Westchester Knitting Guild Newsletter© JACK IS BACK! Monday, March 22,

MARCH 2010
Westchester Knitting Guild
Monday, March 22,
Leadership Team
These are the people
who volunteer their time to
make your guild the best it
can be.
♦ Linda Higham, President,
Yahoo Master
[email protected]
♦ Olive McNeil, Programs
[email protected]
♦ Margie Laury, Programs
[email protected]
♦ Jeanne Scofidio, Treasurer
[email protected]
♦ Melissa Shinsato, Newsletter
[email protected]
♦ Dorothy Freeman, Charities
& Library
[email protected]
♦ Linda Cramer, Charities
[email protected]
Jack Blumenthal is the
Senior Vice President of
Sales and Marketing for
Lion Brand Yarn and is involved in all aspects of product and
yarn development for the company. Lion Brand is a familyowned and operated business and a beloved American brand
since 1878. Today the business is run by the fourth generation of Blumenthals.
Jack received his BS in Marketing from the University of
Miami School of Business. After graduating, he began selling
fabric in the home sewing market and six years later joined
the family business. Lion Brandʼs “Guest Speaker Program”
has created a special opportunity for Jack to meet and exchange ideas about current and future Lion Brand products
and services with crochet and knitting enthusiasts. One of his
favorite Lion Brand moments occurred one evening while
watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Jack
discovered that Johnnyʼs guest, Vanna White, was an avid
crocheter. Jack helped bring Vanna into the Lion Brand
Family and for the past 15 years, she has been the official
spokesperson for Lion Brand Yarn.
Lion Brandʼs goal is to innovate, educate, and inspire others
to share its passion for knitting and crocheting.
♦Myra Cohen,
Meeting Coordinator
[email protected]
MARCH 2010
From the President
The weather cooperated just long enough to ensure a successful meeting last month. We had an enjoy!"#$%&%
able evening of visiting and knitting together on various charity projects. Even if you werenʼt able to participate at the meeting, Dorothy and Linda C. will be collecting donations at this monthʼs meeting.
The WKG Board is pleased to welcome
Margie Laury,
who has agreed
to work with Olive on Programs
this year. We are still seeking a /01&&)23!4!#552)61#&)!)7)2(!
second person to Co-Chair
Olive phases out of her in!!!K&!%,2!A#0,#2(!$))&10-!
volvement. Thanks to Oliveʼs dedication to the job,&.10-!4!/0%9!4!.#7)!&#/)0!
2010 should proceed smoothly. This would be an
ideal time to get involved and “learn
the Master!
%*!&.)$!#-#10!&.1"!6%$10-! J%9!',6/(!9)!#2)!&%!?)!
Jack Blumenthal of Lion Brand Yarns
will join us this
month to share more
samples and stories of the
yarn industry - past, present and future. Itʼs always an enjoyable and informative evening when Jack
6#$)!#!$)$?)2:!!4!/0%9!4! !!!4!9#0&!&%!%**)2!#!"5)61#'! &.%")!10!0))8:!!;.)!$))&+
joins us.
;.#0/!F%,!&%!A,81!;)55)2! 10-!91''!#'"%!-17)!,"!#!
*%2!"%!#?'(!#08!-2#61%,"'(! 6.#06)!&%!D$10-')E3!9.16.!
See you on the 22nd!
-,1810-!&.)!>,1'8!&.2%,-.! 9#"!"%!)0M%(#?')!#&!&.)!
&.)!()#2!GHHI:!!J)2!')#8+ J%'18#(!N#2&(:!
&.)!<=>!?%#28:[email protected]'17)3!
!"#$"% &' )
( *+, "&*- .% */00 1*
What a night!
At our Feburary Guild meeting!!!N')#")!-17)!(%,2!6.)6/!Z%2!6#".[!&%!A)#00)!B6%*181%!#&!&.)!$))&10-!
we celebrated our annual charity-knitting night. We had a very
nice turnout and as always your
generosity was amazing. I want to personally thank:
Margaret Sandercock, Mary A !!!!!!!!!!!
Lori Winterfeldt, Evelyne Liebmann, Linda
Myra Cohen, Jeanne Scofidio, Jane Daniels, Margie Laury, Terri Gabrielli, Linda Cramer, Kathy
Darretta, Kathryn Ross, Bonnie Smelser, Olive McNeil, Vita Rhodes, Barbara John, Ceceil
Blumenfeld, Sylvia Chandros, Donna Vitetta
and me.
And what did these generous ladies make,
you ')&Q"!.#7)!#!!Q".%9!#08!&)''!
ask? Let me tell you:
8 helmet liners, 5 preemie
hats and 6 preemie blankets, 8 hats, 3 chemo caps, 4 scarves, 2 sets of preemie hat and booties, 3 “squares,” 3 outfits for"&#2&!&.1"!()#2:!!B)7)2#'!%*!
Cubs for Kids andR%$)!91&.!(%,2!1&)$"!#08!
1 pair of mittens.
