the embroidery hoop with the backing paper
Carefully score the backing paper,
taking care not to damage the nonwoven.
Remove the scored area (slightly
more than you need for your embroidery motif).
Position the fabric on the self-adhesive Filmoplast and gently smooth it
Distortion free embroidery now becomes child’s play.
Complete the design.
Filmoplast is the ideal backing (to frame) for embroidery wall hangings and collages.
Vlieseline® / Vilene® – Water Soluble Stabilizers
Soluweb® – Tear-away, Water Soluble and Temporarily Fusible
Soluweb is especially designed
for embroidering on looped or
piled fabrics, e. g. towelling.
Soluweb keeps the loops and
piles under the thread and thus
a closely embroidered, a perfect finish is achieved.
Hoop fabric and Soluweb (with
Soluweb on top).
Start the embroidery programme.
After completing your embroidery, remove as much of
Soluweb as possible by hand.
Soluweb® is also ideal for creating soft Appliqués
Iron Soluweb on the left
side of the fabric – using
baking paper. Draw motif
and cut out.
Iron on appliqué with
Place Stitch-n-Tear
Edge motif with
Soluweb® as Sewing Aid / Hemming T-shirts
Soluweb is ideal to tack appliqués, laces, ribbons etc., which will be sewn
afterwards. Cut Soluweb slightly smaller than your motif or ribbon, place it
between fabric and appliqué or ribbon, or between two layers of fabric, iron
(using a cloth). Now you have a good stabilization and sewing is without any
When working with delicate and instable fabrics, Soluweb is an ideal sewing
aid for hemming and making buttonholes.
After sewing gently rinse or wash out Soluweb.
Attention: Soluweb always dissolves in water.
Tear off Stitch-n-Tear.
Soluweb dissolves when
Soluvlies / Solufleece – Water Soluble Embroidery Nonwoven for
all Machine Embroideries and New Creative Designs
Soluvlies / Solufleece is an excellent embroidery stabilizer and dissolves even in cold water.
The charactristics enable embroideries on very fine and transparent
Soluvlies / Solufleece is ideal for
free standing laces.
Embroider directly onto the
Soluvlies / Solufleece without
Soluvlies / Solufleece is ideally suited for collages. Try the “Sandwich” / “Crazy” technique,
placing knitting yarns, threads and ribbons between two layers of Soluvlies / Solufleece.
Stitch all layers together (criss-cross), wash away Soluvlies / Solufleece.
Permanent Crashing with Soluvlies / Solufleece and
Vliesofix® / Bondaweb®
Creative surface designs can be achieved easily with Soluvlies / Solufleece and Vliesofix / Bondaweb.
First place 2 layers of the Vliesofix / Bondaweb (without the
paper) on the left side of the fabric. After put one layer of the
Soluvlies / Solufleece on and sew it in parallel lines e.g. in a distance
of about 1 cm.
Place the steam-iron on the highest setting
and steam the Soluvlies / Solufleece by letting “hover” the iron just above Soluvlies.
The Soluvlies / Solufleece will contract,
gathering the fabric and generating the
“smok” effect. When fabric stops shrinking
process is finished.
The size of the “bubbles” is determined by how the fabric is tucked in. A uniform “smok effect” is achieved by
sewing with even sewing lines. Sewing the fabric in criss-cross way or freely, irregular “bubbles” are formed.
Processed fabric has to be cooled down after crashing for at least 1 hour. After Soluvlies / Solufleece should be
washed out several times and dried accordingly. Depending on the finishing G 785 for clothing, S 320 for bags, or
S 520 for belts can be ironed on, without pressure but with steam.
This beautiful and creative effect can be washed at 30 °C, respectively
Vlieseline® / Vilene®– for Appliqués
Vliesofix® /Bondaweb® – both Sides Adhesive and Fusible
Fabrics are bonded together simply by ironing.
Ideal for imaginative appliqués and textile craft works of all
shapes and colours, as well as mending and reinforcing.
Suitable for fabrics, felt, wood, cardboard, leather and raffia.
Trace or draw the motif onto the
paper side of Vliesofix/Bondaweb
and cut out roughly. Place the rough
side on the wrong side of the fabric
and iron for 5 seconds with dry heat.
Cut the motif out accurately and
peel off the backing paper, then lay
the motif coated side down in the
required position.
Cover with a damp cloth and iron
on step by step for 10 seconds at a
Important: Lay the fused parts flat and allow to cool for about 20 minutes.
