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For youth and Adults
Julia Roberts does it, so does Vanna White,
Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker,
Daryl Hannah, Hilary Swank, Julianna
Margulies and many others. Knitting or
crochet is one of their favorite hobbies,
but these crafts aren’t just for celebrities.
38 million consumers enjoy doing these
The Yarn council of America conducts
statistical research in the area of crocheting
and knitting. They have been collecting this
data since 1994. They send out an open
online survey, over 5000 people have
responded in the last three years.
So What Did they Learn?
In 2011 they were amazed to learn that 1 in
ten have taught someone else how to knit or
crochet that’s 87 % of those surveyed. The
average number of people they taught this
skill to was 8.5.
Those who responded to the survey came from
all over the United States and from all of the
different age groups.
Creativity is the most important reason why
people knit or crochet. Many
knitters/crocheters find the hobby to be a
great stress reliever and great for making
gifts. Best of all it is portable!
93 % of those that were surveyed look to the
internet for information. 84% always look for
patterns and new project ideas on the
Smaller projects—scarves and hats/gloves-continue to be the most popular projects
48% made at least one charity project in 2010.
What are the trends in 2011 and beyond!
Seven in ten (70%) knitters/crocheters
surveyed report they will make more projects
in the next year...
for charity
People of all ages—more than 50 million—
know how to knit, crochet and craft with yarn.
4-H Youth need something to take home that
would help them remember the basic skills
for crocheting and knitting
We wanted to use updated quality instructions
We wanted to select timeless projects.