These knitted items were
=01&[email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
&.)!52%M)6&"!#2)!0)#2!6%$+ 18)#"!*%2!%,2!0)S&!)0+
beautifully made, colorful, and5')&1%0:!!<)Q2)!#''!6,21%,"!
thoughtful. I am8)#7%2:!!T#/)!",2)!5#&+
sure they will be gratefully received. And we all
had a very nice evening chatting and knitting. It was a wonderful evening. I want to thank you
all for participating.
If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can still participate. Just bring a charity knitted
item . . . or two . . . to the next meeting. As always, they will be most welcome.
Thank you one and all! Dorothy Freeman
MARCH 2010
Lion Brand – Then (1878) to Now (2003)
When Jack Blumenthal received his new Guild membership
card, he was kind enough to send Jeanne Scofidio, Treasurer, a
thank-you note along with the 125th anniversary issue of the Lion
Brand catalog. The book jacket contains a time line of the history of
Lion Brand Yarn and the catalog itself is a reproduction of the 1916
issue. This catalog is actually a book, 242 pages in length, with basic instructions of both knitting and crocheting, patterns for stitch
patterns complete with pictures – black and white, I might note –
and then patterns for various garments. Itʼs fun to see the “Crocheted Military Scarf” – a World War I scarf! And a “Hot Water Bottle
Cover”! You should see the vests for women! At the end of the book
they provide indexes for chapters, subject and stitches. It is so much
fun to read.#
I will be adding this book to the Guildʼs library. All you need to do is notify me if you want to borrow
it and Iʼll either bring it to the next Guild meeting or see if we can meet at a mutually convenient time and
place. My email address and phone number are on the masthead of this newsletter.
dorothy freeman
Local knitting/crocheting and/or spinning groups
Hilltop Hanover Farm
Yorktown Heights
Spinning and knitting
One Saturday per month
Check website for details
Black Cow
21 Maple Avenue
Handmade on Hudson, an incorporated not for profit.
2 Sundays per month from 2 – 4 p.m.
Next meetings, March 7th and 21st
For details see website
Lola’s Tea House
130 Fifth Ave
Pelham, NY 10803
Thursdays 7-9pm
Ruth Keeler Memorial Library
276 Titicus Road
North Salem
Telephone: (914) 669 - 5161
1st & 3rd Tuesdays
Next meeting March 16th
Irvington Public Library
12 South Astor Street
1st Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m.
Panera Bread
6 Triangle Center
Yorktown Heights
Northern Westchester Stitch n’ Bitch
Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m.
Thank you to Susan Furlauto for compiling this list from member suggestions.
Yarn Stores Discount Offer
The following businesses will give a 10% discount on non-sale items to members of the
Westchester Knitting Guild with 2010 membership ID cards.
Cornwall Yarn Shop
Cozy Corner Yarn Shop
227 Main Street
Cornwall, NY 12518
Owner: Gail Parrinelli
116 Washington Street
Peekskill NY 10566
[email protected]
Owner: Janet Hard
Flying Fingers
15 Main Street
Tarrytown NY 10591
Owner: Elise Goldshlag
Katonah Yarn Company!
120 Bedford Road
Katonah NY 10536
Owners: Jennifer Ceisler and !
JaneLee Leggio
Sticks and Strings
45 Spencer Place
Scarsdale NY 10583
Owner: Laurie Thomas
115 Mason Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
Owner: Linda Morse
Yarn and Craft Box !
24 Charles Blvd.
Pawling, NY 12564
Owner: Marie Steward
Yarn Central
Taconic Plaza
2593 Rte. 52!
Hopewell Junction NY 12533
Owner: Marjaana Kelvin
Announcements• Dues for 2010 should be mailed to Jeanne Scofidio or given to her
at the monthly meeting.
• Please bring finished items for charity to the monthly meetings.
• Join the WKG Yahoo site by sending a request e-mail to Linda
Higham at: [email protected]
• Please bring donations of yarn and plastic knitting needles for the
prison knitting program at Taconic to monthly meetings. No blue,
black, gray or orange. Solid colors only, please.
Knitting News
Melissa Shinsato
[email protected]
• March 22 - Jack Blumenthal –
Lion Brand
• April 26 - Shirley PadenBernstein – Designer/Author
• May 24 - Mary BethTemple Designer/Author
! • June 28 - Trisha Malcomb –
Editor/Vogue Magazine
Directions to Chappaqua Library
195 South Greeley Ave.
From the South:
• Go north on the Saw Mill Parkway, Exit #32 -Chappaqua, Rte.
• Make left at end of exit ramp, and a left at first light.
• *Go over parkway and bear right at the fork onto S. Greeley
• Proceed down street. Library is on the left, across from Town
From the North:
• South on the Saw Mill Parkway, Exit #32 - Chappaqua, Rte.
• Right again at light. Then follow from *above.
• July 17 - Social /Hanover Farm
– Yorktown Heights
Meeting Etiquette
Meeting Schedule
6:00 KAL Space Available
We are fortunate to have high quality presenters during our monthly
meetings. Even if you are not interested in the presentation or miniworkshop, please be respectful of others and remember:
7:00 Announcements &
Show and Tell
• No talking during presentation
• Wait until Q&A period to ask questions
• Wait for the presentation to end before trying on, or looking at samples
Thank you for your cooperation