Easy Santa Hat

Easy Santa Hat
Perfect for your little one during the holiday season (or
anytime!) The hat is easily customizable to you can
make one that fits perfectly. Want it taller so more will
flop over with that big pom pom? Easy! Want a wider
brim to fold up or leave down? Easy!
This is a perfect pattern for a beginner who wants to
make something for a special baby or toddler. Chains,
single crochet and slip stitches are all that needed to
make these. Directions for sizes newborn to 12 months
are included.
Worsted weight yarn - 2-3 ounces red
Small amount of worsted weight white yarn
(or try a fuzzy eyelash yarn) for brim & pom
With white, chain 9 (12, 15)
Size hook US H / 5.0 mm crochet hook
Yarn needle for weaving in ends
ROW 1: Single crochet in 2nd chain from
hook and in each chain across, chain 1,
ROW 2: Working in back loops only, single
crochet in each stitch, chain 1, turn.
Finished Sizes:
Directions written for sizes newborn – 3
months. Changes for 3-6 months, and 6-12
months are given in the pattern in
parentheses. If only one number is shown,
it applies to all sizes.
Repeat ROW 2 until brim piece measures
according to the size you are making
(approximate measurements):
Newborn – 3 months:
12 inches
3-6 months:
14 inches
Special Stitches:
6-12 months:
16 inches
Sc2tog – single crochet 2 stitches
together: Insert hook in next stitch, draw
up a loop, (two loops on hook), insert hook
in next stitch, draw up a loop (3 loops on
hook), YO and draw through all 3 loops.
When brim is desired length, match short
ends and slip stitch together. Fasten off
With worsted yarn - 7 single crochet
stitches & 8 rows = 2 inches (5 cms)
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around hat for a total of 6 decreases. (They
do not have to be spaced *exactly* evenly –
just spread them out rather than do all 6 of
them right next to each other in the round.)
Join red yarn with a slip stitch along one
side of brim piece.
ROUND 1: Working in the ends of the
rows, work 1 single crochet in each row,
join with slip stitch to first single crochet.
Chain 1, turn.
ROUNDS 14-16: Single crochet in each
stitch around, join with slip stitch to first
single crochet. Chain 1, turn.
ROUNDS 2-12: Single crochet in each
stitch around, join with slip stitch to first
single crochet. Chain 1, turn.
Repeat ROUNDS 13-16 until you have 12 –
16 stitches left in the round (the amount of
repeats will vary depending on how many
single crochet you did in ROUND 1.)
NOTE: For 3-6 months work an
additional 4 rounds; for 6-12 months
an additional 8 rounds. If you want a
longer (taller) hat, just work
additional rounds here.
ROUND 13: Sc2tog in first 2 stitches.
Work 5 more sc2tog stitches evenly spaced
LAST ROUND: Sc2tog until there are 3-4
stitches left. Fasten off, leaving a long tail.
Weave tail through remaining stitches to
close opening. Secure and tie off.
Using white yarn, make a 3-inch diameter
pompom (or desired size) and attach to the
top of the hat.
Copyright 2009, Pam Daley Designs, All Rights Reserved
Please send any questions or comments to [email protected]
Thank you!
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