Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the difference between the Supreme
and SWAT tube?
Representative pattern shown above was shot
with the Wad Wizard® Supreme tube at 30
yards with Hevishot # 6.
Today’s market offers many styles of choke
tubes but it is rare to find one that performs as
advertised. The Wad Wizard Choke Tube
System is the one-and-only line of choke
tubes available for all types of hunting, clay
target shooting, law enforcement and personal
defense purposes. You can vary the performance of this product (pattern) by varying your
ammunition. This choke tube will perform with
any type or size of shot including lead, steel,
Bismuth, HeviShot, any of the tungsten mixes
as well as all sizes of buckshot and “Fostertype” slugs. Designed to produce dense,
evenly distributed patterns the Wad Wizard is
available in 10, 12 and 20 gauge models for
most popular gun makes.
"Just a quick note to say how pleased I am
with my Supreme. I took it to hunt everything
from canadas, snows, ducks and also crows. I
dropped everything dead I hit.. HARD. Can't
wait to use it turkey hunting! ps. customer service also awesome!”
Don M. VT.
A. The SWAT tube is considered a short to medium-range tube (10 - 40 yards) and the Supreme
tube is considered medium to long-range (25 and
beyond!). This is achieved through placement of
the stud ring on the inside of the tube. The Supreme tube will extend from the muzzle approximately 1 1/2", while the SWAT tube will extend
about 3/8". The SWAT pattern will open up faster
than the Supreme tube, which will hold a nice,
tight pattern out to the longer distances. Whether
you’re a duck or goose hunter, a buckshot
shooter, turkey hunter, clay target shooter or upland game hunter, the Wad Wizard® does it all!
Either tube can be used with any size or type of
shot and length of shell. The patented stud ring on
the inside of this tube provides its performance,
giving you a shorter shot string and more killing
power. Also, Inpromarketing Corp. gives you our
unconditional guarantee. Period. You'll never
know until you put the Wad Wizard in your gun
and see for yourself!
Q. Is the Wad Wizard® considered full, modified
or improved?
A. The Wad Wizard® is NOT a conventional constriction choke tube. The placement of the patented stud ring on the inside of the tube provides
its performance. You can vary the performance
(pattern) by varying the shot size, shot type, shell
length, velocity, etc…
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The Wad Wizard ®
Shotgun Choke Tube System
The Wad Wizard® produces a shorter shot string
with all loads, at all ranges, which produces startling "slap-down” killing power. Like a crafty wizard
performing a magic trick, you cannot see the "slightof-hand" that's behind the scenes. But, you can't
deny the results.
A dense 3-D pattern “wad” is produced by replacing
the old "funnel choke" technology with a patented
wad retarding system which:
"retards" the wad to seal the muzzle as long
as possible, separates the shot from the
wad to minimize shot string length, and
minimizes gas turbulence which increases
pattern width and height and creates irregular “poor” patterns;
keeps the shot charge at bore diameter
throughout the length of the barrel and out
of the muzzle. Conventional constriction
"funnel chokes" squeeze down on the shot
charge within the wad and deform softmetal pellets within the shotcup wad, and
place incredible stresses on the barrel and
tube when large, hard shot are used such as
steel and tungsten-iron.
The performance of any Wad Wizard® tube may be
varied for different ranges and uses by choice of
the shot shell used. You can obtain dense, evenly
distributed patterns with all shell lengths, loads, all
sizes and metal types of birdshot, and all buckshot
Wad Wizard® Makes, Gauges
All tubes are unported and black in color
Individual Tubes: $95.00
2-Tube Set: $175.00
12 Gauge Models
Available in both Supreme (Med.-Long Range)
& SWAT12® (Short-Med. Range)
Benelli / Beretta (Mobil Style)
Benelli / Beretta (Optima Plus)
Optima H-P (Beretta A400)
Br. Inv. Plus (Super X2 & X3)
Remington Pro Bore (Versa Max, Spartan)
Winchoke (Invector Style)
Mossberg 835/935
TruChoke Baikal MP153 (& Similar Threaded guns)
20 Gauge Models
Available in both Power20® (Med.-Long Range)
& SWAT (Short-Med. Range)
Optima Plus
Br. Inv. Plus
10 Gauge Models
Available in both STUD-10 (Med.-Long Range)
& SWAT (Short-Med. Range)
The Supreme Tube is our medium to long-range tube.
Designed to hold a tight, evenly distributed pattern out
to the farther distances. The Supreme Tube is considered an all-around tube, so whether you're a waterfowler, turkey hunter, upland game hunter or like to
shoot sporting clays this choke tube can do it all!
The SWAT12 Tube is our short to medium-range tube
with the optimum range of 15 to 35 - 40 yards. Only
extending 3/8" from the end of the barrel, the patented
stud ring is right at the end of the tube. This causes the
pattern to open up much faster in the shorter distances, giving you a wider pattern. Whether you're
hunting over decoys, looking for upland game or having some fun at the range, the SWAT12 is great!
How Chokes Really Work
Until recently, everyone thought that
shotgun chokes "work" by funneling down
metal shot pellets from a bore-size wad into
a smaller stream under pressure, like a
garden hose does with water. It was not
really understood why the spread of pellets
from a shot shell could be concentrated at a
distance onto a target. Of course, the more
shot that can be made to hit the target
instantly, the greater the killing power.
It is true that pattern targets don't
lie. Funnel chokes seem to do a
pretty good job on them. But they
don't tell you the whole truth, either.
Stop and think about it, we live in a 3dimensional world. Shot patterns are also 3dimensional. The pattern board only shows
you 2 dimensions, height and width. It does
not show you pattern depth, which is the
distance between the foremost and the
rearmost pellet. Olin pointed out years ago
that the "shot string" from lead shot loads of
his day were approximately 12 feet in length
at 40 yards. It is the difference between a
goose and a photograph of a goose.
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