Finally, edge the appliqué with zi-zag stitching (Thereto place Stitch-n-Tear underneath)
, pressing down
Decoupage with Vliesofix® / Bondaweb®
Iron Vliesofix / Bondaweb on the back side of a paper napkins upper
layer. Cut out motif exactly, peel off the Vliesofix / Bondaweb backing
paper, iron on with dry heat (e.g. on a greeting card, etc.), iron setting
Vliesofix® / Bondaweb® T 6, T 10, T 25
cut in tapes in 6, 10, 25 mm width
Application as described before.
– making belt loops
– ribbon embellishments
Home decorations
– creating of fusible bias tapes for
tiffany quilting
(wallhangings, cushions, etc.)
– textile weaving
Painted Vliesofix® / Bondaweb®
Paint the adhesive side of Vliesofix / Bondaweb (e. g. with
acrylic colours) and let it dry well. Place the adhesive side of
Vliesofix / Bondaweb on the right side of the fabric and
iron on from the paper side. Afterwards let everything
cool down well. The painted Vliesofix / Bondaweb can also
be ironed directly onto S 80.
Pull off the base paper of Vliesofix / Bondaweb carefully.
If the adhesive tears off with the paper, you did not iron
long enough or it has not cooled down sufficiently yet.
The fabric “painted” in this way can now be used for creative
handicraft projects, e.g. postcards and envelopes
The painted side (= adhesive side) always has to be covered
with baking paper when it is to be ironed afterwards.
Evolon® – the technological revolution
- Microfilaments, a new generation of microfibers
Vlieseline / Vilene offers with EVO 80 an unparalleled textile material consisting of
microfilaments and combining very good textile and mechanical properties. Just like
traditional microfibers, it is soft, resilient and light, but also very resistant at the same
The inner texture made of microfilaments provides EVO 80 with innumerable valuable advantages: EVO 80 exhibits excellent drying properties, offers perfect protection against allergens as well as very good thermal insulation, can be processed into
blinds or curtains and possesses a unique, silky and artistic charm.
EVO 80 can be provided with a flame-resistant finish for indoor applications.
EVO 80 ensures unusually efficient UV protection with its compact and extremely dense
structure. The very large specific surface makes it possible for EVO 80 to absorb liquids
up to 400% of its own weight.
EVO 80 may be washed frequently and up to 95 °C.
EVO 80 can be used for clothing and any other traditional textile processes.
It can be dyed, printed, painted, embroidered and finished.
It may also be cut to size and sewn, just like any other textile.
Thanks to its non-fraying properties, Evolon® can even be
processed more easily, while making hemming and overlocking
A brand-new nonwoven for universal applications.
Vlieseline® / Vilene® for creative Works
Lamifix and Lamifix matt
Lamifix and Lamifix matt, iron-on, transparent and wet cleanable foils.
Recommended for place mats, toiletry bags, bags, fabric bowls,
as well as various handicrafts, in order to protect the fabrics and
materials used from getting dirty. Lamifix and Lamifix matt can be wiped
with a wet cloth; do not wash!
Vlieseline® / Vilene® Decovil I
Fusible interlining with leather-like handle, dimensionally
stable and resilient, ideal for interior decoration, as well as
all creative handicrafts, like hats, belts, bags, etc.
Decovil I is extremely tear resistant,
non-fraying and resistant to bending.
Vlieseline® / Vilene® S 80
Vlieseline / Vilene S 80 is a sew-in interlining,
suitable for bags, post cards and creative works. Post cards
can be printed, dyed, embroidered, created as artfully
collages with Vliesofix / Bondaweb.
Vlieseline® / Vilene® S 320 und S 520
Vlieseline / Vilene S 320 is a softer,
Vlieseline / Vilene S 520 a firm iron-on
interlining for pelmets.
Both are the ideal interlinings for bags, hats,
belts, fabric bowls and creative works.
Vlieseline® / Vilene® S 133
Vlieseline / Vilene S 133 is a very firm and
compact pelmet interlining. Also for fabric
bowls, brooches, peaks of caps, boxes,
as well as for creative works.
Vlieseline® / Vilene®
CS 500
Vlieseline / Vilene CS 500 - a coloured
spunbond for different kinds of creative
applications, e. g. for creative patchwork,
in living quarters, for interior design, curtains, lamp shades, in theatres, as gift
wrappings, for floristry, tapes/ties, etc.
Depending on its use CS 500 can be
sewn on or directly handled as a fabric.
CS 500 is available in white, black and
intensive colours.
Vlieseline® / Vilene® CS 500 Crash
The spunbond Vlieseline / Vilene CS 500 is also available
in new crash optic.
