S1507 Design and implementation of an offline robot programming

AS­0.3200 Automaatio­ ja systeemitekniikan projektityöt Spring 2015 Intermediate report 11.3.2015 S15­07 Design and implementation of an off­line robot programming exercise Jukka Ahola
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84850T Brief outline The Goal of the project work is to design and implement off­line robot programming exercise for the new robotics course ELEC­C1320 Robotiikka. Project plan document and presentation were published in 4.2.2015. At this point everything has went well and we are little ahead of schedule which were planned. We have spent approximately 50 hours this far and seems that total will be 100­110 hours which is 3­4 credits. This document present phases of our project work which we have done and differences to original plan. Familiarization The first thing we did during this first half of the project was familiarization to 3D create as planned in the project plan. This included learning the features of 3D create on our own using the guides we received from visual Components and the training sessio provided by Ville väistö from Delfoi. The latter proved to to be very essential in learning the software as the guides we received lacked some important information especially when it comes to creating tools for robot. Instructions and user guide We started creating the user guide already before the schedule. The user guide is divided into two parts. The first part is currently given at the beginning of the same document that contains the preliminary task. The goal is that the students read through this the user guide to get adequate understanding of where the different features of 3DCreate are located and students can check this guide when having trouble with the assignment. This part of the user guide is now tentatively ready but might need refining later. The Second part of the user guide is advanced user guide, which will be given for assistants. As the name suggests advanced user guide contains information that the students will not need during the assignment or is not wanted to be seen by the students. This is not ready yet and so far contains only the instructions for creating tool for the robot. Preliminary task Preliminary task is step­by­step manual including questions during task. Every group must return video and answer sheet pdf. Using and learning program is quite hard and therefore the task is done in steps which are explained quite accurately in the assignment and user manual. There’s also questions during phases so that students would think why different things are done from the viewpoint of robotics. Questions are also for that assistant can make sure everybody has done preliminary task on their own and answer in own words, not just copied video or answers from other team. We did some testing by ourselves making exercise from start to end and everything seems to work well. Pekka Forsman will provide this exercise for current robotics course students during May so that they make testing of this preliminary exercise. Main idea is that after preliminary task students can use and also apply 3DCreate software’s graphical functionality. Students can take advantage from this task when they are doing main task which will require more independent work and thinking. Changes to original plan and timetable There were no changes to the original plan but there was some changes to the timetable.​
After creating approximately half of tasks related to half of the preliminary assignment we noticed that we were ahead of the schedule but instead of having a break we decided to keep going. Thus we had to choose which of the tasks that were scheduled later should we do next. The decision was to work with the user guide. The decision for choosing user guide was based on two reasons. First reasons was that as we created the preliminary assignment we at the same time noticed that we had to make decisions on what tips should be given in the task and what should be left for the user guide to teach. Another important reasons for working with user guide was that we considered it to be important to create guide for creating tool for robot now. This was because we reasoned that if we would do it later we might have by then forgotten many of the things we learnt during the training session with Delfoi’s Ville Väistö. Risk management We had training sessions provided by Delfoi’s Ville Väistö where we got answers for problematic features of 3DCreate. This assured that the risk of us not getting familiarized to the software quick enough did not realize. Both group members have been healthy so far and so there hasn’t been any lost hours because of that.