It’s Men’s Turn in Swimwear

It’s Men’s Turn in Swimwear
Crasqí lives on the white-sand beaches of
the Caribbean, lounges at cafés along the
Mediterranean, surfs Peahi, sails the South
Pacific and summers in Montauk. Crasqí is
a young man seeking adventure. Crasqí is a
doting father, showing his children the world.
Crasqí is who every man wants to be.
Founded in 2012 by Alexandra and Astrid
Pedregal, Crasqí is set to take center stage
with their bold new swimwear collection for
men. Featuring bright patterns based on
artisan designs, the initial collection entitled
Wayuu was made for stylish men with a passion
for adventure.
Astrid Pedregal
Alexandra Pedregal
Astrid Pedregal is the Founder and CEO
of Crasqí. After graduating from Babson
College, Astrid was solicited by UBS where
she entered into their renowned Graduate
Training Program in March 2008.
Alexandra Pedregal is the Founder and
Creative Partner of Crasqí. An accomplished
producer, director and editor in video
production, Alexandra joined the postproduction team for the X Factor in Bucharest
after attending the New York Film Academy
and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Joining UBS at the height of the financial
management team for four years before
leaving to find a more suitable outlet for
her creative passion.
In 2012, Astrid joined forces with her
sister, Alexandra, where she took Crasqí
from a simple idea and developed it into a
vibrant reality. Overseeing all operations
for the brand, Astrid has built a sturdy
platform and bold new product that is
guaranteed to lead the swimwear industry
for years to come.
Upon completion of her work on the X Factor,
Alexandra teamed up with her sister, Astrid,
to develop the idea for Crasqí in 2012. Serving as Creative Partner, Alexandra is
responsible for ensuring the line continues
with the brand’s initial creative theme, drive
and tenacity. Overseeing the fabrication of the
shorts, Alexandra hand-selects and designs
the prints, fabrics and quality accessories
that have become Crasqí’s signature.
A day at the beach doesn’t coincide with
the rigors of running a successful business
for most people, but Alexandra and Astrid
Pedregal are not most people. They are
the sisters behind style’s latest foray into
men’s swimwear, Crasqí. Infused with bright
colors, lively patterns and artistic touches,
the originality captured by this international
brand is catching the attention of travelers,
trendsetters and style-makers worldwide.
The brand came to life in 2012 after a beachside
retreat on the island of Canouan. “I looked at
the men around me,” recounts Astrid, “and
suddenly realized the gap that exists within the
men’s highend swimwear market, where you
find either goofy looking trunks with childishlooking prints, or boring microprints that offer
nothing special.”
Combining their love for culture,
travel and art, Alexandra and Astrid
set about to create a high-end men’s
swimwear line that would embody
the style of cultured men with active
lifestyles. Focusing on creating
lightweight shorts with quick-dry
fabric, Crasqí delivers a premium
quality that truly caters to the needs
of the men’s swim community.
Crafted in Europe from handpicked
fabrics, zippers and accessories, the
brand’s initial collection, entitled
“Wayuu,” highlights the artisan culture
of the Wayuu indigenous people from
the Pedregal’s native Venezuela.
“For us, our product is our message,”
explains Alexandra. “When you
see and feel a pair of Crasqí swim
shorts you immediately notice the
difference, not just in the innovative
nature of the prints which are neverbefore seen, but on the quality of the
fabrics, the buttons, the stitching, the
zippers, the finishing and every single
detail that goes into the product.”
From stylishly-cool men in their
twenties to family-oriented ones
in their forties and fifties, Crasqí
embodies the adventurous spirit
of the well-traveled man with its
distinctive fit.
With prices ranging from $170 $195, Astrid and Alexandra are the
first to admit the shorts are more
geared towards people searching for
premium quality products than the
budget-conscious. But offering value,
they would argue, is worth far more
than a quick solution that inevitably
does not serve its purpose. “Men
spend thousands on business suits
that cover up their bodies, but tend
to scrimp when it comes to showing
their bodies off,” Astrid says. “That
doesn’t work, does it? We believe
that men have to look and feel at
their best when wearing a swimsuit,
so we’re offering a product that
accomplishes just that.”
