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Fabric courtesy of Troy Riverwoods
Make this colorful little wall hanging with easy
appliqué and quick-corner Snowball blocks!
Cutting Directions
Note: Cut all 42" strips horizontally from
selvage to selvage.
From each of the red dot, blue dot, and
green dot, cut:
Two 21⁄2" x 42" strips; recut into twentyfour 21⁄2" squares (for block corners)
Reserve remaining green dot fabric for
scarf appliqué
Reserve remaining fabrics for pom-pom
From the blue snowflake, cut:
One 141⁄2" x 181⁄2" piece (for quilt center)
From the solid white, cut:
One 21⁄2" x 141⁄2" strip (for quilt center)
Reserve remaining fabric for snowman
and sign appliqués
side of each 21⁄2" red dot, blue dot, and green
dot square.
2. Place a marked green dot square right
sides together on one corner of a 61⁄2" blue
snowman square (Block Diagrams). Sew on
the line, trim 1⁄4" away from the line through
both layers, then press the triangle open.
Repeat on the remaining corners, orienting
the lines 61⁄2" x 61⁄2". Make a total of six blue
3. Repeat step 2 to make six green blocks
using marked red dot squares for the corners
and green snowman squares for the centers.
In the same manner, make six red blocks
using marked blue dot squares for the corners and red snowman squares for the centers.
From each of the blue snowman, red snowman, and green snowman, cut:
One 61⁄2" x 42" strip; recut into six 61⁄2"
squares (for block centers)
From the red diagonal stripe, cut:
Two 21⁄2" x 42" strips; recut into two
21⁄2" x 181⁄2" strips and two 21⁄2" x
201⁄2" strips (for inner border)
Four 21⁄2" x 42" strips (for binding)
Make 6
Note: When piecing, use a 1⁄4" seam
allowance throughout and sew all pieces
with right sides together and raw edges
even, using matching thread. Press seams
toward the darker fabric or as indicated.
Snowball Block Assembly
1. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong
The Quilter
February/March 2014
Make 6
Make 6
Block Diagrams
Skill level: Beginner
Block size sewn into quilt: 6" x 6"
Number of blocks: 18
Finished quilt size: 30" x 36"
✿ One 4" x 6" piece of orange print
(for nose appliqué)
✿ One 6" x 42" strip each of red
dot, blue dot, and green dot
(Nos. 1632/2, 1632/1, and
1632/3, includes scarf appliqué)
✿ One fat sixteenth (41⁄2" x 22") of
red swirl (No. 1631/2, for mitten
and hat appliqués)
✿ One fat sixteenth of green stripe
(No. 1634/3, for hat brim
✿ One fat quarter (18" x 22") of
blue snowflake (No. 1635/1)
✿ One fat quarter of solid white
(includes snowman and sign
✿ 1⁄4 yd. each of blue snowman,
red snowman, and green snowman (Nos. 1630/1, 1630/2, and
✿ 2⁄3 yd. of red diagonal stripe
(No. 1634/2, includes sign post
appliqué and binding)*
✿ 361⁄2" x 421⁄2" piece of backing
✿ 361⁄2" x 421⁄2" piece of batting
✿ 1 yd. of double-sided fusible web
(for appliqué, if fusing)
✿ Thread in colors to match fabrics
✿ Embroidery needle
✿ Embroidery floss in black
*This fabric is directional.
Ordering Information
Yardage is based on scraps, fat sixteenths, fat quarters, and 42" wide
useable flannel fabric from Troy
Riverwoods' The Blizzard Bunch collection designed by Pearl Louise
Krush. Fabric to make the entire quilt
(includes backing, binding, and
embroidery floss) is available for
$34.95 (includes s&h within continental U.S.) from Thimble Cottage Quilt
Village of Rapid City, SD, while supplies last. Phone 1-605-341-6569 or
The Quilter
February/March 2014
the bottom up. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse in place.
Machine appliqué around the raw edge of each shape using matching or contrasting thread. Stitch the eyes and mouth using two
strands of black floss. Trace the pom-pom shape directly onto the
designated fabrics, cut out neatly, and set aside for use in step 7.
5. Layer the quilt top right side up on top of the batting and the
wrong side of the backing. Baste the layers together and quilt as
desired. Trim backing and batting even with the top.
6. Bind as desired using the four 21⁄2" x 42" red diagonal stripe
strips. (See Quilting Basics under Freebies> Techniques for help.)
7. Dimensional hat pom-pom. Stack the three pom-pom shapes
with the blue circle on top. Place the stack on the end of the hat.
Sew to the quilt by sewing 1⁄4" away from the outer edge through all
layers. Clip the outer edge of the stacked circles up to the sewn line
at 1⁄4" intervals. Fluff the edges with your fingers to finish.
Pearl Louise Krush, a professional designer from Rapid City,
South Dakota, is the owner of Pearl Louise Designs pattern company and Thimble Cottage Quilt Village. For more information,
visit To see more fabrics by Troy
Riverwoods, visit ❖
Quilt Layout Diagram
Quilt Assembly and Finishing
Note: Refer to the Quilt Layout Diagram for
steps 1 through 3. The appliqué patterns do not
require a seam allowance. Press border seams
away from the quilt center after adding each strip.
1. Sew the 21⁄2" x 141⁄2" white strip to the bottom of the 141⁄2" x 181⁄2" blue snowflake piece.
Press. The quilt center now measures 141⁄2" x
2. Inner border. Using the red diagonal stripe
strips and noting print orientation, stitch the 21⁄2" x
201⁄2" strips to the sides of the quilt center and
then the 21⁄2" x 181⁄2" strips to the top and bottom.
The quilt top now measures 181⁄2" x 241⁄2".
3. Outer (pieced) border. Noting placement,
sew three blocks together for the top border. Make
another strip for the bottom border. Stitch to the
quilt top. Again noting placement, sew six blocks
together for the left border. Make another strip for
the right border. Stitch to the quilt top. The top now
measures 301⁄2" x 361⁄2".
4. Appliqué. Using the patterns provided, trace
all of the shapes except for the pom-pom face down
onto one paper side of the fusible web, leaving at
least 1⁄2" between them. Cut out roughly and
remove the paper backing. Referring to the
Appliqué Placement Diagram, arrange the
shapes on the quilt top, building the design from
The Quilter
February/March 2014
Appliqué Placement Diagram
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Cut 1 and 1 reverse
solid white
Cut 1
green dot
Scarf Tie
Cut 1
green dot
Scarf Tie
Cut 1
green dot
The Quilter
February/March 2014
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Cut 1
solid White
Match Line
The Quilter
February/March 2014
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Cut 1
solid white
Match Line
The Quilter
February/March 2014
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Cut 1
solid white
The Quilter
February/March 2014
Match Line
Match Line
Cut 1 and 1 reverse
red swirl
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Hat Brim
Cut 1
green stripe
Cut 1
orange print
Sign Post
Cut 1
red stripe
Cut 1
red swirl
Cut 1 blue dot
Cut 1 red dot
Cut 1 green dot