AFFIDAVIT - I attended court 11/5/15 SAFGA Southern Branch have

Rule 162
Form 33
I Stephen John Ragless SWEAR ON OATH THAT:
1. I have several court actions in progress and several more pending claims involved
with The South Australian Field and Game Association, Individuals that are members
of that association and other individuals and government authorities that have been
included by collusion and corruption.
2. This document is not intended to provide collateral information to support my claims
or to prove my case but rather to provide decision makers with background
information in what could be described as an unusual and extremely complex set of
circumstances with very significant claims for compensation outlined below.
3. I started to write this affidavit on 23/04/15 at about 2.30 am. I have woken about this
time of the morning since a well documented incident on 15/9/12.
4. Since about 1989 I have been an active member of the Southern Branch of the South
Australian Field and Game Association. The internet makes it easy for the uninitiated
to obtain background information on the activities of S.A.F.G.A. but the clay target
component has often been described as golf with a shotgun. The addictive and social
components are identical.
5. If Rocky Gully is inserted into a browser, Rocky Gully Sporting Clays at Monarto is
the branch of S.A.F.G.A. where I am a Life member. This will give a good idea of the
sport and the October Newsletter includes a Presidents Report that has major
defamation content and blatant lies.
6. About august 2012 I sent a story regarding a non shooting related nervous breakdown
I suffered and my recovery process to the Association magazine stating in part. “After
Leah and my family I value my friends and about five hundred of my friends shoot clay
targets. A lot of these have been concerned about me and my family through what up to now
has been a very bad but private episode in our lives and your concern is greatly appreciated.
If you are reading this letter and wonder why I would want to hang out my dirty washing for
all to see you are either lucky that you or someone you know has not been affected by mental
illness or like me life is good, you have a great wife a good family, almost anything you want
out of life and cannot see how that will ever change. If it does change and you end up in a
very bad place like I did and you don’t know which way to turn look me up and I will do
whatever I can to help.” The full text is available at
7. The damage to my reputation and self esteem can be gauged by the fact that there are now
only three people I communicate with in The South Australian Field and Game Association.
8. My opponents twisted this story to include Bi Polar Disease and Firearms related issues to
provide a false report to the Firearms Branch. I have never had any anger issues or any
firearms related report prior to 12/10/12.
9. My family and I had travelled extensively in the state, interstate and overseas using
competitions as an excuse and my wife and I were always involved at State or Branch
10. We had just bought a new 6 metre caravan and were preparing for a three week trip
into Victoria November 2012, shooting on weekends and travelling through the week.
I had booked for the major event in Seymour that had to be cancelled.
11. We had accommodation booked for a competition in Spain and an associated tour of
Europe in June 2013 that had to be cancelled.
12. I initiated a major building project at Monarto and was on a two man steering
committee until I withdrew due to structural compliance issues in the week prior to
15/9/12. Up to this point I had contributed around two days a week to this project and
other ground improvements over a nine month period.
13. I had a sixty five year relationship with my brother Lester and my other four siblings
before Lester was convinced by members of the southern branch they would bankrupt
me if he did not stop me proceeding with actions to clear my name. Lester was
suffering a terminal illness and was persuaded to write a letter condemning me that
was sent out to all members of S,A.F.G.A.
14. This drove a wedge between members of a previously close family and effectively
isolated me from my siblings. Lester died in September 2013 regretting his actions
and begging my forgiveness. The rift with the other brothers has not fully healed and I
was the only brother prepared to speak at Lester’s funeral.
15. It was not until after Lester’s death that his son gave me his computer that showed the
communications from S.A.F.G.A. members forcing his actions and the subsequent
support of his decisions from three of four of my other siblings. A false report from
Rose Park Clinic was a major factor that convinced Lester.
16. Lester’s wife was in poor health and I opted not to raise this issue publicly until after
her death earlier this year.
17. The effect on my immediate family is not limited to but includes the unprecedented
depression issues and associated medical issues suffered by my wife.
18. If after viewing this document you do not consider me and my family have suffered
sufficient detriment to justify considerable compensation I will obtain and provide
expert’s reports on economic loss due to stress related issues on two provisional
patent applications lodged late in 2012. The protection offered by these applications
lapsed in 2013 due to failure to lodge a full patent.
19. I had a long term pastime with friends that we valued second only to our family
relations and the people I have claims against destroyed both of these for their own
selfish gain. I spoke to Lester two days before he died and I will repeat a promise I
made to him. I will take every legal option available to make these people answer for
their actions.
by the abovenamed deponent
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before me ……………………………………..
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