Not surprisingly, Crasqí is about more
than just premium beachside style.
With a passionate belief in social
responsibility, Crasqí is dedicated
to becoming part of something that
truly matters.
“When we endeavored to create
Crasqí, the first thing we did was
figure out how we could pair our
business with a greater purpose and
have a positive impact in today’s
world,” Alexandra explains. Together,
the Pedregals partnered up with
1% For The Planet, an organization
that houses over 1,300 member
businesses worldwide who contribute
to environmental initiatives through
donating 1% of their total annual
revenues to qualifying NGO’s in the
environmental sector.
“In today’s world, you will face two
paths in whatever decision you make,
from the products you buy, to the
choices you make and the food you
consume: you are either helping to
save the world or contributing to its
destruction,” says Astrid. “At Crasqí,
we are embracing the revolution that
will lead the world towards positive
change and we are doing that through
the help of our loyal customers. We
believe that it is indeed possible to
do well by doing good and that’s
why since day one we have been
committed to donating 1% of our
revenue towards supporting the
environmental projects that are
helping to save the planet.”
With a brand that is poised to
transform the swimwear market as
well as the world around them, it
would make sense that the Pedregal
sisters would be making time to relax
and enjoy their success, but they’re
not. Already hard at work on their
next collection, which will continue
to showcase the brand’s focus on
art and culture-driven aesthetics,
Alexandra and Astrid show no signs
of slowing down.
“It’s men’s turn in swimwear,”
Alexandra says. And she couldn’t be
more right.
Our Trunk
Manufactured in Europe with a keen
attention to detail, Crasqí’s swim shorts
were designed and developed in Barcelona
by a team of designers with extensive
experience within the fashion industry. Our
shorts maintain the highest standards of
quality and are responsibly sourced. Geared for young men and those that are
young at heart, Crasqí’s trunks are designed
with practicality and convenience in mind.
Their comfortable fit and style allow them
to be worn not only poolside or at the beach
but also when stepping out for lunch or
touring beachside cities around the world.
The Wayuu Collection
The Wayuu Collection
One Of A Kind
Our collection of bracelets is speaking up.
Inspired by the way you live, our hand-made
bracelets are designed specifically to match
your unique style and outlook on life. Whether
you’re traveling the globe, finding your inner
zen or heading to a meeting with VCs in Palo
Alto, our bracelets are the perfect accent to
your modern style.
Our Bracelets
Bracelet Collection
Bracelet Collection
Pricing & Sizing
Trunk (solid)
Trunk (print)
Bracelets (set of 3)
Bracelets (per bracelet)
Trunk Sizes
Social Responsibility
Through their partnership with 1% for the Planet,
Crasqí is determined to leave a positive impact
on the world. From Day One, Crasqí has donated
1% of their annual revenue to participating NGOs.
By buying Crasqí products, consumers can not
only feel good about the quality & style of the
shorts they are wearing but also about their
contribution to helping the world through each
and every purchase.
Social Presence
With a dedicated online and social presence,
Crasqí is making a significant investment in
21st century media platforms and thus forging
a closer relationship with its consumers. By
actively creating an engaging and thoughtprovoking brand online, Crasqí is turning its
customers into loyal fans through interesting,
dual-sided conversations thereby becoming a
part of its fan’s lives as they in turn become a
part of Crasqí.
Crasqí is currently actively building its presence
on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
and Vimeo as well as other, smaller niche
platforms such as Trendabl. Their strategy for
each platform is unique and targets the specific
audience that prefers each outlet. They are also
utilizing sophisticated analytical tools, along
with strategic ad buys, to maximize exposure
to Crasqí’s ongoing story.
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