It is perfect for several applications, like lamp shades, for
curtains and for interior decoration.
Vlieseline / Vilene CS 500 Crash is provided in white.
Vlieseline® / Vilene® CS 800
Vlieseline / Vilene CS 800 is a strong spunbond for
creative works , can be individually designed and dyed.
It is suited for creative works like textile envelopes, bags,
templates, for interior decoration. It is absolutely stable, tear
resistant and does not fray out.
Also appliqués with Vliesofix / Bondaweb are possible
on CS 800.
CS 800 can be used for sliding curtains/panels as well.
CS 800 is available in white.
Vlieseline® / Vilene® Creative Range
Stickvlies /
90 cm
Suitable as backing for embroideries and appliqués; for transferring and making topstitch work
and patchwork
For all fabrics
Fixier-Stickvlies / Fusible stabilizer for machine embroideries, especi- For all fabrics
ally on elastic fabrics; for patchwork using like
90 cm
‘Freezer Paper’
Self-adhesive embroidery backing for machine
For all fabrics
Tear off
Iron on dry
Tear off
5 sec.
Tear off
54,5 cm
1. Looped fabrics,
e. g. towelling
2. Temporarily fusible sewing aid (water soluble) 2.All ironable fabrics
1. Tear off / also watersoluble
2. Iron with steam, or use a
damp cloth - watersoluble! 5 sec.
Watersoluble embroidery stabilizer for all machine embroideries, new creative craft works; ideal
sewing aid for mini-quilts
Almost all fabrics
Wash out in cold water –
do not tear off!
Iron without steam!
Both side adhesive, for appliqués, mending, handicrafts
(45 cm width in the display pack)
For all fabrics, raffia,
cardboard, wood and
also leather at low temperature
Vliesofix ®
As before, cut in tapes,
in 6, 10 and 25 mm width
See before
1st step: To transfer the adhesive
iron on dry for 5 sec.;
2nd step: Then iron on for
10 sec. using a damp cloth,
press on firmly step by step
Lamifix matt
Transparent, glossy / mat, fusible, wet cleanable
foil; for fabric bowls, toiletry bags, place mats,
bags, as well as for textile craftwork
Almost all fabrics
Fusible interlining with leather-like handle, dimensionally stable and resilient, ideal for all creative
handicrafts, like hats, belts, bags, etc.;
as well as for interior decoration
Lightweight to mediumweight fabrics such as
cotton, synthetics, etc.
Sew-in interlining; for post cards and creative
Almost all fabrics
1. Watersoluble embroidery stabilizer
38 cm
Soluvlies /
90 cm
Vliesofix® ®
90 cm
T 6, 10, 25
45 cm
Decovil I
90 cm
S 80
30 cm
45 cm
90 cm
Iron on dry from the glossy,
respectively Lamifix mat from
the printed side, cover with a
dry cloth, first fuse smoothly, then
press on firmly step by step for 8 sec.
Do not wash!
Press on firmly step by step,
using a damp cloth
6 sec.
S 320
30 cm
45 cm
90 cm
Softer interlining; ideal for creating bags, fabric
bowls, belts, hats and other creative works
Almost all fabrics
Press on firmly step by step,
using a damp cloth
S 520
30 cm
45 cm
90 cm
Stable interlining; ideal for creating bags, fabric
bowls, belts, hats and other creative works
Almost all fabrics
Press on firmly step by step,
using a damp cloth,
flat-laid hand wash
S 133
30 cm
45 cm
90 cm
Very firm and compact interlining; for fabric
bowls, brooches, peaks of caps, as well as for
creative works
Almost all fabrics
Press on firmly step by step,
using a damp cloth; as an
exception iron on from the
outer fabric side, flat-laid
hand wash
CS 500
80 cm
A coloured spunbond for different kinds of creative
applications, e. g. creative patchwork, in living
quarters, for interior design, curtains, lamp shades,
in theatres, as gift wrappings, for floristry,
tapes/ties, etc.
white / col.
CS 500 Crash
CS 500 in new crash optic for different kinds of
creative applications
CS 800
80 cm
107 cm
A strong spunbond for creative works, as well as
for curtains, home design, etc.
EVO 80
90 cm
Brand-new innovative microfibre nonwoven for curtain (panels), room dividers, table cloths and many
further textile applications, does not fray out, can
be sewn accurately and is iron free
70 cm
140 cm
15 sec.
15 sec.
15 sec.
Do not iron!
Handling like a fabric, can be
cut easily with the rotary cutter
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